How to meet a guy on the street: the secrets of a female pickup truck

For a long time, the days when a womansat at home, raised children and waited for a loved one from work. Now the range of her duties and skills has increased significantly. The fine floor drives cars, commands at work, achieves career peaks. Yes, and the stereotype that a man should first tie acquaintance, is also a thing of the past. From this article you will learn how to get acquainted with a guy on the street.

First of all, it is worth to reject the prejudice thatAcquaintance on the street does not lead to any serious consequences. Still as leads! After all, you do not know where the fateful meeting awaits you with the very same long-awaited. Therefore, you need to prepare in advance and do not miss your chance!

how to meet a guy on the street

Among all those places where getting acquainted with menbest of all, the street occupies, perhaps, the first place. So, what to do to attract his attention? The first rule: you should look good! Well, or at least be sure that you are more beautiful at the moment in the whole world can not find. The second attribute of a successful acquaintance is a smile. Sincere and mysterious. And, finally, the third secret that can kill a man is a look. You need to look straight into his eyes, relaxed and confident. The main thing is how to get acquainted with a guy on the street - do not overdo it so that they do not take you for a frivolous person.

If a man does not pay attention tothe above marks of attention, then despair is not necessary. Have the courage and come to him. It is desirable with any request. For example: "I'm lost, but where is Lenin Street?" Tell me, young man! "

where to get acquainted with men

Well, then, if he himself is not a fool and you tell himreally liked, he not only helps, but also asks for a phone number. But how to get acquainted with a guy on the street, if he is rather timid? Then you can ask for his coordinates yourself! For example, say that if you suddenly get lost again, you will know who to call. More humor and courage - and then you will defeat your prince on the spot!

Well, brave ladies can be advised to beginconversation immediately from acquaintance. To approach, introduce yourself, ask his name. You look, and the conversation will start. At the same time get acquainted easily and unobtrusively, do not put yourself above the interlocutor, underline all your appearance, how much you liked it. A man will appreciate such courage, believe me.

And how to get acquainted with a guy on the street, if he,without noticing you, is going to a meeting? You can go for a little tricks. For example, to face him and drop a handbag, a package, a folder with papers. Yes, yes, it's like in Hollywood movies! But is not the game worth the candle? The guy, of course, will help you, but you should not scold him. On the contrary, smile and thank for the help.

how to get acquainted with men

Very shy girls can enteras follows: give the guy a piece of paper with a phone number or business card. However, then the initiative will again pass to the side of the man. After all, it is he who will make a fateful decision - to call you or not.

And do not forget that confident and well-groomed women do not really think about how to get acquainted with men, because a strong sex itself does not give them a pass.

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