Ideas for a bachelorette party

Ideas for a hen party - that's what everyone is concerned aboutbride on the eve of his own wedding. All preparations for the celebration are already over: the dress is bought, the groom is dressed, the cars are ordered, the restaurant is selected, the guests are invited. And it turns out that it remains only to organize a bachelorette party. Girls who are more fortunate than others are freed from such torment by their friends. They consider all sorts of ideas for a hen party, choose the most suitable one, and then simply invite the bride to an agreed place. Such a surprise is expensive.

But if there are no active girlfriends - it does not matter, ideas forIt's easy to find a hen party. First of all, it is necessary to decide when to hold this event. Previously, it was decided to arrange a bachelorette party the day before the proposed wedding. But this is not too far-sighted. To look fresh and beautiful in a wedding dress, it's worth to arrange a farewell party with an unmarried status a little earlier: you can three days before an important event, or you can in a week. What's the difference, the main thing after all - a good mood!

Now, along with his girlfriends, the bride isto sort out various ideas for a hen-party and choose the place of its holding. There are lots of options, the most traditional ones are a house or a restaurant. This, of course, is corny. The main condition that must be met is the absence of men. According to American films, we all know stories about girls with strippers invited to them. This is, as they say, an amateur. In any case, if you want, you can go to the strip club if the groom is not jealous.

Ideas for a bachelorette party that are associated with the orderlimousine, are now also popular even among women who do not have too high income. In the end, the wedding is a grandiose event, and you can spend it. So boldly order a limousine, stock up on champagne and go on an exciting journey through the night city.

What other ideas for a hen party can be offered?

  1. Discussion of redemption. The bottom line is that the bride and her friends gather in a quiet place (a cozy cafe or their own apartment), under pleasant music, light snacks and delicious cocktails are developing a script for redemption for the wedding day. In the process, replicas are distributed, props are being prepared, in addition, one can laugh with pleasure, discussing "insidious" tasks for the groom and witness.
  2. Country trip. Camping is loved by many. So why not go to a park or a nearby forest for a picnic? This idea is also easy to implement at the dacha: shish kebabs, cold wine, fun contests, songs by the fire and fortune telling will remain in the memory for a long time.
  3. Farewell to childhood and adolescence. Girlfriends prepare a collage of children's photos of the bride, select the appropriate musical accompaniment, recite rhymes. Then the party turns to memories of the school pore. You can tell funny stories of those years, view the photo archive, as well as the preserved video.
  4. For lovers of the East. A party in this style will delight any girl. You can decorate the room with transparent fabrics, include the appropriate music, scatter pillows on the floor, light aromatic lamps and oblige all guests to wear oriental clothes.
  5. Club party. Lovers of nightlife, who are preparing to enter into a legal marriage, will undoubtedly like such a proper farewell to "bachelor" life. A foam party is the best option. All present can wear the same stylish T-shirts with the inscription "We have a bachelorette party" and have fun.

Therefore, the bride must carefullyprepare not only for the wedding. The hen party also deserves close attention. To be engaged in its preparation it is necessary in a good mood, with hope that the party will turn out excellent. Ideas for a hen party can always be found on the Internet or come up with something new with close friends

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