Beautiful statuses about trust in friends, loved ones and traitors

Increasingly, people began to use social networksin order to express their emotions and feelings. If only because there is no need to tell a certain person about them. And the status of trust is now very popular. And there are reasons for that.

statuses about trust

To express my gratitude

This is one of the most popular reasons. Faith is a luxury now, so to express its gratitude to someone who never fails in difficult situations, a person uses some special phrase. And more often the addressee understands that this message was to him. The most popular statuses about trust sound like this:

  • if you really love someone, then you will give him the keys to that safe where your heart, thoughts and soul are stored;
  • trust and frankness - a bridge over the abyss in a relationship;
  • trust speaks of feelings much more than all the words in the world;
  • faith to each other is the most important, this is the basis of the foundations of friendship, love, family.

From insult

Often a person who someone cheated orbetrayed, can no longer communicate with his abuser. However, in order to somehow express their emotions about this, he puts on the social network. It's like a way to tell all your acquaintances and friends that something bad happened in life. The most commonly used statuses about trust with meaning sound like this:

  • trust, like life, can be lost once;
  • the one who betrayed once, will necessarily do so in the second;
  • trusting a person, you give him a knife, which he can stab in your back at the most unexpected moment;
  • to earn trust is hard, but you can lose it in one second;
  • you're lying to a person - you lose trust, you tell the truth - you lose the whole person;
  • The hardest thing to believe is whose actions convince them of infidelity.
     statuses about trust with meaning

Jokes for fun

Of course, every joke has a share and truth, andhumor. But not every person is ready to put on public view what is in his soul. That is why nowadays the status of trust in the mask of humor, sometimes even of black humor, is gaining popularity. For example, among social networking users such expressions are common:

  • I believe you, you can walk - only horns can not be hammered;
  • you can only believe in mom and cat - they certainly will not betray;
  • trust is always justified by the humble guy Jack (Daniels);
  • sometimes you believe a person, you believe - and then you wake up in a bath with ice and without one kidney.

The humorous form allows you to convey your mood while hiding your true feelings from the uninitiated. In addition, now in fashion is humor and sarcasm in social networks.

status of trust in relationships

For the second half

Oh, yes, love is not always successfulexpress in beautiful expressions one-on-one. Many simply feel embarrassed to express their feelings, and therefore put a beautiful status of trust in the relationship. Sometimes another goal is pursued - to show the partner that the critical situation in the pair has ripened, but the hope for the best outweighs all doubts. The status of confidence in this case is relevant to this plan:

  • trust is synonymous with love;
  • we can only be ourselves with those who truly believe;
  • Relationships are not destroyed because of distance, but because of doubts and loss of trust;
  • trust like a sheet of paper, once crumpled - it will no longer be perfect.

Of course, in the age of social networks it's easier to exposea beautiful phrase for everyone to see, in the hope that the one to whom it is addressed will understand everything. However, true trust implies a frank conversation between the two, face to face. Therefore, in addition to the beautiful status, you must necessarily communicate with those who believe, whom you love and appreciate, so that he does not doubt it.

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