How to keep a relationship with a loved one for a long time?

Relations are a daily and laborious work. Both men and women must work on them. However, because of their natural passivity, representatives of the strong half of humanity, if they do so, only in the candy-bouquet period, to lure their "booty". Having received it, they very often relax and further development of relations is allowed to run its course. Therefore, how to maintain a relationship with a loved one, more worried woman. After all, they are not in vain called "guardians of the home" - without their participation, the fire of love will quickly go out.

How to maintain a relationship with your loved one?

how to maintain a relationship with your loved one
It's simple, and difficult at the same time. Simply because there are two people between whom there is love. And if there is love, then they can not part. But it only happens in fairy tales that "they lived happily ever after." In real life, this wonderful feeling sometimes does not stand the test of life, time, finances, etc. It is difficult - because another person, even the closest and beloved, is in some way a separate "planet", which remains to the end unexplored. Each person has his own character and personality, so sometimes it is very difficult to build a lasting relationship, despite all the efforts. But a woman who is interested in how to maintain a relationship with her beloved person will always find paths and loopholes to the soul of her beloved. To help her, women's cunning and wisdom come. Establish relations with a loved one she always succeeds, and a man does not even suspect what work is being done towards him!

relationship with a loved one
How to maintain a relationship: some ways

So, what should you do to keep your union? A woman simply needs to be always interesting, a little bit different and, of course, remain sexually attractive. This can not be achieved if you do not watch yourself. Styling, painting, manicure-pedicure, light make-up, hair removal, neat and feminine wardrobe - without this nothing will work. Try to be slightly incomprehensible for him, as if unattainable. This is a very exciting men, because hunting instinct, let somewhere deep, but still there. However, this does not deny the existence of frank and trusting relations - on the contrary, try to make them just like that. Achieve yourself to be also your best friend to your man. Many women, when they think about how to maintain a relationship with a guy, admit the same mistake. They tie him to a short leash, not allowing to take an extra step: endless calls, SMS, letters, daily meetings and questions about whether he loves her.

how to maintain a relationship with a guy
Normal men do not like when theirso this tactic will lead to the fact that he will escape to a more intelligent, self-sufficient and interesting girl, who, besides him, has other interests. How to maintain a relationship with your loved one? Surround your man with attention, care, caress, love. Speak to him often tender words, be interested in his deeds, praise, notice and thank for everything he does for you. Build a trusting, sensual relationship, but at the same time remain a separate person from him with his interests, interests and worldview.

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