How to stop loving a girl: "from love to hatred ..."

When asked how to stop loving a girl, psychology does nothas answers. This is tantamount to the question of how I change my instincts. Problems of the subconscious level are difficult to solve, therefore, one must take into account the specificity of the situation, its strengths and weaknesses, in order to alleviate the experience of unhappy love.

In this article, we just try to figure out how to stop loving the girl. However, we immediately warn that it will not be easy if the feeling is not fictitious.

To love another

How to stop loving a girl? The most superficial and simple advice is to find and love another. If the feeling is strong, then this option seems absurd, because in that and the meaning of the issue, in order to start another life, give place to the development of a new history. And yet, if a person has a strong and strong-willed character, then she is able to love several people. Love has so many shades: we love parents, pets, friends. Hence, in the heart there is a place for others. If love is unrequited, but very strong, then maybe you should not try to eliminate this feeling, but accept it as it is, and with it go on in life?

Abstraction from the problem

This option will help alleviate the suffering of the lover. Take an interesting job, come up with a hobby, learn how to work hard. Organize your days so that you do not have time to think about love. So time will pass unnoticed until you realize that it no longer hurts, because time, as they say, "heals", smooths out sharp corners.

Search for the meaning of life

How to stop loving a girl with the help of acquiring meaninglife? In fact, the presence of a global goal can replace a strong feeling in some cases. Both the first and second are phenomena that imply a fanatical attitude towards them. Since it is impossible to sit on two chairs, then love will automatically go to the background if you set yourself a more significant task.

Change of outlook

How to stop loving a woman if she is almostnot the most important component of your life? To do this, you need to change your worldview, make a reassessment of values. Read books and communicate with a large number of people to understand what other position is possible for you. In such cases it is "convenient" to become a materialist and a pragmatist, because they imply the possibility of psychological maneuvers regarding the field of feelings.

New impressions

To get distracted from the problem - go on a trip, put yourself in unfamiliar conditions when thinking about unhappy love does not make sense, because there are so many amazing and beautiful nearby.

Search for shortcomings

How to stop loving a girl by finding herdisadvantages? In fact, this is not the easiest way possible, because love is a feeling when any weaknesses of a lover are perceived as dignities. Idealization partner - a sign of blind love. Evaluate objectively the external and internal data of the one you love. Ideal people do not exist, and if you are honest, you must find a flaw. Make it so that this deficiency becomes for you an extremely weighty quality, which means that the girl will automatically become less pleasant to you, and will no longer cause that admiration, because of which you now suffer. Sometimes you do not feel like losing this feeling, because life rarely gives us such an opportunity - to experience an absolute feeling. Finding the ideal for many people is a problem, and in this article we are trying to get rid of it on the contrary. Everyone decides for himself, what is more important to him: peace of mind or a feeling of unhappy, but true love.


They say that from love to hate, one step. Perhaps it is not for nothing that this phrase sounds exactly in such a sequence: first there is love, then something does not work out in a relationship, or they simply do not arise because of the timidity of the lover, he suffers, realizes mistakes, understands that the lover is the source of his suffering , and begins to hate. These are two opposite phenomena: love and hatred, and, despite this, they are very similar in structure, because the burst of emotion causes both the first and second. If hatred does not arise, you can try to artificially cause it, but it is likely that it is equivalent to something impossible, as well as artificially cause love.

So, all you need to do is convince yourselfthat the beloved herself is guilty of your sufferings. You need to make it your enemy on a psychological level, and if you are not inclined to masochism, love will come down to "no."

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