Jewish Wedding

Jewish wedding is one of the pillarsthe life-style of the Jews, and as in every religion - an occasion for a great holiday. Earlier, weddings in Jewish families were arranged by parents with the help of "matchmaker", and in some communities this tradition is still observed. Even if, the conclusion of marriage is already stipulated, a man should not leave the custom - and the bride's father must ask for her hands, while paying a ransom.

The ritual begins, connected with the wedding of the Jews,with the engagement ceremony, called Tenayim. In carrying out this ceremony, the plate should be broken, which is a symbol of the destruction of the Temples in Jerusalem, and recalls that the Jews have a feeling of sadness from some loss, even at the height of the holiday. This is repeated during the marriage ceremony.

Jewish wedding can be assigned to anyday, the exception is only the Sabbath, which begins on a Friday at sunset, and ends at sunset on Saturday, as well as the holidays of the Jewish people, for example, the New Year (at that time the Jews do not work). In England, Sunday is the most popular day for weddings with Jews, and in the United States, Jewish weddings are often held on Saturday, after the end of Shabbat, with winter being considered the best time of the year. Very often couples marry and among the week - on weekdays.

Jewish wedding, whose traditions are revered withold times, has no special prohibitions on marriage at any time of the year, but most couples do not want to do this between Pesach and Shavuot, a period of sadness in the calendar of the Jews. During it, most citizens try not to attend a variety of parties with dancing and music. The week that precedes the wedding ceremony is the most beautiful time. Ufruff - this is the name of the ceremony, which is specially arranged for the groom. He must go to the synagogue, where his participation in the service manifests itself in the most active way, and then declares his congregation about the coming triumph. Very often during the service, many candies are thrown at him. After the end of the service of the whole congregation, a small table with a treat is arranged, where wine, drinks and food are offered.

At this time the bride is waiting for a visit to the ritualpool, mikvah, where she cleans herself from the spiritual side, so that complete purity comes from her at the time of the wedding. Sometimes, before the wedding day, mikvah is visited by men, but separately from the female half. To ensure that all the statutes of the mikvah have been properly observed, a woman should be without decorations, even without varnish on her nails before visiting the pool. She, when reading a special prayer, should make a full immersion in the water. During the ritual, it is controlled, rendered every help in the correctness of the performance of the mikvah. Some wedding ceremonies of the peoples of the world, not an exception, are Jewish, require that the bride and groom should not see each other for a week before the wedding day.

Jewish wedding for the bride and groom is heldunder a special structure - a canopy called a hoopa. Symbolically, the hupa represents a house where in the future the bride and groom will live. In the past, the place for this beautiful ceremony was open air, but recently it was moved to the room, so as not to be dependent on weather conditions. The most popular place where the wedding ceremony is held is the synagogue, but strict rules are not established on this matter. If there is a rabbi and a hupa - a Jewish wedding is held anywhere, and now even in hotels. A Jewish couple who is about to marry has no traditional clothes for weddings. Usually women wear a white dress, and men wear a black suit and the same tie.

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