Wedding in June: favorable days

Wedding is a crucial event in the life of twopeople and their closest relatives. Young people, who were relatively free in their actions, now take on a number of obligations, often for many very difficult. The wedding throws the bridge from a free independent life to a life bound by marriage, that is, it is not always understandable and difficult for two young people.

How to choose a month for a wedding

One can believe or not believe in horoscopes,predictions of astrologers, people's signs, but still you can listen to them. According to an ancient note, a wedding in June will entail travels to the seas and distant countries. Well, well, it's not so bad if you are young, and you want to see the whole world.

wedding in June

Another good sign predictsnewlyweds, who will have a wedding in June, a honeymoon that lasts a lifetime. This means that the harmonious relations that have been started will last for a very long time. It's just wonderful if the wedding takes place in June.

There are other good months for the wedding, andthere are some that should be avoided. For example, May. Other months have mixed points. January will give a lot of loyalty and love. Lent is better to postpone the wedding, life will not be smooth, but full of misfortunes. Do not play also weddings on Shrove Tuesday and during the Holy Week. Petrovsky and Christmas posts are also an inappropriate time for weddings.

Good days for weddings

Strictly speaking, there are only two such days.

days for the wedding in June
Friday, run by Venus, the goddess of love, and Sunday. He is protected by the Sun itself, and so life will be clear and cloudless, and the children are wonderful.

The rest of the days are not so good. Monday is an indefinite day, it can turn a life both in good, and in adverse side. The worst days for weddings, according to astrologers, are Tuesday and Thursday. The aggressive cruel god of war Mars rules Tuesday, and the formidable autocratic Jupiter - on Thursday. Conclusions suggest themselves. Those who played the wedding on Tuesday, will be in an eternal quarrel, and Thursday they will force to fight for supremacy in the family.

lunar calendar of weddings June
Wednesday and Saturday are also not particularly good. Mercury rules the environment and brings a cool relationship to the family. Saturday is ruled by Saturn, which will create a tough, if not cruel relationship. This day is favorable only for marriage by calculation. Please note that on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays there are no weddings in the church.

Lunar calendar for future spouses

Lunar eclipse predicts divorce and dissolutionmarriage not only for those who will have a wedding in June, but for everyone. Everyone else wants to keep the constant interest between the spouses, so that they are interested in long-term communication.

Favorable days for a wedding in June
Therefore, the days for the wedding in June and not only must fall on the days of the growing moon, while the month is still young.

Lunar Calendar Tips

If the moon entered the signs of the zodiac of Taurus, Libra orCancer, then marriages will be strong. These signs unite future spouses. They incline a man and a woman to family life and equal partnership. Here is what you can learn if you carefully study the lunar calendar of weddings. June is good for all the signs. With this you will get acquainted with the text below.

lunar calendar of weddings for June 2017

If the Moon is in Aquarius, then treason is almost inevitable. The moon in Virgo and Scorpio foretells the tragic loss of its second half. So will the Moon.

Favorable, one might say ideal, days for weddings in June and other months are the third, sixth, seventeenth, twenty-fourth and twenty-seventh lunar days.

It is very undesirable to marry in the ninth, twelfth, fifteenth, nineteenth, twentieth, twenty-third and twenty-ninth lunar days.

In no way affect, neither negatively nor positively, on the newlyweds all other days.

Favorable for the wedding date

Properly plan the date of the wedding will helplunar calendar of weddings for June 2017. From it you can get accurate information about the location of the moon in the signs of the Zodiac, find out the days of the new moon and full moon, and also the quarter of the moon, and choose the most harmonious day for the wedding.

Favorable days for the wedding in June

June 1 - Moon in the sign of the Virgin, which entailshousehold tests. Day - Thursday. It is under the guidance of Jupiter, which will also bring discord to the lives of young spouses. Each of them wants to become a leader and suppress the partner's independence.

June 2 - The moon continues to be in the sign of the Virgin,which exacerbates everyday problems. But Friday is under the auspices of Venus, which will help lovers avoid troubles, especially since the Moon is in a phase of growth that will strengthen their mutual feelings.

June 3 - The moon in the phase of growth and the sign of Libra. This is very good, but everything is adversely affected by the day of the week - Saturday. Saturn, the manager of this day, will cause bad relationships. The day is suitable only for marriage by calculation.

June 4 - The moon in Libra, it grows, and Sundayis under the sign of the Sun. An ideal day for marriage. The family will follow the traditions and create new ones, it will always maintain a romantic relationship.

June 5 - the growing Moon in the Libra sign will provideromance and sublime relations, which will grow with the years. The negative influence of Monday is that feelings will be changeable, but mutual passion will persist for a long time.

6, 7, 8 June - The moon continues to grow, but is not in the most harmonious signs, in Scorpio and Virgo. Unions are moderately strong, divorce is possible.

June 9 is another day very favorable for marriage. Venus, who runs Friday, will make the family strong and happy.

10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23 June - all are under the sign of the waning moon, which are more suitable for deliberation than the conclusion of the marriage ceremony.

From June 24 to 29, the moon goes on growth, but is constantly in different zodiacal constellations and days of the week. Therefore, not all marriages will be stable and successful.

Against this background, it is ideally allocated on June 30. The Moon in the sign of Libra will allow you to keep the romantic and tender feelings and caring attitude towards each other to the gray hair. Venus, who patronizes Friday, like Libra, will strengthen both the creative abilities and the harmonic union.

Wedding of your dreams

June is a wonderful month for a weddingsigns, and weather. There are clear, non-humid days. Sometimes it may rain or rain. Newlyweds, do not be frightened of it. This is a good sign. A shower that will soak up a young couple and guests brings a joyous and carefree life, full understanding and pacification.

Play wedding in June

The bride he will replace all the tears that she might have. No family troubles now to her are not terrible.

Unexpected rain on the holiday alsopromises a prosperous life without material worries, especially if the rain falls in the morning. But if he dripped in the evening, then in adulthood, this couple is waiting for well-being, although from the youth they will not be poor.

Here are some good signs of a rain, if you play a wedding in June. The drops that the sky gives you, during the wedding, predict a long life together in a harmonious union.

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