Review of models of wedding dresses with long sleeves

In the near future you expect to hear the sounds of the marchMendelssohn in your life. You and your lover prepared for a long time, prepared everything you need: a list of guests, a menu, invited a photographer and a videographer. For a long time they chose a hairstyle, a headpiece, a tie and a suit for the future groom. Cosmetologist, make-up artist, manicurist - you are already written to them long before the solemn event. And now it's time for a wedding dress.

Of course, it was assumed that the styles of weddingthere are plenty of dresses, but so much! From all this diversity, the head is already spinning. And it seems that you will never find the perfect dress.

There are girls who believe thatopen dresses are able to attract everyone's attention and interest to their person and choose their bride dress, focusing on these delusions. The "jumping out" breast, tight inserts on the skirt of the wedding dress, cuts "from the hip" pulled by the tight corset - such models of wedding attire, of course, take place.

But we suggest you pay attention to laconic wedding dresses with long sleeves.

The bride in a closed dress looks like she should look like a bride - fresh, innocent and charming. It can cause genuine admiration.

Classic in wedding fashion

A long narrow sleeve is a classic in the weddingdress. Such a sleeve reaches the hands. The long sleeve is combined with almost all models of the dress, whether it's lush crinoline or soft folds, falling to the floor, or a long lace train.

Lace wedding dress with long sleeveswill give you mystery, tenderness and aristocracy. The sleeves themselves can be sewn from a net, organza, silk or satin. And of course, the undoubted favorite of all times is the sleeve of lace.

Modern wedding fashion designers oftenprefer to focus on the sleeves. This detail can have quite impressive variations of the ornaments. Do not leave indifferent any bride wedding dresses with long sleeves, decorated with pearls or beads. A good solution is to sew or buy a wedding dress, which has a skirt fairly simple model and sleeves made of lace materials.

romantic dress

Feel like a princess from a fairy tale

If you follow the models of dresses thatput on and put on now brides from aristocratic circles, you can see that all the princesses were dressed up in long-sleeved dresses. Of course, the finish of the hem and train, and the styles - all the princesses were different, but the sleeves must have been.

Princess's dress

How to hide flaws?

It is worth noting that the long sleeves dress will helphide some flaws in the figure. So, closed wedding dresses with long sleeves are able to disguise plump hands. If you have noticeable tattoos on your body, you can also hide them with this model.

For brides who do not represent themselves inlong dresses at their wedding, there is a solution in the form of short dresses with long sleeves. In such models, all the decorating elements are mainly located on the sleeves.

Choose wedding dresses with long sleeves correctly

The general criteria for choosing the right dress are, first of all, a comfortable and beautiful fabric, the correct and high-quality sewing of sleeveless, stylish and fashionable style of the whole product.

dress and bouquet

Fashion of long sleeves wedding dresses

  • Long sleeve-bell - preference of brides withvarious external data. Wedding dresses with long sleeves-bells can hide the full hands, as well as emphasize the femininity and fragility of thin hands.
  • Tight-fitting arm long sleeve - this model of sleeves can be sewn from various materials.
  • "Juliet" - for practical brides. Do not fetter the movement, does not tighten his arms and is a salvation for the gorgeous beauties.

"Illusion" is a sleeve made of the finest organza. It emphasizes the beauty and elegance of the hands of the bride and envelops her whole appearance with mild understatement and charm.

Short dress

In what other cases are wedding dresses with long sleeves appropriate?

  • First of all, such models will please the girls modest, uncomfortable feeling in too open clothes.
  • Brides with the right sense of style.
  • Believers and trying to fulfill the dogmas of their faith, Muslim women and Orthodox girls.
  • Dresses will also suit newborns who understand that closed clothing looks more mysterious.
  • To the small girls.
  • Brides, whose wedding fell on the cool season.

A photo of wedding dresses with a long sleeves will help you to appreciate all the charm of these models.

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