We understand why people lie

In the world there is not one crystal honest man.In this or that situation, every person is telling a lie, and this is not surprising. After all, there are situations where there is no possibility to say everything, and it is simply not necessary.

why people lie
What is a lie

Explain why people lie and what they representa very concept of lies, many sciences are trying, and in most of the conclusions they, by the way, converge. So, psychology believes that lying is an ordinary way of self-defense of a person who tries to protect himself from various negative situations or consequences in a similar way. But this does not mean that it is necessary to justify lies and promote the spread of such a phenomenon. So all the same, why do people lie?

Reason 1. Desire to please

It is often a causal lie that the fact thata person simply has nothing to say about himself. So you have to invent on the move interesting facts from your own biography. Here you can either just invent events, and modify them somewhat, wanting to embellish reality.

all people are lying
Reason 2. Something you need

Also the most common cause of liesis the fact that in this way a person simply achieves what he wants. After promising something, you can get the desired thing or service. But to fulfill the promised liars, as a rule, do not rush. A similar method of deception is common among children who are easier to say what parents expect from them in order to get what they want. The execution time often often does not come.

Reason 3. Avoid embarrassing situations

Understanding why people lie, you can come toconclusion that many just need to avoid embarrassing situations. If you do not want to expose yourself in a bad light or find yourself in a broken trough, a lie in such a situation is the first assistant. Also, the reason for the lie may be the desire to simply not offend a person by telling him the whole truth. This way of deception, by the way, is common in women, when there is a certain rule between friends for admiring each other, even if there are no good reasons for this.

Reason 4. Avoid punishment

Another reason why people lie, canis the desire to avoid responsibility or punishment for a particular act. Having lied, a person thinks that he automatically becomes pure and discards all guilt. This kind of deception is common among people who are interrogated in court or in the prosecutor's office.

film all people are lying
Reason 5. Lies for the good

One of the most widespread phenomena isa lie for good. A person thinks that by deceiving a loved one, he simply keeps him from pain and suffering. A similar kind of lie is simply hiding information. It is believed that if a person does not know about a particular fact, then, therefore, it was not. This type of deception in family life is most widespread, when spouses hide inconvenient information from each other.

Cause 6. So everyone does

You can also deceive, using the phrase "allpeople lie, and I will do so. " This also includes deception from boredom, when a person makes up various situations to do something and attract the attention of others.


Lying accompanies people for almostall life path. And from this you can not escape. Various kinds of deceit are revealed in the literature, about this films and films are removed. For the sake of interest, you can see the new film "All People Lie", where the theme of harm to human life is perfectly revealed.

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