A marriage contract is a mistrust or a necessity?

In all highly developed countries, a marriage contractis considered the norm. No one will come to mind to take offense at the proposal to make a marriage contract. But our compatriots still are perplexed and release a variety of malicious jokes on this score. Some people think that this will kill all romance, that you should not marry at all, if you do not believe in love and are not ready to take responsibility for your family. But people, wise with life experience, who have several divorces and disappointments behind their shoulders, hold a different opinion. After marriage under the contract can serve as a guarantee against all sorts of scams and treacherous hunters for other people's money.

In order to understand this issue, it is worthconsider closer on what the basis of the marriage contract: the pros and cons. What advantages are open to those couples that are going to conclude a contract?

First, there is a certain circle of people whojust need to take such a step. For example, a variety of stars of show business, if they enter into a family relationship with their producers. At the same time, the marriage contract must be carefully deducted, discussed all the points with lawyers, consulted with all sorts of specialists. After all, viewers have already time to observe the scandalous divorce of favorite stars of the cinema and variety.

Secondly, it is necessary to distinguish clearly the concepts"Love" and "property." Most screaming about the inappropriateness of such a treaty are those who pursue selfish goals, who are not sure that they can be a faithful spouse and a caring parent. If a person is confident in himself, knows that he marries in marriage for love, then he is absolutely not afraid to sign a marriage contract. And do not look out for something that is humiliating for yourself. This is a kind of insurance, foresight and wisdom. In fact, to the great regret, divorces now are not something out of the ordinary. Divorces became commonplace. But the treaty will be able to protect both children and the right side from subsequent hassle and injustice.

Thirdly, supporters of marriage on contractargue that this is the pre-judicial confirmation of love. If you know that your future spouse had unpleasant, and maybe even tragic, moments connected with divorce and the division of property, then you will understand his desire to be safe. If the marriage is really strong and harmonious, then this paper will remain just a formality. Often, the richer of the spouses, having lived with his half for several years and making sure of the purity and disinterestedness of the relationship, himself terminates the contract or makes significant changes in the marriage contract.

Fourthly, so many films are now shot aboutdivorce proceedings, which show how people who once loved each other begin to humble themselves and divide everything up to the last spoon, manipulate children and behave disgustingly and terribly. To avoid all this nightmare, it is worthwhile to think everything over. After all, none of us wants a loved one to injure his arm or leg so that the dacha burns or the car is stolen, but everyone tries to insure both the dacha, the car, and health. Why not do the same way with your own marriage?

What are the arguments put forth by those who think that the marriage contract is stupidity and humiliation?

First, such a treaty does not make sense for those,who marries without any property. What can be divided into those who do not have anything? A jointly acquired property lawyers and so will share equally.

Secondly, the reverse option. Such a contract is not so necessary in those families where both spouses make an equal contribution to the family.

Thirdly, those who are very fond of and who do not have a negative experience of divorce will not make a contract. Usually, those who have already burnt themselves on milk begin to blow on the water.

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