How to improve intelligence: simple and complex, but always effective methods

Intellect develops as we grow older. So, there are ways to stimulate an increase in its level. Why not use them ?!

Before answering the main question of the article, how to increase the intellect, let us turn to the facts studied.

Psychologists have established a difference in developmentintellect in women and man. If the first it develops sharply to a certain point, then the latter - slowly and all life. It is unjust but true! Therefore, if the intellect is taken to develop a woman, then she should know: after the period of becoming it as an adult, the chance to increase its IQ falls sharply. Many psychologists express this idea more sharply: after 23-25 ​​years, a woman can increase the amount of knowledge and only, it is no longer possible to develop mental abilities.

There are also conflicting views (mainlyindignation of women psychologists, more like a denial of fact). In any case, your intellect, on which success depends, your life choice and destiny in general, is worth it to make every effort ...

So, let's return to the problem of how to increase intelligence. What methods are known and available to everyone?

First, remember the main rule and dohis own motto, otherwise nothing will turn out: the intellect develops while it is used! If you do not grow, you degrade. Self-development should be your goal, in which it would not be expressed.

Limit your intelligence from harmful effects:stupid TV shows, empty conversations. Better make him work: on a serious project, an interesting puzzle, a puzzle (in extreme cases, a crossword puzzle). Do something more that requires mental expenditure. For example, you can write a scientific or philosophical book. What is closest to you?

Practice thinking globally, and actin relation to the actual and actual situation. The more you can grasp information, the more you look at the problem, the more effectively you are in business.

That's what important principles should be achieved, how to increase intelligence. By the way, they can also serve as examples of global thinking (for the long term, in a long-term project).

What can be done privately? How to improve your intelligence right now?

The brain must constantly be saturated with oxygen.Do not deprive him of this: regular walks in the fresh air, airing the premises and the required minimum of physical activity - 2 times for 30 minutes each week !!! Even if you are not a supporter of physical education, aerobics, fitness, pick the most simple exercises and perform them. Or start running. You can choose an active sport. What is more like it? ..

If you want to be as productive as possible, study your mental performance: for how long do you have peak activity (most people - at 11 o'clock in the afternoon, some at one o'clock in the morning).

Be sure to develop the memory andperfection of own speech. It is these two mental processes that are most intimately connected with thinking and intellectual abilities. Choose suitable techniques for improving memory (not pills, otherwise the effect will be short), and start reading more. Prefer books and magazines that are written in a language that requires additional effort to understand it. The word always stretches to the larger (this is an example of a local action on a global plan).

Increase the intelligence will help and externalirritants, through which (smell, music, color), you can regulate any mental process and performance. And then train to work in any conditions: good dancer nothing hindrance! ..

Now you have the "basic" techniques on your hands, how to increase your intellect, start small and do not get distracted from the intended goal, then the result will please you, and life will have a different meaning ...

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