Who is a pansexual? Orientation Features

Our world is so fastdevelops and moves forward, that, it seems, we do not have time for him and live after. So, relatively recently, a clear qualification of sexual orientation was defined: heterosexuals, homosexuals, bisexuals ... However, more often we hear another new distinction - panseksual. Who is a pansexual? What is the feature and significant differences?

who is pansexual

Who is a pansexual?

Panseksuality as a phenomenon and definition, which refers to people with non-traditional sexual orientation, content is complex.

Love is very difficult to express in words, sometimes evenit is impossible to describe this state. However, society forces us to "cram" our feelings into frames and definitions. So, it was difficult to first take for granted the emergence of gays, lesbians, bi. Yes, what to hide, many still do not allow you to expand the scope of your consciousness and take the phenomenon of unconventional sexual orientation.

gender-flown pancsexual

Panseksuals are not bisexual or gay. Adherents of this category of sexuality do not put a framework between the sexes. They do not have a difference, what kind of congenital gender a person is. Strictly speaking, panseksuals completely ignore gender differences. They seek to find a soul mate, close emotional contact, at the same time regardless of the type and gender of the partner.

Androgyne, intergener, bigender, transgender,man, woman - these definitions do not refer to the interpretation of the definition of "panseksualnost." For panseksuals, spiritual closeness, mutual understanding, respect and platonic love are important. Often, people who do not understand this, are representatives of this sexual orientation. After all, many people panxuality is confused with bisexuality or at all with physical perversions.

Pangexual: orientation features

We have already determined who is pansexual. This is the man that sexually can attract both men and women, and even those who have not decided on their gender.

Understanding this topic, many will think thatthe concept of "panseksual" conceals under itself debauchery and complete physical emancipation. However, this is not quite true. After all, panseksuals do not seek an additional opportunity to have even more sexual partners. In the priority for them - the right to love any person, without the "innate" framework: sex.

pansexual orientation features

If we consider the internal sensationspanseksualov, they see before themselves a person as a unit of love. Representatives of this orientation fall in love with the essence of man, in his soul. For them, feelings, emotional warmth and sensations that they experience while being close to a person are important. However, they do not pay attention to the classification of the beloved (beloved). In order to understand the philosophy of the worldview of panseksuals, one must ponder their slogan: "Sex is not genitals."


There are two types of panseksuality. Let's analyze the first type - genderfluid panseksual.

pansexual omnicksual

To fully understand the meaning of this definitionit is necessary to understand the interpretation of the word "gender fluid". In English, fluidity means "mobile" identity (genderfluid) and sexual orientation (fluid sexuality). Literally - mobile sexual orientation can change after a certain period of time. Also, this concept should not be included in a specific classification. Gender-pandemic panseksuals can realize internally that they combine both male and female traits. And under different circumstances, they feel the predominance and inclination to a certain gender to a greater or lesser degree.

Panseksual-Omnicksual is synonymous with the concept"pansexual". This is a sexual attraction that is fundamentally different from bisexuality. Aesthetic perception, platonic love, romance and sexual attraction without a classical gender dichotomy (male / female) are the basic signs of pansexuality (omnisection).

Panseksuality ... sounds difficult ?!

The term "panseksualnost" used moreknown Austrian psychoanalyst, psychiatrist and neurologist Sigmund Freud. He invested the sense of the sexual behavior that hid behind the human reaction. The word appeared much earlier than it was possible to accurately determine: the world is not divided into two poles - men and women.

Gender identity implies a consciouschoice of a person. And the term "pansexuality" is quite new, if not to say: the "trend" of our time. Now this concept is often found in the media. Journalists literally notify us daily of how modern society "plays": from unprecedented to full emancipation.

"Fashionable" word hides in itself quite a lot of other vector directions. So do not try for the evening to fully understand the meaning of this new trend.

Pansexuality as a phenomenon in theory

At the moment there are many theories aboutthe ratio of hormonal, genetic and social factors that are able to determine a person's sexual orientation. Until now, experts from around the world have not come to a consensus.

Pansexuality is an inborn quality orfreedom of conscious choice? The answer is uniquely difficult. One thing is clear: the choice is conditioned by the desire not to adopt global gender standards and labels. One sexologist figuratively said: "Bisexuality is a double bed, and pansexuality is an erotic polygon".

Celebration Day

Better understand the adherents of pansexuality will help the flag of panseksualov. Thanks to psychology you can find out what color that means. So, the flag contains three colors: pink, blue and golden.

flag of pansexuals

Pink is a symbol of the female, blue -respectively, male. The golden color symbolizes the third sex, which includes various sexual orientations (transgression, androgyny, gender, and hermaphroditism).

If you compare the flag of bisexuals with the flag of panseksuals, then the conclusion is obvious: bisexuals are limited to two sexes, and panseksuals prefer to go beyond the traditional framework.

When celebrate the holiday of panseksualov?

May 24 - Day of Pansexuals or Visibility Daypanseksualnyh people. And March 31 is the international day of transgender people and those who boldly and openly declare their sexual orientation. This is the day of those who are gender-uncomfortable society, as well as those who pioneered the struggle for gender equality and against discrimination.

Pansexual Day

Who is a pansexual? You can argue about this a lot and a long time. However, one thing is clear: if the phenomenon of "pansexuality" already exists in our modern world, then it has the right to exist. And we need to be tolerant and not condemn the choice of another person. Where will panseksualnost lead? What values ​​are violated? Perhaps already violated? What awaits us in the future? Time will tell ...

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