How to frighten a friend in an original and unexpected way? The coolest horror stories

Boring training and work everyday life, dullEveryday life is sometimes so desirable to diversify with some bright and unforgettable event. In addition to noisy parties and picnics in nature, there are many other ways to cheer yourself and others. For example, to play friends. The drawing can be funny, funny or frightening. If you still decide to choose the latter, remember that really scare a person, causing a chilling fear of the soul and a frenzied heartbeat, is not easy. This takes time, preparation, the right moment. Yes, and the way you chose to scare a friend should be original, really terrible and at the same time safe for the life and health of the "victim". We bring to your attention the 5 most frightening draws, which can be arranged at home, in the street, in the office day or night.

"Spiders in bed"

The drawing is intended for a neighbor (neighbor) toroom. Take the thread, build from them a semblance of a lump and hide it under the sheet of the played, taking the other end of the thread (coil) to your bed. Of course, you need to put out the light. After an unsuspecting neighbor lays down in his bed to safely go to the world of dreams, your mission is to slowly pull the thread to yourself. The effect will be amazing - a neighbor, feeling how something is crawling underneath him, will certainly imagine spiders and terribly frightened. If the fear of insects - besides, and the phobia of the "victim", the pleasure from the rally will be provided to you!

how to frighten a friend

"Ghost in the dark"

If the one played above is afraid of the worlddarkness (which is common to many people at any age), you have a lot of variations on how to scare a friend. Why not cause him even more fear? Invite a friend to you and turn off the light in the house at the moment when he is least ready for it. After that, hide from him, leaving your friend in complete perplexity and an eerie situation. Further the scenario can develop in two directions:

  1. Put on a mask that glows in the darkness of an eerie kind.
  2. Or, with a white sheet, put a flashlight to your mouth.

Taking the appropriate form, quietly stand in the veryThe dark corner of the room, trying not to make a sound. "Victim", puzzling around in the dark and gradually starting to panic, will soon see you and ... the effect will surpass all expectations! You can enjoy the wild screams and chilling horror of your friend.

«Night earthquake»

For this draw, participation is desirableseveral people. If your gay company thought for a long time about how to scare the friend all together, a joke with an earthquake for this purpose would fit perfectly. Its essence lies in the fact that a sheet is stretched over a sleeping person, and then it is actively awakened by wild cries that an earthquake has begun, everything is collapsing, the ceiling is falling.

how to scare a friend
A man of sleep is terribly frightened and will probably take to keep the "ceiling" or quickly rush out of the room. Definitely, the horror of the victim of the rally, laughter and pleasant memories are guaranteed to you!


Another nightly joke that will help to answeron the question of how to frighten a friend in the darkness, is this: for a person sleeping peacefully, put on sunglasses, put out the light, and then wake him up. The subject, awakened in complete darkness and not knowing that he is wearing glasses, will imagine that he is blind and will survive a few eerie minutes, until he realizes that he will remove the "salt" of the joke. The drawing is intended for hard-sleeping people.

Stories with an unexpected end

The drawing is based on the effect of surprise,rather primitive, but it can scare a person, and even very much. A scarecrow for a friend is to tell an unsuspecting "victim" a story - at first sight, harmless, ordinary or intriguing - to your taste.

horror story for a friend
The main thing at the same time - do not smile and do not laugh,Look into his eyes, not pretending that his friend is waiting for something unusual. The story should end with your sharp cry, accompanied by a jump or a jump on a friend. A friend who does not suspect such a trick will wildly scream and, probably, hit you with something heavy. But in fact a joke of that costs ?!

Of course, the rally is called to cheer upand leave pleasant memories. But before a friend scares, make sure that he has strong nerves and a healthy heart, otherwise the results can be deplorable.

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