How to communicate with a girl to her liking?

You do not know how to communicate with a girl to herplease? Today, many pickup courses, as well as various training sessions, where men teach men confidence. But in fact, it's not necessary to take some courses to become more self-confident. You need to believe in your uniqueness and behave naturally. Do not flaunt your weaknesses, but do not boast of the strong. Tips on how to communicate with a girl, read below.


how to communicate with a girl

To understand how to communicate with a girl, a guymust first approach the object that he likes. And it is with this point that many people have difficulties. Men become timid, do not know what to say and put themselves in a bad light. To avoid this, you need to know that you are charming and attractive. You should understand that beautiful girls are also characterized by excitement. And they want attention and communication. If you will consider yourself a charming and charismatic person, then you can calmly start a conversation. And it does not matter where the acquaintance happens: on the street, in a cafe or in transport. If you have a smile on your face and a great mood - this is already half the success. At least from communicating with you a girl can get a positive attitude, and even if she does not give her phone number, she will have the most positive opinion about you.

Do not cling to the result

How to start talking with a girl? You must understand that the main thing in the game is not the result, but the process. Therefore, on the way to a beautiful girl, realize how you will behave when you are refused. No, do not tune yourself to the negative outcome of events, but it must be assumed. If the girl ignores you, the main task is not to lose face. And if the lady agrees with you to get acquainted, you do not need to make the impression of a man who has no experience with girls. After all, women are attracted to self-confident guys, these individuals usually have many female fans. So pretend that the outcome of your conversation is indifferent to you. You just have a good time. Do not hint to the lady at once about something more. She must think that you do not really like it. Then she will have a desire to interest you and show what an interesting personality she is. And now the girl has seized the initiative, and you no longer need to attract her attention.


how to communicate with the girl examples

To be more attractive in the eyes of anotherperson, you should tell your companion compliments. If you do not know how to communicate with a girl, start a conversation with flattering phrases for her. It is desirable to be original. But if at one glance at the beautiful girl you are intercepted by the breath and speech is lost, then you can speak with templates, for example about beautiful eyes. It certainly will be better than a long pause. But do not overdo it in praise. A beautiful girl at home has a mirror that tells her about the attractiveness is not worse than you. Therefore, two or three compliments per conversation will be enough. But they must be different. For example, the first time you can praise your hair, the second - a sense of humor, and the third - to admire the tenderness of the skin. What you can not tell a girl is flattering phrases. Insincerity is visible to the naked eye. If you do not think the girl is smart, tell her that she's cute, but you do not have to squeeze out the phrase about an uncommon mind. Flattering compliments hurt your ears.

Gallant treatment

how to communicate with a girl that she likes

A man can be a gentleman not only inbeautiful courtship, but also in communication. You open the door to your lady and help her to take off her coat? So, you can communicate beautifully with a girl. How to do it right? Try to be unobtrusive. If you have touched on some unpleasant topic for your companion, bring it to naught and do not put the girl in an uncomfortable position. If you asked a question, and your interlocutor changed the subject and did not respond, pretend that you did not notice it. If the girl behaves persistently, do not give in to her provocation and do not behave rudely. This may be another test of your exposure. A man differs from a woman with his restrained feelings, so demonstrate this ability to his lady. Do not shout at her and do not swear, even if she really deserved it. Conversation on high tones never leads to good.

Think what you say

how interesting to communicate with a girl

In addition to the fact that a man should be aware of howhe says, you also need to be aware of what exactly is breaking out of the language. In order to interest the girl, you must follow that swearing, and even more so mate did not figure in the speech. Replace strong words with something more civilized. If you are shy nature and do not understand how interesting it is to communicate with a girl, then at home you will need to prepare cribs. You can call it speech patterns. To always look confident, keep the workpiece in mind almost on any topic. But the advantage of such phrases will be only if you come up with them, and do not download from the Internet. You can stock some jokes, compliments and non-trivial questions. They will help to revitalize and diversify speech.

Your questions

Nothing helps so attract a girl liketalk about her person. But sometimes it's hard to get a shy person open to frankness. Questions can help in this matter. Answering first to something light, the girl will relax, become liberated and feel more confident next to you. This will help build trust. When the first barrier is passed, go from simple questions to complex ones. For example, you can get a girl to philosophize. This method has many advantages: first, you really know the girl better, and secondly, the lady will remember you as a person who makes her think about something new and unusual, and such emotions leave a strong mark on the soul.


how to communicate with girls online

To leave a good impression on the girlIt's impossible to get by talking about the weather alone. It is necessary to flirt. It is the game of gestures, sights, words and touches that does its job. How to communicate with a girl? An example can serve as a standard situation, which happens every weekend in nightclubs. The girl and the guy approach the bar. A man offers a cocktail to the lady, and she agrees. While a bartender is working to create a drink, a man has time to flirt. It is necessary to become a girl face. Now say a compliment and get acquainted. You have little time, you need to keep within 5-7 minutes. Therefore, act according to the scheme: acquaintance is a joke - a question is a joke and you need to end it with an accidental or intentional touch. Are you afraid of appearing frivolous? But after all the girls go to the club to have fun, but do not listen to boring lectures, so do not philosophize and try to conquer your chosen one with intelligence, save his demonstration for the next dates.

Be the soul of the company

Girls are attracted to popular guys. Those people who sparkly joke, talk, actively gesticulate and gather around themselves crowds of fans. How to learn to communicate with girls and become the soul of the company? You need to practice telling interesting stories. And for this you should read more and keep abreast of the latest news. You should always have interesting stories in your stock that no one else knows. But with the proper talent you can also go to the store for bread to describe how exciting the action.

There is an excellent exercise thatis called a bredogenerator. You sit on the couch and talk about the cupboard for 5 minutes. You can describe its size, capacity, appearance, anything. The main thing is not to stray from the topic and keep the wardrobe in the spotlight all the time. First you need to do this for 5 minutes, then increase the time to 10-15. If you can "sing an ode" to the cabinet within 15 minutes, you can definitely talk to the girl and not let her out of the conversation.

Have an opinion

how to start chatting with a girl

How to communicate with a girl to her liking? Some guys try so hard that they try to support their companion in everything. They say yes for anything. The girl says that she likes the popular melodrama, and the guy confirms that this is a great film, although he does not think so. But you can not lose your individuality, it's not only stupid, but it also makes the girl feel suspicious about your sincerity. Do not be afraid to contradict something. For example, if you do not like the movie, say it right, and then argue why it did not suit you. And then ask the girl to give arguments in favor of the film. So you can get an interesting dialogue.

Keep the distance

Want to impress the prudent andrestrained guy? Learn to keep the distance. Everyone has a personal space, and they are unhappy with the people who violate it. Even in close space, you can move away from the girl a little. Yes, do not forget about flirting and touching, but you should not touch the girl too often. One or two times is enough. The girl will appreciate such coldness and detachment. After all, it will show her that your personal space is large, and you also do not want to let her go there. In female eyes, this will look like a challenge that will push her to take decisive action.

Make jokes

how to learn to communicate with girls

Girls like guys with a good sense of humor. If you are one of them, then do not forget to show it. Well, if you do not get a good joke in the company of attractive individuals, then prepare sparkling jokes in advance. When there are templates in the head, they are quite easy to apply. There will be awkward pauses, but you will always have something to say. But still it is necessary to understand the limits of the permissible. Yes, a girl can laugh at herself, but if you overreact her too often, it will cause a negative reaction to your person. Therefore use jokes in moderation and send spicy not only to the lady, but also know how to laugh at yourself.

Social networks

About five years ago it was very easy to get acquainted withpretty girl on the internet. You could just greet her, and the conversation would continue. But today it does not work. How to communicate with a girl on the web? It should be understood that beautiful girls write not only you, so you need to stand out from the gray mass. But you need to stand out in such a way as to leave a pleasant impression. Start a conversation with some suggestion or question. From something that requires an immediate answer. But do not invite the girl on a date with the first phrase, and do not be forced to be friends with her. You can ask if she remembers you. This question will be relevant, even if you are absolutely not familiar. Subsequently, you can say that they simply labeled and took it for their distant acquaintance, but by that time the conversation has already been adjusted.

How to communicate with girls on the web? Do not write too often and do not always be online. Sometimes disappear, sometimes do not answer. So you will get the impression that you are not only sitting on the Internet, but also doing something. Periodically break the dialogue on the question. And when can I invite a girl to a real meeting? Only after she herself begins to write to you first and wonder how you are doing.

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