7 reasons for cooling a loved one, or What if the husband does not want a wife?

Any woman who has married is entitled toto demand from her husband the performance of marital duties. In the first years of life together, everything seems to be going fine, but after a few years the husband increasingly begins to refuse sex. What is the problem? Maybe feelings have passed, or maybe things are completely different? What to do if the husband does not want a wife - read the article.

What to do if the husband does not want a wife
1 reason: workaholism

Overwork and stress at work can notlead to anything good. When your husband does not have enough time to communicate with children, then what kind of sex can we talk about? Neither a striptease nor beautiful underwear will help. If the stresses in your husband's life happen regularly, and his nervous system is too weak, he may end up on a hospital bed. You do not know what to do if the husband does not want sex? You can try to go with him to rest. True, this is unlikely to correct the problem. The solution in this case is only one - look for a lover. Men, whose life is the main work, will never trade it for anything else.

2 Reason: Genetics

Sexual attraction of a man geneticallyprogrammed, but the program has its own. If your husband does not want to have sex often, and he does not have any sexual dysfunction, he probably just has a lack of sexual energy. This case is not hopeless. To understand the answer to the question: "What if the husband does not want a wife?" - you need to start stimulating him to have sex.

What to do if the husband does not want to
3 reason: strict upbringing in childhood

All the problems come from our childhood.If at a young age the sexuality of the child was suppressed, then the man can be ashamed to show his feelings in adulthood. He may not recognize this, try his best to establish relations with his wife, but he may not get it.

4 Reason: you became his mother

If you constantly "saw" your husband ortake care of it as a small child, it's not strange that your relationship goes to "no." You in fact understand, that nobody will sleep with the mum. In this case, to find the answer to the question "what to do if the husband does not want a wife" is very simple: stop performing simple duties for him, believing that he can spoil everything. Give him the opportunity to solve problems in your family.

The husband does not want
5 reason: another woman

It also happens that a man just boredmake love with one woman, and he has another. Naturally, he will not pay as much attention to you as he did before. If you do not want to be on the sidelines, change your life decisively. If you accept these rules of the game - look for a lover.

6 cause: diseases of the genitals

Everyone knows that men hate going to doctorsand always pull to the last. If you suspect something is amiss, and the husband pretends that everything will go by itself, urgently drag him to the doctor. The disease can progress, and then the problem in the sexual sphere can not be solved.

7 Reason: computer dependency

If your husband spends his entire computerfree time, then he fell into a relationship and just forgot that you need to give time to others. Try to agree that he only has an hour on the Internet. Now it's up to you: lay silk sheets, open a bottle of champagne and treat it from computer addiction under the blanket.

I hope that the answer to the question: "What if the husband does not want a wife?" - found. It remains to wish you that in your life there were as many love scenes as possible.

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