Where to have sex? Unusual places and furnishings

Scientists have long proven that having sexlead not only to the achievement of pleasure, but also are very beneficial to health. Intimacy is beneficial for both the body and the mind. Increases the protection of the body, that is, strengthens the immune system. In this case, getting sick with various colds during the period of their exacerbation is less likely. For women, sex also has a good effect on the condition of the teeth. Since the sperm of men contains a sufficient amount of calcium, zinc, iron.

where to have sex

After having sex, the body needs timefor recovery, so a good sound sleep after you are guaranteed. The muscles of the pelvis are also strengthened, the condition of the bladder improves. And many women should take into account that at the age of 35 in their body slows down the process of collagen production, which leads to skin aging. And having sex accelerates it. We can say that the aging process of the skin and the body as a whole is thus inhibited. It is difficult to overestimate the positive impact of sex on human health and its mental state.

Sexy games at sea or in the bathroom

In order for these classes to be useful,It is also worth seriously approaching the place where intimacy should occur. Where do people often have sex? At home, in the bedroom on a worn-out bed. Of course, over time, from such a monotony, the sensations become dull, and there is no past enthusiasm.

Where to have sex is better and safer? Let's consider interesting ideas. Many people like to experiment, especially when they are on vacation. And often partners are drawn to have sex in the water.

where to have sex with a girl

But this is not so simple, and most importantly, it is not safe. It is worth remembering that in this case it will be impossible to use a condom. At least for the simple reason that he can slip. Also, for women having sex in the sea, the lake or the river can be very dangerous. As the risk of entering into the vagina of different infections increases, which at best can disrupt the condition of microflora, and at worst - lead to inflammation. Therefore, it is worth keeping from such experiments.

In the bathroom is also not the best option. Since hot water promotes vasodilation. This can lead to increased pressure even in a healthy young body. But if you still decided to have sex in the water, the shower cubicle is best for this. But the precautions should also not be forgotten.

Sexual life. Sexual intercourse in the car

Where to have sex? In car. There are many lovers of having sex in the car. But we should not forget that there are many pluses and minuses. In the car, a very convenient place for having sex is the back seat. Not very familiar is the steering wheel in the car. It is also worth remembering that during sexual intercourse, both partners can enter courage and forget about precautionary measures, namely to take the car off the handbrake or to knock out accidentally by the foot of the glass and injure yourself. For the acuteness of the sensations, it is also important to place the place where you put your car, before proceeding to it to the sexual act.

It is clear that in this case the forest or parks do not fit. Not a bad option - some kind of crowded place, where partners will know that someone can notice them. This will bring a share of extreme in the process itself.

Pantry in an apartment with a friend

If you are a fan of thrill andthink where to have sex with a girl, when you come to visit, then you should pay attention to the pantry. But if you decide to start sexual intercourse in the pantry of the house, then in this case "the skin of the dressing is not worth it".

where people have sex

Since there is no risk, and therefore extreme, you will not feel, plus, dust and litter can not lead a partner to delight.

Elevator - a great option for those who love the new

One of the favorite places of many couples iselevator. If you are not a seasoned sprinter, but just a beginner, then this place is perfect for not extreme, but unusual sex. Press the button "stop", the elevator stops - and forward. No one here will not hurt, but if they hear screams, it's unlikely that someone will come to the rescue. And already when you come into taste and want something more livable, the staircase, staircase will be an excellent option. After all, no one ever knows at what point you can be caught there.

Roof - a place for romantic couples

And if you are a romantic person and think wherehaving sex with a guy, then the roof will be an excellent choice. Many couples choose this place precisely because few people can catch it and at the same time the lights of the big city create an unforgettable romantic atmosphere.

Also with you can grab a bottle of wine or champagne, which will relax both partners.

Places in Moscow

If you are a resident of such a metropolis, thenthe problem of choosing a place to have sex can not arise at all. Where to have sex in Moscow? It can be any shop in the park, which in the city abound. In summer, you can go to a nudist beach. Old Arbat is also a good place, but it is worth remembering that it must be an evening, so as not to scare away tourists. You can still drive to Vorobyovy Gory and go down from the church. There is a small public garden, which is perfect for both walking with a girl, and for having sex.

We are looking for an interesting place in our apartment. Sex in bathroom, kitchen and other rooms

If you still tired of your bedroom, and timeespecially for going to the city or going to nature you do not have, then you should consider your apartment better and find a place where you can have sex. It could be a kitchen. Very nice if you sneak up to your wife while preparing dinner and start doing it right on the kitchen table or on the windowsill.

where to have sex in the car

In the bathroom you can start a sexual actonly in the shower cubicle, and also on the washing machine, which will also be very convenient. Another armchair, dressing table, chest of drawers and other furniture will do, if you can properly use it. The closet will also be appropriate. And if it's big, then two people can fit there.
The most important thing in choosing a place is to be attentive and include imagination. Then you can diversify long bored and jaded employment, without leaving your apartment.

Cinema or cafe

And already the extremals with the experience such places as an elevator,the entrance or the car will not seem interesting. Here you should approach the choice of place more carefully. An excellent option, if a couple wants to combine business with pleasure, is to have sex in the back rows of the cinema, during the night session, in order to avoid the presence of children in the hall.

where to have sex with a guy

If you want that during your sexualAct on you looked, you can go for a walk in the city center. Where to have sex? In this case, you do not have to think long. You can use toilets in McDonald's, at the station, at the airport, a secluded corner in some cafe. In these places can be as crowded, and vice versa. It all depends on what secluded spot you yourself have looked at and at what time of day.

Hospital and shops

But if the desire to be caught surelyprevails over a sound mind, then you can have sex and in a hospital. But remember, if you notice someone from the medical staff, then you at the same time can be kicked out. And if you are in the department of cardiology, then still refrain from having sex. Since the heart of many patients can not stand. Shop - this is a great place where you can have sex without shocking others. Dressing rooms in fashion boutiques are always very spacious. Therefore, they can comfortably accommodate two people.

We make love in nature. What to look for

Very romantic, if you go to nature. Be it mountains, forest, river, in such places there is always a place where to have sex.

where you can have sex

After all, not everyone is looking for extreme sports. Many want to seclude themselves so that no one disturbs them. In this they will help a tent, which can easily be put anywhere. Then no one will hinder you for sure.

Bath suitable for intimacy

An excellent place is a sauna - a warm cozy room where you can always retire. But do not forget about the danger that can trap you there.

where to have sex in Moscow

It must be remembered that if you decide therehaving sex, the temperature should not be very high. Since during the intercourse the pulse and so becomes frequent, and if this happens in a very hot room, it can lead to cardiac arrest or other negative consequences.

A small conclusion

Remember, wherever you have sex, the main thing is that it is not only convenient, but in all respects it is safe. Then you do not harm your health or your partner.

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