Dating with foreigners on international sites: for and against

In modern Russia, most girlsprefer to "support a local producer" and, no matter how shy, marry Russians. However, many Russian women also look to the overseas countries and to the local knights. Sometimes sidelong and with sincere disbelief, and sometimes - with an open mind and with genuine interest. This happens for various reasons, and not always in the first place are mercantile reasons. Let us plunge into this raging sea of ​​human passions and study what our romantic, matrimonial or even mercantile compatriots are guided by, seeking a better share in the international dating sites with foreigners.

Irina V. from Cherepovets

"I got it pretty spontaneously,flew with friends to relax in Spain, in Madrid met with Sanchez, my future husband, - before that corresponded with him on one deytingovom online resource. I did not even know Spanish then, talking more with gestures or in broken English. I just fell in love with this friendly hot country, in its hospitable people and, of course, in Sanchez, my future husband. And quite a secret: we in Cherepovets you will not find such tapas and such gazpacho in Andalusian. I'm just crazy about local cuisine! I'm learning to cook paella. "

dating with foreigners

Marina M. from Moscow

"In Moscow, I had my own small business -barbershop. I did not think at all to get acquainted with foreigners for the purpose of serious relations, the profile on a dating site with foreigners used mainly for learning English - I talked to the media. I flew to London to visit my brother, who studies there as a designer. With Joseph, ironically, I also met in a hairdresser, but already in London. He was there waiting for his sister, who was doing the styling. We talked about that, he turned out to be a great lover of Russian ballet. Between us as if a spark ran - love at first sight. It turned out that we had previously communicated with him on a dating site with foreigners, when I was still living in Moscow. Well, we decided - everything, this is fate! Now we are thinking where to live - in London or in Moscow. "

Irina Sh. From Urengoy

"In Germany, I passed an internship from work, andit turned out that she stayed on permanent residence, she did not plan anything in advance. Eric himself is from Canada, he works for an international corporation in Berlin, so we both ended up in the same boat - we learn an unfamiliar country and study German together. Met on one famous dating site. Fate, probably. "

Zhenya from Ufa

"I grew up in a very poor family, I quitdrinking husband with a child in his arms - so I was left completely alone. Together with my friend we managed to come to work as nurses in Finland, here I found my husband. We found our new job on a dating site with foreigners - at first we went just to stay, and then everything turned out all right. I will not hide, there was no big love at first, there was basically only calculation - to provide for yourself and your child. But then I got used to my husband, to Raimo, so we live. I respect him very much and appreciate his tenderness and concern. He will wait - he will fall in love. "

to marry a foreigner

As we see, the motives for meeting foreigners andlife stories can be very different. Someone is looking for a better life and pursues exclusively selfish interests, someone just falls in love at first sight - in a man, in a new country, in language, in culture or in local cuisine. Sometimes all of these factors can be present to some extent.

Among the advantages of such communication is the extensionoutlook. A person who travels to other countries, learns a lot of useful information and develops as a person. Mastering one of the foreign languages ​​at a level sufficient for everyday communication is also a huge advantage. As one of the great ones said, "you will live as many lives as you will learn the languages". Having mastered one of the foreign languages, a person can not only communicate in everyday life, but also often claim a higher paid position.

dating site with foreigners

Economic factors also play a huge rolefor acquaintance with foreigners. It's no secret that the average salary in Russia and, say, anywhere in Norway can differ at times. A higher standard of living helps to cope more easily with domestic turmoil and gives a person more opportunities for personal development. Pension provision in many Western countries is also much higher. Quality medical care in Russia is still possible only for very good money, in many Western countries, medical insurance allows you to qualify for a very high level of medical services. If a girl with her new foreign husband decides to take a mortgage, somewhere in Italy they will pay 2-3% per annum, and not 9-15%, as in the Russian Federation. Examples of economic benefits that can be learned from a marriage abroad can be given quite a lot.

However, the decision to marry a foreigneris potentially associated with so many acute problems. First, the girl is in an unfamiliar social environment and is forced to assimilate. Not every person can easily learn a foreign language, even if he has a tendency to it. The social structure and traditions of another country will also differ significantly from the usual ones. Even gestures can mean something different - for example, in Bulgaria, saying "yes", people shake their heads from side to side, which means "no." In the US, in many private homes, especially in such southern states as Alabama and Florida, it is not customary to take shoes off indoors, so there you will not find home slippers, but there will always be very powerful vacuum cleaners available.

Secondly, it is a matter of religion. If the foreign husband is a Muslim, it is better to discuss this issue in advance so that family frictions and squabbling do not arise later. However, a compromise is always possible here, but for this, a man must initially feel the desire to find him. Difficulties can arise even with Christianity, because a particularly zealous Catholic or Protestant can hardly understand and accept his Orthodox bride. Moreover, not everything will go smoothly if one of the partners turns out to be a believer and the other an atheist.

to marry a foreigner

Climate and food is a separate story. If the girl has lived all her life, for example, in Murmansk, then it will be quite unusual for her all the time to roast in the sun somewhere in the suburbs of Madrid. Although the young organism tolerates such a change of climate is relatively easy, and in some cases it may even prove useful. As for food, in many foreign countries you simply will not find some traditional Russian products, such as buckwheat or even herring and black bread. In general, the more hot the climate in this or that country, the more vivid and sharper will be the food that its inhabitants use.

In conclusion, I would like to note that every case,of course, it is individual, therefore the decision on whether to marry or not to marry a foreigner should be taken by the girl herself. In some cases, the pluses may well exceed minuses, and a new, strong cell of society will be created. The main thing is to take this decision deliberately and deliberately, and not to cut from the shoulder.

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