How to become a princess without labor, connections and education

Is there a girl in the world who did not dream of being a princess?

how to become a princess
In this there is nothing surprising: brought up on fairy tales little girls just dream about lush outfits and beautiful crowns. The trouble is, if the girls dream of the prince, growing up. How to become a princess? We will not go into details about who exactly is to be considered a prince, why to go for him, etc. Let's consider real possibilities of increase of the social status.

How to become a princess? The first method, almost unattainable.

how to become a princess

To become a princess enough to be born inroyal or royal family. Do you remember Victoria Melita, Empress Alexandra Feodorovna, the empress of Germany Victoria? They, without hesitation, became princesses immediately after birth: they were simply born in royal families. But, since we were already born, this method can hardly be considered suitable.

How to become a princess? Method two, difficult, but possible.

To become a princess, you need to marryPrince. On the one hand, everything is simple: I found a prince, I charmed you and you are a princess. But the trouble is: the princes do not walk like that in the streets. And to get to where they meet, you need to know several languages, have a very solid secular and scientific education, secular education, and so on. Remember that they said on TV: "Prince Harry married a simple girl ...". At the simple girl the daddy and mum casually appeared millionaires, and Kate - the diplomaed expert in the field of chemistry, biology and art, the sportswoman.

to marry a prince
And she graduated from the university, golden (and thisthe highest) level of the educational program of the Duke of Edinburgh, worked in a charity fund and participated in the parent business. Are you ready to achieve all this? True, it does not necessarily become a princess of Europe. In Africa there are still tribes of the "bumba-yumba" type, whose kings will gladly fill up their harem with another princess. And what? After all, the title of a princess is guaranteed! And knowledge is not necessary.
voyage with the princess

How to become a princess. The third way, not very honest, but clear and fast

Go to the underpass and get a diplomasuch as "real princess", "princess of the Krasnodar Territory", etc. All, now you are a princess, the task is completed. Yes, you can still go on a voyage with the "Princess". These are the most steep motor ships in the world. Although you do not become a princess, right? Wrong way.

How to become a princess. The fourth way, not suitable for everyone.

You can win the contest, the finalists of whichthey are awarded the title of Princess. I know several such people: "Little Princess", "Princess of Altai", "Princess of the Year" and several others. To participate in them, you need to work hard, invest money in outfits, hairstyles, etc. And what if suddenly the princess becomes another? Risky.

So what do you do?

I offer the simplest, most reliable way. In order to become a princess, make the prince your husband. Help him get education and upbringing, take care of him as a person of royal blood, surround him with the most fabulous love. Just remember that the future prince can only marry a princess. Therefore, having become acquainted with a suitable candidate, take care of yourself becoming a princess, if not by rank, then by education, behavior, etc. If he understands what fairy-tale princess he got, you can expect a good marriage. Not suitable? Then read the first four ways.

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