Wedding in November: signs. Signs before the wedding for the bride and groom

In the life of every person there are suchmoments that remain in memory for life. One of these unforgettable moments is, of course, a wedding! To this event, the groom and the bride and their relatives are carefully prepared. Each couple wants their wedding ceremony to be flawless. For this, think through all the details: where will the celebration take place, how to treat guests, choose outfits, and most importantly - are determined with the date of marriage. Increasingly, young people choose the autumn season for the wedding, in particular November.

Why choose November for a wedding?

The reasons for choosing this particular month are many. According to the data of wedding agencies, during this period the agiotage for marriages, and, consequently, the cost of the services offered, significantly decreases, which will make it possible to save the joint family budget already.

Wedding in November signs

Reserve a restaurant, a room for young,Pick a photographer in the so-called wedding period, which begins from the beginning of summer and ends by the end of October, is problematic enough. You need to either book at least six months everything you need, or choose another time of the year. As for November, this month it will not be difficult to choose a restaurant for a celebration, which is to your liking. The photographer is not so busy with work, he will save the best moments on the first family photos. And you do not have to choose an operator that is not busy yet.

The reason for the wedding to take place in November is the signs that promise the young couple wealth and prosperity in their family life.

Also in November, the cost oftourist vouchers. A couple who has become engaged in the end of autumn, gets an excellent opportunity to go on a honeymoon trip to warm countries at an affordable price.

What does autumn foretell the newlyweds?

Slavs have long been respectful of religion,they honored Orthodox holidays and always listened to people's signs. Each month is rich in its signs, and November was no exception. In this regard, many young couples want to have a wedding in November. Signs of this month promise them family happiness and long years of living together. Also in Russia late autumn was considered the best for wedding festivities. It was connected with the end of harvest and harvest, from which a variety of dishes for a feast were prepared. People's signs of November, what do they promise the newlyweds?

Popular signs of November

The guy who decided to marry in November, will be lucky with his wife, she will "flutter" over him, as a detached leaf circling around the tree.

If the first snow falls on the wedding day, the bride must necessarily take a couple of steps on it, then she will always be the first and only wife in her life.

People's signs of November read that, leavingat home, the groom should bring a maple leaf and a cluster of mountain ash. Having met the first woman on the way to the bride, it is necessary to give her a maple leaf, which symbolizes the fidelity of his wife. If the first is a man, give him a branch of mountain ash to live in prosperity.

Summarize the past weddings in the old daysbegan on November 27, considering this date the end of the wedding season, as preparations for the Christmas post began, and during this period there were no celebrations. The newlyweds enjoyed their family happiness, and the bachelors prepared a dowry for a future wedding.

The signs that promise wealth in the house

Flawless in many ways the wedding in November. Signs portend grace and wealth, and nature surprises with its colors.

The signs before the wedding for the bride
For a happy family life in the attributes of the bride must be present a yellow tint, for example a bouquet consisting of autumn flowers, decorated in gold tones.

For life in wealth and financial well-being, the festive table should be decorated with the branches of the viburnum, whose berries are the symbol of November.

On the day of the wedding, it is better to enter the house of the first woman with a bouquet of autumn leaves, with which she will bring well-being to a new family.

The signs before the wedding for the bride

Women by nature are more suspicious, and sometimes evena little more superstitious than men. They are tremblingly waiting for the wedding day, mentally looking through all the nuances of the upcoming event, in order not to lose sight of any of them. The girl on the eve of the most important day for her is superstitious doubly, accordingly, the signs before the wedding for the bride are very important.

  • The bride before the wedding must sew a grain of sugar in her underwear for a sweet life, a crumb of bread, so that everyone in the house is full, and put a coin in the shoe - for riches.
  • At night on the eve of the wedding, the bride's shoe should be put at the window, then the moonlight will bring family well-being.
  • To the love and harmony prevailed in the family, the bride must put a mirror under her pillow the night before the wedding.
  • For the prosperity and strong family bonds of an earring to put on the bride must be married friends.
  • The longer the train on the bride's dress, the longer will be the family life.

Wedding: signs, rituals

Signs during the wedding

With the onset of the most exciting and anticipated daythe experiences of young people reach their peak. The day to which they had been going so long came, I want it to be the most unforgettable, but the further marital life was no less happy and carefree. To make this happen, according to the beliefs of our ancestors, one must adhere to wedding traditions and rituals. Here are some of them:

  • Blessing of parents. The most expensive people in the life of newlyweds are, of course, parents. Their blessing and farewell are an unchanging, age-old tradition. Before the young people go to the registry office to consolidate their love with the knots of marriage, in the bride's home parents bless their common children now for a happy, comfortable home life.
  • Meeting with the caravan. When the newlyweds return after painting, on the threshold of the house or other place of celebration they are met by the groom's parents with a loaf, in the center of which salt is poured. The bride and groom bite off a piece, salt and feed each other. According to the story, they "bothered" for the last time, and whose piece of loaf is bigger, he will be the head of the family.
  • The ceremony of removing the veil. He takes off his veil and covers his head with a mother-handkerchief, thereby showing that the girl is no longer a bride, but already a wife.

wedding ceremonies

  • Family hearth. Fire in all ages for different peoples is considered a sacred element, bringing warmth and comfort to the house. Lighting the family hearth symbolizes the birth of a new family. Traditionally, they light the hearth of the mother on both sides, transferring their experience and wisdom to the newlyweds.

Weather for the wedding: folk signs

If the wedding is in November, signs related to the weather are particularly relevant.

  • Is it freezing outside? The firstborn of the couple is born healthy and strong.
  • On the wedding day, it's snowing - to financial prosperity, the bigger it is, the richer the family will be.
  • A strong wind promises a frivolous life for young people.

The signs for the newlyweds during the wedding

Take, on which you can explain, what will be the future family life of the newlyweds, over the long years of the existence of different peoples there was a lot. Here are some unusual signs:

  • During the wedding, before putting their signatures on the first joint family document, the bride and groom need to eat in half a chocolate candy, so that life was sweet.
  • A long and happy marriage will be with the newlyweds, if at the end of the wedding ceremony they look together in one mirror.
  • To ensure that the bride and groom are not jinxed, it is recommended to attach them on the pin with their heads down.
  • On the chairs of the newlyweds should not sit down, and even better, that the bride and groom were sitting on the same bench, and nothing separated them.

signs for a wedding for guests

  • Guests are not allowed to wear clothes at the weddingblack color. If the witnesses at the wedding are divorced, the marriage of the newlyweds will be short-lived. Also it is impossible for a married couple to act as witnesses - a divorce promises. These are some basic signs for a wedding for guests.

All four seasons for a wedding are perfectin their own way, each has its own characteristics and rites. In fact, they are much more than described. In the article the most suitable signs for a wedding in the autumn season are selected. Remember: it does not matter in what month you decided to bind yourself by marriage, the main thing is that this desire was mutual, and then all the signs will become unrecognizable to you. May you live happily ever after!

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