About the intimate in the open: what is the missionary posture

About what sex is and how to "do it"knows now and a middle school student. Television and the Internet provide such wide-ranging information on the subject that parents, in principle, like the school, at first glance, especially already have nothing to do in terms of explanations and educational work. And yet, it seems, even an adult might sometimes wonder where it came from.

Why is the missionary pose?

what is the missionary position
So, what is a missionary posture and why is itso called? Visually, of course, it will be presented immediately by any person who understands nicely the intricacies of love. This is a classic of sex, when a woman lies on her back, legs apart, and the man is on top. The pair is facing each other. The position is used, as a rule, with heterosexual intimacy, but it is quite widespread among same-sex couples.

Where does the concept come from? What is the missionary position, they knew long before the advent of Christianity and, in fact, the missionaries themselves - the pastors who preach this religion among the Gentiles. Mankind has begun to accumulate since its inception, otherwise it would simply not exist. And if in the beginning primitive people in this process imitated animals, then later the culture and art of sex stepped far beyond this framework. With the development of social consciousness, however, the predominant role of man has become more and more rooted in society. And the position "woman from below" fully corresponded to this ideology. After all, what is a missionary posture from an ideological point of view? It symbolizes the submission of the lady, her complete submission and dependence on the partner. He is located above, above it, directs the entire process in accordance with their desires and needs.

If in paganism, in the cultures of Asia and the Eastto receive satisfaction and joy from coition was envisaged for both a man and a woman, then Christianity in general looked at sex as some sort of abomination necessary only for the continuation of the race.

missionary posture
A woman was considered a vessel of sins, a temptation,of filth. In the performance of marital duty, she was ordered to lie like a doll, without moving, allowing the man to do what he pleases. About her satisfaction speech was not going: sex with its positive experiences existed only for a strong half of humanity. Because such a missionary position, as not a vivid example of the prevailing role of a man over a woman in everything - in an intimate life, public, political, economic, spiritual? That's why the priests taught the people that this pose is the only possible and correct for a respectable Christian. However, they are not alone - the ancient Greeks and Romans, Hindus, Chinese and representatives of other civilizations reasonably viewed it as the embodiment of the dominant position of a privileged strong masculine over the female subordinate.

A glance of modern times

Fortunately, mankind survived the revolution notonly political, but also sexual. And the missionary posture has ceased to be considered so conservatively, and has taken its place among dozens of others, invented for a variety and fuller enjoyment of intimacy. It is still actively practiced, because the position has many pluses, however, and minuses too. Pros:

  • partners see each other's faces during a sexual game, which exacerbates feelings and facilitates mutual understanding;
  • they have the opportunity to caress each other's lips and tongue (kisses on the lips, face, neck, chest), which increases the degree of pleasure;
    Missionary Pose Photo
  • a woman has the opportunity to hug, iron, caress a partner (back, shoulders, hands, buttocks, scrotum), both can whisper to each other something exciting, encouraging;
  • posture allows you to have sex under the blanket, if the room is cool.

Cons of position - a man keeps the weight of his bodyon arms or hand, so, quickly gets tired; the limitation of male caresses; weak stimulation of the main female erogenous zone; Some other drawbacks associated with the peculiarities of the structure of the bodies of partners.

But the missionary position (photos are attached in the article)practiced in several ways: a woman can throw her legs on the waist to her partner, providing a deeper penetration; under her waist, you can put a small pad or cushion, so that the pelvis is slightly raised (for the same purpose). If a woman lies on the edge of the surface, and the partner takes possession of it, it makes the process easier for him, and provides greater freedom of action in relation to the lady.


Regardless of how in any poses you arehave sex, remember the main law: in the intimate vicinity there is nothing forbidden, if only it was pleasant to both. Freedom and creativity are important in any art, including in the art of sex.

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