Superhumanity: how to develop the brain?

Surely many have heard that a person indaily activity uses only a small percentage of the capacity of his brain; While the huge potential of intellectual and creative abilities simply remains unclaimed. The question arises, how to develop the brain to reveal these resources? There are certain recommendations and specific techniques that contribute to the activation of brain potential.

how to develop the brain

Nourish the brain

Good circulation is the first step on the way todevelopment of the brain. Therefore, any physical activity (regular) helps to improve thinking. It is also important to eat right and forget about alcoholic beverages and tobacco. Destructive habits destroy the cells of the brain, and in this case there can be no question of any creativity.

Create additional workloads

When we do routine work, homebusiness, watching TV, our brain is not actually involved. How to develop the ability of the brain, if he is accustomed to work by inertia? Correctly, to set new tasks. To do this, various puzzles, puzzles, even the usual equations from the school textbook on mathematics. The main thing is not to give up. Even if you can not find a solution, strain until the end, because the brain develops in the process of finding the answer. To train memory you can memorize poems, you can in a foreign language. Well, of course, do not forget that a good book is an excellent trainer for the brain!

Healthy skepticism

Since to develop the brain is to move away fromtemplate thinking, often ask the question "why so." Constantly criticize and question any, even known information, thereby you start the dormant logic mechanisms.

how to develop the ability of the brain

Developing the right hemisphere

The above recommendations develop morelogical thinking, that is, the left hemisphere is included in the work. The right is responsible for creativity, creativity, imagination. Since it is possible to develop the brain's capabilities only by using the entire brain, one should turn to the techniques of opening the potential of the right hemisphere. Directed visualization is very suitable for this. For half an hour in a relaxed state imagine different pictures, images. For example, that you are walking in the woods, the park. "Treat" the landscape, follow the imagination. You can also learn to remember dreams. Get a pen and a notebook next to the bed so that you can record dreams immediately after awakening. Over time, you will remember dreams better and better, and perhaps you will receive some information from them.

How to develop the brain by drawing

Creative activity always leads to development.Drawing (especially not with the leading hand) helps to uncover the potential of the right hemisphere. You can sketch your dreams, the events of the day. You can learn the technique of pictograms: different objects are denoted by schematic drawings. Try to sketch abstract images (kindness, spirituality, morality and the like).

how to develop the possibilities of the brain

There are many ways to develop the brain.The main thing is to set yourself such a goal. Systematic exercises aimed at the development of both hemispheres, will improve memory, logic, help to make decisions faster and realize, become more creative and versatile person.

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