Good and bad signs for the wedding

Wedding ceremony - the oldest custom. From century to century, the ceremony of marriage grew over new and new beliefs. You can not take the signs to the wedding seriously, but still, but suddenly there is some truth in this? Not for nothing that from century to century signs are passed on to new generations.

The month of the celebration and the time of the year have always been taken into account when assigning the date of the wedding, and until now many newlyweds, when choosing it, study the signs for the wedding by months.

January. It is considered an unfavorable month for the wedding. According to legends, the marriage, concluded in January, is short-lived.

February. The exact opposite of January. The marriage, concluded in February, promises a happy family life for the newlyweds.

March. The wedding in this month predicts the move to distant lands and parting with their homeland.

April. Marriage will be full of emotions! Quarrels and trying on, hatred and love. The life of the newlyweds will not be boring! But, at the same time, it will bring instability to the family.

May. This month is considered the most unsuccessful for marriage.

June. This is the most favorable period. Young foreseeable cheerful, carefree, long, and most importantly a happy family life.

July. Signs of this month's wedding promise a black and white life. There will be disappointments, and incredible happiness.

August. The most harmonious families, based on mutual respect, not only between spouses, but also between children and grandchildren, are being created this month.

September. Calm, stable life without vivid emotions.

October. Previously, not everyone decided on a wedding in October. Life will be hard and full of difficulties. A lot of tests will fall out to the family.

November. Honeymooners are waiting for prosperity and prosperity. The house is a full cup.

December. The family will not be very rich financially, but it will have different wealth - love and mutual understanding of the couple.

Wedding traditions and signs penetrate the day of marriage and can predict the future life of the newlyweds.

Bad signs for the wedding.

On the day of the wedding, the bride has pricked her finger, so in a marriage there will be quarrels and scandals.

A veil or an ornament from a hairdress fell - the husband will waste the family budget.

The groom has come to a puddle - to avoid the family of drunkenness.

To lose a glove from a wedding dress or a mirror to break - misfortune will happen.

To see the funeral procession on the wedding day - to trouble.

To hear the bells ringing - to a scandalous family life.

Good signs for the wedding.

The bride sneezes since morning, so marriage will be happy.

The bride cries - the family is happy.

To the family was secured, the bride and groom sit at the table on their fur coats.

After the ceremony, the young look together in one mirror. This will bring good luck to the new family.

The first glasses of champagne are broken for happiness.

The rain on the wedding day is very good. The life of the newlyweds will be long and happy.

On the wedding day, the spouses break the cup, and together, holding hands, step over the fragments. Thus, they step over all the big and small quarrels.

The night before the wedding, the future spouses spend in different houses.

On the day of the marriage, the mother gives the bride a family relic that will protect and protect the daughter's happiness.

There are also signs concerning the guests at the wedding celebration. Probably the most famous of them is the girl who has caught the bouquet of the bride soon to be married.

If at least one of the witnesses in the divorce - to an early separation.

If the witnesses are a married couple, then this leads to the separation of the newlyweds.

You can not measure the veil of the bride, a girl can stay without her husband.

This is only a small part of thewedding and marriage. Do I have to believe them? Everyone answers this question himself. The main thing is that the bride and groom really love each other and value their relationships.

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