Transsexuals: who are they?

Transsexuals. Who is it
Transsexuals - who is this? We often hear this term, but we do not always interpret it correctly. So what is it all about: a serious personality disorder or a perversion? This we will discuss in this article.

Transsexuals: who are they?

Such a term has been introduced to use moreforty years ago. What does it mean? Transseksualy (their photos are presented in this article) are people who deny their nature all their conscious life, that is, men hate their male essence (character traits, dominance, body structure), and women - their female nature (body structure, duties, character warehouse). For the most part, such a disease affects exactly the strong half of humanity.

How to recognize them?

People rejecting their nature can be divided into three categories:

  • passive (they do not take any action and try to suppress their desires);
  • passive-active (such people do not dare to plastic surgery and any other cardinal measures and most often just use clothes of the opposite sex);
  • active (they take female hormones, fall under the knife to change their body, and completely reject their natural principle).

Do not confuse transsexuals and people with a changed orientation (for example,

Transsexuals (Photo
homosexuals). In terms of sexual intercourse, they are attracted to just like themselves, but with heterosexual inclinations. For example, a transsexual man who rejects his masculine position feels like a woman, and, accordingly, he is attracted to men with a normal sexual orientation.


Changes in the human body leading tothe fact that a person is unable to connect his mind and biological essence together, occur even when the baby is in the womb of the mother. They can be caused by abnormal development of chromosomes, which causes disruption of the formation of hormonal balance. Taking contraceptives after pregnancy can also lead to a person's wrong development.


Transsexuals in Thailand
Transsexuals - who is this? About 40 years ago, transsexualism was considered a form of some mental illnesses, but later it was isolated into a separate disorder that does not depend on the pathologies of the brain and the central nervous system. As such, there is no treatment. Depending on the degree of the disease, it can manifest itself in different ways. For religious reasons and because of the reluctance to upset their loved ones, people who suffer from it consciously suppress the instincts of the opposite sex and sometimes even quite successfully. They can create families and lead a normal life. But this is possible for a few, and more often transsexuals do not hide their nature, agreeing to sex-change operations, after which some of them even manage to marry / marry and lead a full life.

Transsequals in Thailand

In this country, the most humane attitude towards people withlike disorder. Transsequals (who are they, we already considered earlier) can openly express their "I" without fear of persecution and blame. After all, according to the Thais, all people can be of four sexes (men, women, similar to men and similar to women).

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