What girls want: 5 options

Nobody doubts that guys and girls are strongdiffer from each other in psychological features. But these differences are not so strong as to really consider us representatives of different planets. We are similar basically - in needs to be necessary, loved and protected. What do girls want?

How many languages ​​do you know?

what do girls want

American psychologist Gary Chapman found out that inrelationships, both in men and women, there are five "languages" for expressing one's feelings. And depending on what "language" your beloved is talking about, you need to behave in one way or another. All girls want love, but it can be expressed differently in different types of girls.

Love is physical

girls want

Girls of this type appreciate first of all the bodilyside of relationships. But do not count on fast sex: they perfectly see who is serious about them, and who is not. Pick-up girls of this type almost never get. After all, in order to get sex from her, you need long and gentle relationships with touches and kisses. What do girls want that are prone to physical demonstration of love? They need tenderness, affection and trust.

Words have a price

Girls who are prone to appreciate words are also not easyextraction. After all, they do not need just the poems downloaded on the Internet. Such a girl will be with a guy who understands her well as a person and knows how to correctly, appropriately and in time to tell her words of approval and praise. Such women are the most intelligent among representatives of all five types, because they have a logical, left, hemisphere. What do girls want that value words? Sincere recognition and deep understanding.

Present yourself?

exclusive gift shop

There is also a type of girls who appreciate gifts. This does not mean that they are by nature more mercantile than others, they are just so arranged. They will not be impressed by the ticket for the concert or serenades under the windows. To prove your love, you will have to give them useful and beautiful things, for example, to visit any store of exclusive gifts. To distinguish these girls from self-interested suckers money, watch your chosen one. A lover of gifts loves not only to accept, but also to make gifts, unlike a deceiver-half-amateur.

Time can not be returned

There are girls who value most wellspent time. It is on these you can count on aspiring to love victories. But there are differences here: one needs to be given three hours before the moment of sex, the other one needs to "walk" and entertain for three months. What do girls want with whom the quality of time is important? Vivid impressions and memories. Give them this - and you can have amazing sex and interesting relationships. Such girls are the most creative.

And to help or assist weakly?

The last of the categories considered is veryit is important that they be helped. Not because they are helpless or insecure in themselves. It's just that your efforts will prove to her that it is important to you. Explain her complex tasks at the university, bring up bags, prepare coffee for bed - and you will have a huge influence on such a girl.

Girls of all types want love, only love is different. By the way, men have the same five types.

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