Club "Incognito" on Serpukhovskaya: photo, address and reviews about the place of acquaintance

Despite the incredible spiritual beauty andthe wealth of our people, many people still suffer from loneliness. And it's not even in the presence of free time. The problem is that there is no place where like-minded people could meet and get closer. The creators of the acclaimed club "Incognito" on Serpukhov street have decided to correct this oversight andprovide a suitable place for an acquaintance site, where everyone would feel comfortable. But did they succeed in realizing their plans? How realistic is it to meet here? And what about this place say the users?

club incognito at Serpukhov

Brief information about the dating club

The Incognito Club itself on Serpuhovskaya Streetpositions itself as the best institution in the capital. According to its creators, men and women can meet in the bar, wishing to meet and communicate. Here we are always glad to new visitors who come here not only to talk, to meet their second half, but also to flirt, and also have a great time.

It is believed that the club itself is surprisingly romantic atmosphere, which has an interesting acquaintance, a search for a partner for life and just easy communication in a pleasant company.

Incognito in Serpukhov

How do they get acquainted in a club of interests?

According to some guests of the dating club"Incognito" on Serpuhovskaya, pastime is happening in a relaxed atmosphere. The building itself is more like a nightclub than a place for acquaintances. However, according to the idea, it is pleasant music, as well as movements in the rhythm of the dance, that help to find like-minded people and, of course, their love.

Where is this club located?

The address of the club "Incognito" on Serpukhovskaya: Moscow, B. Serpuhovskaya Street, 44. This institution is located near the metro station with the same name. It is not difficult to find it, since the building is located separately. It is noticeable and memorable. As the main reference point, pay attention to the Institute of Surgery named after A.V. Vishnevsky.

club incognito at Serpukhov reviews

When does the club open and open?

Club "Incognito" on Serpuhovskaya works onFridays and Saturdays. At this time the institution opens at 9 pm and closes at 5:30 in the morning. At the same time, if you come here under the very opening, you can fully expect to purchase entrance tickets with a 50% discount.

What activities are held here?

Representatives of the club "Incognito" on Serpukhov they made sure that their visitors were not bored. To do this, the institution regularly arranges a variety of themed parties, days with free entrance to the "onlles" and dancing evenings.

In addition, the Incognito has its show-ballet,who constantly speaks with the appropriate theme of the evening program. Come here and various stars and DJs. And dance evenings often turn into a disco in the 60's or 80's.

Also, the forces of the club "Incognito" on the Serpukhov(photo of the room can be found in this article), a Speed ​​Dating evening is regularly held. During it, everyone can get acquainted and communicate. Participation in such an event is free of charge.

The price includes 10-20 so-called fastdates. What it is? In just one evening a participant communicates with several representatives of the opposite sex. At the same time for an interview on average, no more than 4-5 minutes.

 incognito club at Serpukhov address

If your subscriber for some parameters youdid not interest at all, you have the right to finish such a meeting ahead of time. And if your interlocutor, on the contrary, intrigued, a short date could well turn into a beautiful romantic evening. If your opponent does not like you, then you have to start a new series of dating and dating. As you can see, the Incognito Club on Bolshoi Serpuhovskaya, 44 is a unique place where it is possible to meet interesting people and pleasant interlocutors.

What associations does the club call on the first visit?

According to many users, a visitthis club for the first time causes very positive associations. After all, inside the club there is a relaxed dance and semi-intimate atmosphere. A special tone in it is set by the dance floor, which, according to many users, is very small. And with a large number of visitors, additional tables are placed even on it. But go out dancing, being directly on the dance floor, much faster and easier.

 dating service incognito on serpuhovsko reviews

The interior of the building is uncomplicated and practicallywhich does not stand out. Naked brick walls are perfectly combined with leather sofas and armchairs. On the walls hang themed pictures depicting celebrities, dancing and amusing people. There is LED lighting, a small and not too long bar counter, black-and-white and color photographs framed separately standing columns.

Most reviews of the Incognito Club onSerpuhovskaya associated with the description of the wardrobe and the young man working in it. According to the stories of many ladies, this is a very smiling and cultured employee, politely responding to any questions.

Brief yet concise wine list

If you believe the reviews about the dating club "Incognito"on Serpukhovskaya, his menu is small, but diverse. Of course, the lion's share in it is alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, bar cocktails. However, in Incognito there is a quite good wine list. For example, among the most famous drinks in it you can meet:

  • "Chinzano" and Soviet champagne.
  • Merlot.
  • "Chateau".
  • "Alazani Valley".

In the wine there are Spanish, Italian,French and Georgian wines. Therefore, if you are scheduled to meet in Incognito, feel free to choose white or red wine, order candles and enjoy a pleasant pastime.

large Serpukhov 44 club incognito

What kind of cocktails can I try?

From cocktails, users tell, in"Incognito" can be ordered "Martini Orange" with orange juice, "Mojito" with rum, sprite, lime and mint. And also many people like Pino Colada with rum, coconut, liqueur and pineapple juice and Long Island Ice with tequila, vodka, gin, rum, cola and lemon. Someone with admiration describes the local "Cosmopolitan", "Black Russian", "Caribbean peach" and even "From sunset to dawn" with cognac, a few drops of amaretto and cream.

A few words about the club menu

From snacks "Incognito", visitors tell,it is possible to choose different variations of julienne, baked mussels, trout with lemon, cheese, sausage and fish sliced, smoked chicken wings. From salads, according to visitors, "standing" are: "Caesar" and "Greek". Some recommend a kind of salad with oranges, chicken and nuts. Others liked shrimp arugula and salad "Clock", prepared with the addition of olives, salmon fillet, cheese, sauce, eggs and tomatoes.

club incognito on Serpukhov photo

From the hot dishes, judging by the reviews, the bestto order meat solyanku, fajitos with chicken or beef, risotto with meat or vegetables, beef medallions, vegetable stew. As a side dish, it is recommended to choose french fries or rustic.

If you want to appease your beautifulhalf, be sure to treat her with delicious cream ice cream, covered with sweet syrup, jam or pieces of fruit. Acceptable to taste here, share their opinions of users, is considered a fruit salad, as well as cheesecake. They can be ordered with vanilla or a fraction of chocolate.

What do users think about the bar?

Opinions about the institution many users have developed ambiguous. Someone enthusiastically describes his remarkable acquaintance, which later developed into a legal marriage.

Others say that they did not find anyone in the club whowould meet their requirements. Many liked the atmosphere and pleasant music. Others were dissatisfied with poor-quality servicing, incorrect behavior of security representatives, high prices and negligence on the part of waiters.

Some positively spoke about qualitysounding microphones in karaoke and a large selection of fruit and steam cocktails for hookah. Few negatively spoke about the ordered dishes, which, according to them, did not correspond to the description. Others praised the situation, the show ballet and the opportunity to visit the past, plunging headlong into the disco atmosphere of the 60's or 80's.

In other words, the idea of ​​the club is excellent, but to realize what was conceived, as it turned out, is not easy.

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