Wedding in Turkey: Traditions and Ceremony

A wedding in the life of each couple in love is,perhaps, one of the most significant and exciting events. Each people has its own customs and traditions. In this article we will tell you about the wedding in Turkey, what preparations precede this important event and other interesting details of the wedding in this amazing country.

A little bit about Turkey

Turkey is a beautiful and original country.

wedding organization in turkey
The one who has ever been there, having plunged intounforgettable atmosphere - will never forget it. All local life is thoroughly imbued with traditions passed down from generation to generation. Turkey is very proud of them, tries to honor and not forget them.

The customs of the country were formed from a mixture of differentethnoses. The predominant religion in Turkey is Islam (it is professed by about 80% of the population). It is he who determines the key concepts and norms in the way of life of the majority of modern Turks. Religion plays a fundamental role in the relationships between people and shapes traditions in all aspects of human life: the birth of a child, the wires of loved ones in the last way, the customs of weddings in Turkey, etc.

wedding in turkey

Family traditions are very strong in the country. The key person in the family is a man. A woman has though fewer rights - also enjoys great respect from her family. Recently, under the influence of Western civilization, women and men are increasingly equalized in rights. Especially the influence of the West is felt in large cities. In rural areas, ancient customs are preserved with greater care.


Family life begins with a wedding. After two lovers put their wedding rings on each other's fingers, and this fact will be officially registered, the joint life of the husband and wife begins. Of course, many couples in different countries now live without a stamp in their passports, while giving birth to joint children, but the institution of the family has not been canceled yet. How is it with the registration of marriage in Turkey?

In this issue, the Turks are very principled andold fashioned. Islam is a religion of strict morals, and liberties are unacceptable here. Turks adhere to ancient customs, and the fashionable tendencies of other peoples have little to do with them. "Civil marriage", so popular in many countries of the world, is a rarity for Turkey. Here, even in the most free-thinking couples, it is not customary to create a family without registering a marriage. Wedding in Turkey is, as a rule, an indispensable condition for living together people, building a common life and the birth of children. If two young (or not so young) people decide to live together, sharing all the joys and difficulties, they marry. If the couple is not married - they are at the stage of "meeting", while having a separate life.

Preparations for the wedding

The Turks are very serious about such an importantissue. Each pair expects that their choice will be correct and the family will be created once and for life. Therefore, everything is carefully thought through, and rash decisions here are not the place. In fact, this is correct, because it often happens that marriage, committed under the influence of momentary hobbies, often ends in divorce.

Wedding in Turkey is an event planned withspecial care. The ceremony itself is preceded by many different stages and preparations. The stages of the formation of a future family begin long before the marriage. Sometimes it takes more than one year, while the young lovers will reach the registry office. What are the stages?

Well, in the first place, it is, of course, the emergencejoint sympathy. When young people understand: they like each other so much that you can already think about how to unite in marriage - it is necessary to get acquainted with your parents. The families of the groom and the bride are officially met in order to get to know each other, to understand what values ​​are their main values, and to understand if the newlyweds can create a happy family.

Then follows the engagement (which will be heretold more), a visit to the women's Turkish bath and hen party. All these stages are a tribute to traditions, a test of strength, a memory that remains for life.


Wedding in Turkey must precedeengagement. Since it is not yet an official marriage registration, each family can conduct it in different ways. Strict rules on this account does not exist. Some families cover the table and call friends. Others rent a wedding salon. And some young people just put rings on each other, but necessarily with the family. The groom usually gives his bride a ring with one stone, usually a diamond. Not all Turkish women without such a symbolic gift will agree to a marriage.

Engagement (in Turkish "nishan") - this, in fact,sounding before all agreements on their intentions. Therefore, at this event, the families of the bride and groom must necessarily be present, or at least the parents of young people. Very often during the engagement, plans for the future life of young people and relationships between families are discussed, and many organizational issues are resolved.

Engagement, as well as a wedding in Turkey, isa very serious event in the life of the young. Nowadays in big cities, after an official engagement, young people can decide to live together. But in families with strict views or in small settlements, a common life is possible only after the wedding. In Turkey, traditions are very strong and many families are faithfully observed.

Henna's night before the Turkish wedding

The night of henna in Turkey before the wedding is a rite,which pass all the brides. After the girl's dowry was delivered to the groom's house, and the bride (according to ancient customs) visited the bathhouse, having performed "bathing" before the wedding, a special holiday called "Henna's Night" comes. This is an ancient rite, which can only happen to a girl once in her life.

"Henna's Night" is held in the women's part of the house, where a young wife will live after the wedding (usually a groom's house). Men at this time gather separately, marking this event in their own way.

The rite of this night itself is very beautiful and shroudedmagic. The bride wears a special dress, called bindalli. It is very expensive and luxurious. It is all covered with beautiful embroidery in the traditional style, made by hands. This dress is a family heirloom that is carefully preserved and passed on to the next generation for the ritual.

Further the girl's face is closed with a red veil withsequins and paillettes. Henna for the ritual on a tray of silver with two lit candles is brought by the relatives of the groom. The future mother-in-law is rolling a roll of silk fabric under the bride's feet. The bride and her friends bypass the assembled guests, holding lit candles in their hands. At this time guests showered the girl's head with coins, as a symbol of wealth and fertility. After circumventing guests over the rolled silk roll, the future daughter-in-law comes to the groom's mother and bows her head, expressing her respect and reverence, kissing the hand of her future mother-in-law.

Further they bring refreshments to guests, they sound sadtraditional songs that cause tears in the bride, who are considered the guarantee of a happy married life. The groom's mother pours out a spoonful of henna in the girl's palm and puts it on a gold coin.

The culmination of this rite is the painting of hennapalms, fingertips and thumbs on the bride's legs. This makes a woman, the most fortunate in marriage. Henna also signs the hands of unmarried bridesmaids.

night henna in Turkey before the wedding

Traditional Turkish wedding

Organization of a wedding in Turkey begins with a choiceplace of celebration. Since the marriages in this country are usually numerous, there are many specialized salons designed for a large number of guests (up to a thousand, or even more). It is very convenient, as in one room there is a restaurant, a dance floor, and a concert hall.

Registration of marriage and a wedding are severalDifferent things. Sometimes there is simply a painting in the registry office without grandiose celebrations. It also happens that first young people sign, and later they play a wedding. But the most exciting scenario is when the painting takes place in the wedding salon in the presence of guests.

On a traditional Turkish wedding,religious customs of the bride will necessarily be with a covered head, like most other women. Long sleeves, the absence of extra cutouts, and a satin ribbon tied around the waist in red, as a symbol of innocence - only such a dress can afford a true Muslim woman. If the wedding is traditional, but the family is not particularly religious, then the scarf on the head of the bride may not be, and the dress can have a small neckline and bare shoulders.

The number of guests at such a wedding can be amazingunusual to such a scale of foreigners. Relatives, friends, residents of the district - the total number can reach several thousand people. Nourishing all the guests is not always possible, so traditional drinks and sweets are offered as a treat. Families with a large income can afford and a full meal. However, in any case, there will be no pork and alcohol at the Turkish wedding.

By the way, the wedding of the year in Turkey, when the daughterpresident of the country married a businessman, refers to the luxurious celebrations of the rich and famous, who are often stylized just under the traditional ceremony. The first persons of the state are obliged to honor customs, therefore in all significant events of their life they adhere to the traditions of the country in which they live.

Photo of the wedding in Turkey is presented below.

symbolic wedding in Turkey

We go further. What is given for a wedding in Turkey? A traditional gift is money and gold. The closer relatives - the more expensive gifts. Various decorations, bracelets, chains - are worn directly on the young, money is also pinned to the clothes. By the end of the celebration, the newlyweds look like New Year trees decorated with valuable gifts.

wedding in turkey photo

Unconventional wedding

Free-thinking Turks, who do not adhere to religious dogmas, prefer a liberal wedding. It differs from traditional by several parameters.

First of all, this is the number of guests. Here you are unlikely to see thousands of guests, most likely at the celebration will be attended only by the closest people (up to 200 people). Guests are invited, as a rule, either to the wedding salon, or to the restaurant of a large hotel.

Secondly - as a treat guests will bea full-fledged ration is offered (various drinks, cold snacks, main course, hot, cake), and most importantly - alcohol will be present on this holiday, which is unacceptable at the traditional Muslim wedding.

Thirdly - this is the bride's dress. In this case, the girl's imagination will not be limited to a certain color and style. At a liberal wedding, the bride can choose any dress for her taste.

Both on a traditional and liberal wedding forRussian people who are not dedicated to the subtleties of Turkish customs, may be a shock presence at the ceremony of wreaths. If we are made to give them on a much less pleasant occasion, namely, on the occasion of a funeral, in Turkey, wreaths of flowers are presented to any solemn event. On the occasion of the wedding, ribbons will be bright, and on wreaths intended for funerals, black.

A remarkable event at the Turkish weddingis the takeaway of the cake. If the invited guests are very many, often the cake is made of plastic (or rather, its mock-up). Newlyweds only mimic its cutting. In the artificial version of the food, a small piece of the present is hidden. They are young people in public to treat each other. The Turks explain this by the fact that the figured cake is very difficult to divide by an equal number of guests, so the real bake is flat. And artificial - is just a festive element of a solemn evening.

A liberal wedding in Turkey, a photo that illustrates this event below, does not differ much from the western one.

what they give to the wedding in Turkey

Russian Wedding in Turkey

For foreigners who want to plunge intothe colorful atmosphere of another country, refreshing your feelings with your partner, there is one excellent offer - a symbolic wedding in Turkey. It does not imply official registration, but it can recreate a magical ceremony with precision. This celebration will become the most true romantic fairy tale for two. Writers can do it yourself, or you can contact a special agency that will tell you the most successful ideas and take on the organization of the whole holiday. Recently it has become very fashionable to hold such ceremonies abroad. Symbolic wedding in Turkey is really a good way to experience new sensations, it is better to experience the traditions of the country, and again feel like a newly-married couple.

wedding in turkey reviews

For those who wish to conduct thisthe wedding ceremony in Turkey - too, nothing is impossible. Despite the fact that the main religion of this country is Islam, many Orthodox churches have survived in Turkey. That is, Russian Orthodox people have the opportunity to conduct a wedding ceremony in one of them.

Kurdish wedding in Turkey

In Turkey, there are about 15 millionKurds. This one of the most ancient peoples of the Middle East has its customs and customs. For example, there is such a tradition - to betrock babies right after their birth. When the betrothed reach the age when they can get married, they are given a wedding.

Kurdish girl can choose her husband by herself. However, if her choice did not coincide with the parent - she has no right to resist. A father or brother can forcefully marry a girl.

Kurdish weddings last from three days to a week. They differ in that they sing a lot. Songs are called brig and performed by folk singers.

The wedding of Kurds is expensive, so the moneypiles in advance. If the relatives of the bride and groom are territorially far from each other - two weddings are celebrated. Treat guests with rice and meat. For these purposes, several rams or calves are deliberately hammered. Traditional gifts are money or sheep. Wedding expenses, as a rule, thanks to generous gifts, pay off completely.

The wedding is played in the spring.The festival is held in tents at a wooden table on wooden benches. Men and women celebrate the holiday in different tents. Drinks and food men are served by young men. One of the corners of the house or tent is separated by a curtain. Here the newlyweds will spend their wedding night.


Now you know a little about the wedding in Turkey.Reviews of this ceremony from those people who had the pleasure of watching it, the most positive. In whatever style the Turkish wedding was held - it is always chic and fun. Turks like to celebrate on a grand scale. The atmosphere of unrestrained fun, the sea of ​​songs and dances, the glitter of gold - all this is abundantly present at the celebration of the wedding. The people of Turkey believe that as you play a wedding - this will be the life of the young, so they put their whole soul into this event and try to do everything to the maximum.

Those young people who are imbued with wedding traditionsthis unforgettable country, there is an opportunity to experience all the delights and nuances of celebration. You can make this wedding in Turkey. For those who prefer to register a marriage in their homeland, and in Turkey wants to simply refresh their emotions and feelings, you can fix a symbolic wedding. In any case, this event will forever remain in your memory, as the most beautiful and unforgettable.

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