Rooster and snake, compatibility in his personal life

According to the Chinese horoscope, every year in a twelve-year cycle there corresponds a certain animal.

Find out which animal is on the Chinese horoscopepatronizes the year in which your lover or lover was born. It can tell a lot about the prospects of your relationship with a partner.

Suppose, if you were born in the Rooster year, what partner is right for you?

Rooster and Snake, compatibility in Chinese mythology

Let's first tell about the compatibility of the pair - Rooster andSnake. The compatibility of these two signs is the best combination for both partners. A couple where a man was born in the year of the Serpent, and a woman in the year of the Rooster, will always be accompanied by happiness.

It is easy to achieve harmony in the relationship of Rooster and Serpent. The compatibility of this pair is great for creating strong family ties. Both are fervently concerned with the institution of the family, they love to maintain coziness in the house.

A woman in such an alliance will present her partner withfaithfulness, care and warmth. She is an independent person, with developed logical thinking, will help and support her partner in everything. Perhaps even the creation of a family business, a solid basis for which will serve as mutual understanding, respect and keen mind of both partners.

A serpent in such an alliance will be able to fully reveal all his abilities and talents, as the woman next to him will help him overcome his uncertainty in himself and his powers.

Both Rooster and Snake do not like to take too much risk. Compatibility in this regard is also complete. In such relations there will be no sharp, unpredictable moments, everything will develop calmly and in the right direction. Both are able to reason and logically approach the solution of all problems.

Communication in a pair of Rooster and Snake will also beharmonious and will give them pleasure, because they are connected by common interests and their goals are similar. This union is built on the principles of equality, there is no leader and not a slave.

A serpent-man will give a woman care, attention, protect from trouble. The main thing in this couple's relationship is to keep each other's trust.

Another successful combination for a woman born in the year of the Rooster is a man who was born under the auspices of the Bull.

Let us dwell in more detail on the aspects of relations ina pair of Rooster and Bull. Their compatibility is also quite good for creating a stable relationship. Both partners are quite loyal in family relationships. Partner Bull is not very fond of communication and noisy companies, but he should not limit his beloved - Rooster in the possibilities of communication. In some moments, partners may not understand the point of view of the other, there may be little disagreement. But in general, this will not significantly affect the relationship in the pair Rooster and Bull. The leader in such an alliance will be a male ox. A woman will have to accept this and take it for granted. However, this is quite acceptable for a lady born under the sign of the Rooster. The bull will create a solid foundation for relations, including in the financial plan. The woman, probably, will be the keeper of the family hearth and home comfort.

And, finally, the most unfortunate combination forFemale Rooster in a relationship is a partner born under the sign of the Cat. In a pair of Cat and Rooster compatibility is minimal. These relationships are more suitable for not very close acquaintances. Even friendly relations will constantly be in a tense state, as one constantly needs to find compromises, not to mention romantic ties. These people are too different to be together. In order to somehow establish relations, we will have to learn to accept each other as they are with all the shortcomings. Only in this case it is possible to achieve harmony in everything. It takes a lot of work and perseverance to keep the relationship.

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