How can I tell him that I like him and do not get a refusal?

A person throughout life experiencesfeeling of love for parents, children, friends, relatives. But there is no emotion stronger than sincere passion. The attraction to the opposite sex can sometimes be inexplicable, it's some kind of chemistry. However, this euphoria is possible only if the feelings are mutual. Girls often ask the question: "How can I tell him that I like him?" This is not surprising, because love is accompanied by a state of insecurity in their own attractiveness.

How can I tell him that I like him? Do not rush things

how can I tell him that I like him

Of course, a real lady does not have to talk abouttheir emotions openly and offer a relationship. But one does not forbid the use of cunning and female tricks. Regardless of the circumstances, the main task of the girl is skillful lure of a man. He must have a desire to conquer. If a woman could wake up the instinct of a hunter in the object of passion, then the road to success is paved. So, first you should ask yourself how to understand that you like a guy. When you are in a general company, in the office or meeting in the morning on the way to work, pay attention to his behavior. The interested man always detains a look at the lady he likes, this feeling can not be controlled. So, if you look casually at him, the guy will not have time to navigate and become embarrassed. In this case, in everyday life, he will avoid communication in every possible way, since a defensive reaction is triggered. If all the same personal conversation took place, take a closer look at the pupils. Scientists have proved that when looking at the person they liked, they are expanded.

How can I tell him that I like him if we are unfamiliar?

how to understand that you like

Often there are cases where people dailymeet at work, at the university, at the gymnasium and do not notice each other. In order for a representative of the opposite sex to pay attention to you, you need to prepare the ground. Take time for yourself, change your image, take care of yourself. Many make the common mistake, picking up the most open outfits. Such an image a man probably considers vulgar. Clothes should fit the place, be stylish and moderately sexy. Then you can ostensibly accidentally drop a purse or phone - a real gentleman will definitely pick up the subject. That is, create situations in which the man himself will speak and take the initiative.

How can I tell him that I like him if we are friends?

what to do if you like a guy

From unrequited love in the world suffers setpeople, much more than we might think. However, do not hurry to close at home watching the melodramas in an embrace with a teddy bear, bursting into tears. Friendship - this is an excellent springboard for the implementation of female cunning. So, when answering a question about what to do, if you like a guy, but you are just friends, I want to advise: do not be afraid to say compliments about his strength, masculinity, devotion, fine taste and so on. Do not be discouraged when he has a girlfriend, help with advice, if necessary. And always praise, not demanding anything in return, it's nice for men. Let him get life experience with different girls, and the girlfriend is the only one, and she is always there. More self-confidence, and you will succeed!

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