Norms and rules of the family. Rules of family members

Usually couples who marry are fewimagine what awaits them as a result. This is mainly true of young people, who believe that after the registry office a period similar to the time of visits is expected. In fact, everything is different, because living together and seeing each other several times a week are completely different concepts. To make everything at home the best way, it is very convenient to make up the rules of the family, which to adhere to afterwards.

family code

The need for their own laws

Quite often it turns out that everyone wanted,as best, but everything turned out completely differently. To develop a family, you need to take certain actions. People get married because they are well together. And it is very important to keep this freshness of relations for a long time. But how to do this, if everyone is already a formed personality and used to live in accordance with their preferences?

During periodic meetings, of course, nothad to deal with everyday issues. But now, in order not to overshadow life by clarifying relations, quarrels, it is necessary to determine the rules of the family that are mandatory for implementation. Thus, 2 people, each of whom was brought up differently from the other, will be able to live peacefully and happily.

Respect for a partner

First of all, you need to treat your secondhalf as much as you want to be treated. For this you need to see in the partner is primarily a person. Do not impose a wife who wants to learn English, excessive housework. A woman in any case knows that you need to take care of your man, in every possible way improving his life. But not every spouse has a great desire to constantly walk around the house with a rag.

family rules

Also, a man can try to forceelected to change their appearance in accordance with his understanding of this issue. Perhaps he is jealous, so he does not want his wife to wear short skirts. Or maybe her husband wants everyone to know which one his beautiful one is, so she tries to make her look after herself more, but according to her taste preferences. In any case, the attachments of the second half should be treated with respect, you can not push.

Community of interests

Prospective couples always have similarinterests. Aspirations in any case should be different. Such couples always find common themes, in addition, they can tell the partner something new. Thus, it is quite interesting for spouses to communicate with each other. The rules of the family should first of all include the point of making their second half as it is.

Do not try to "close" his wife in 4 walls, ascan try to do many men. As a result, the interests of women will only be reduced to family and home, and her husband will become bored with her. Also, the wife should understand that if she is not interested in something new to herself, then soon the number of topics for communication will be reduced to zero.

family rules

In order to be interesting together, you do not needlimit yourself to a routine. It should be together at various events (meetings, exhibitions, films, etc.). You do not have to detach yourself and try to live your own life. Because as a result, this will lead to the collapse of relations.

Interested in the life of a partner

Quite often happens that wivesare interested in what events happened with their husbands at work. But the husband does not want to talk on this topic. He may have his reasons. Often it all boils down to the fact that at home he wants to rest and not think about working problems, to distract from them, to forget.

It is also not uncommon fora man is interested in talking about his work all the time. And in his wife he sees a grateful listener. Spouse because she has to listen to a number of facts, for example, about any mechanisms, does not feel enthusiasm for communication.

That is, it is necessary to find the goldthe middle. And again, it all boils down to understanding a partner. The rules of the family should first of all be aimed at seeing the person next to each other as an individual. And already, depending on this, take any action.

Honesty is the guarantee of good relations

A very big problem of married couples istheir inability to behave honestly. When two people communicate, there are always moments with which one of them does not agree. Do not close your eyes to this, accumulating grievances.

family rules

It is necessary to make it a rule to always tellpartner that does not suit. Do not complain, swear or tone up. Communication should take place gently, calmly and with love. In any case, you need to remember that next to not a stranger, and the other half. A partner can have his own ideas, so he does not need to be judged. On the contrary, the rules of family life should be to stipulate all the difficulties that arise.

Segregation of duties

A long time ago, it turned out that a man should provide a family, and a woman - to do housework. Now other times, and the responsibilities of partners should correspond to the time.

norms and rules of the family

The conditions of modern life work out in peoplethe desire to try to earn well. This is done for the purpose of living worthily. It happens that a man earns harder. And if the wife works to improve the overall financial situation, then do not burden her with her household duties. In this case, the duties should be distributed equally between the spouses. This point can always be replayed. The rules and rules of the family must predetermine that more work at home is done by those who are at present more free.

Do not give up physical proximity

Sadly, many couples are less likely to startto have sex, experiencing physical fatigue after a hard day's work. Men are more developed physically, so it is easier to bear the load. But if a woman works all day, and in the evening is engaged in cleaning and cooking, then at night she wants to rest. And this desire is completely reasonable and completely natural.

The code of family rules should indicate thatsolve and discuss such a problem should be together. Of course, in the absence of mutual understanding, the family will eventually be destroyed. Time for intimacy and love in any case need to be found. But it should be done so that both of these pastimes are fun, and not as an additional burden.

Mutual support

In any case, you need to substitute for each otherfriendly shoulder. After all, spouses are not only beloved, but very good and kind friends. You should always try to support each other. To do this, it is worth talking to the partner warm words and in no case do not skimp on them.

moral rules adopted in the family

The family is the rear in the life of each of us. It is very important that after returning from somewhere it always turns out to return to a loving and understanding person who will always understand and support. Do not ignore the partner, on the contrary, you should try to understand and support him as much as possible.

Set of rules

Moral norms are also of great importance. There must be moral rules in the family, the list of which is familiar to each of its members. In order for children to grow up decent and educated people, they must also be subject to the laws enacted in the family. If certain conditions are not met, it is possible to indicate a miss. But it must be done tactfully and friendly.

5 rules of the family to be strictly observed, can look like this:

  1. To help each other and support in every possible way.
  2. Respect and love your parents.
  3. To tell the truth.
  4. Do not discuss others.
  5. To fulfill promises.

Care should be taken to ensure that there are no rulestoo much. It is also important to eliminate contradictions. If a long list is drawn up, its importance is lost. In addition, it is difficult to remember and implement it in life. And if the set of rules includes items that the child must comply with, then the list should not be difficult to comprehend.

5 family rules

In addition, the baby should clearly and clearly understand,which should not be done. Rules should be presented as norms, the implementation of which must be carried out rigorously. This should not be a constant ban on parents.

Relations built on friendship

Many will agree that over timemarried couples are reminiscent of lovers. Relations between a man and a woman often boil down to friendship, although very close. The code of the chosen rules can be absolutely any. The fact is that each person chooses the norms that he considers necessary for himself. Nobody makes friends to be honest and do not deceive each other. They do so according to their inner aspirations.

Friends can tacitly believe that if they violatesome rules of their relationship will collapse. And it is very important to understand that any quarrel can lead to a deterioration in the relationship. Therefore, when misunderstanding occurs, one must very quickly reconcile with each other. This is the basis of the main rules of the family. Examples are that relationships in a pair are more important than any deception, misunderstanding with children, problems at work or complexity of material nature. All of the above should not be greater than the relationship.

moral rules in the family list

It's important to be beautiful

It is necessary to try to watch for yourself, anddo it not for the holidays, but constantly. Well-groomed appearance of both partners is the key to the fact that the relationship will exist for a long time. Moral rules adopted in the family must necessarily include the requirement to monitor oneself. Do not forget about yourself, because for a lot of daily problems the couple can start completely ignoring their appearance. This should not be done, because the interest of both partners in most cases manifests itself in a visual contact. And if one starts to perceive the other as furniture, then it is possible that it is the fault of those who do not watch themselves. Therefore, do not forget about stores with fashionable and beautiful clothes.

Also you need to take care of quality and beautytheir underwear. Especially the rich modern choice allows to look stylish and effective to people of different age and material prosperity. Also it is necessary to pay attention to cosmetics and perfumes.

family rules examples

The code of rules is mandatory in every family.But you do not need to treat him as something boring and complicating life. The rules of family members are established by the spouses themselves. And they must fully correspond to their ideas about harmonious relations, be aimed at their improvement and strengthening. Two loving people share the way in which they see family life and what is important to them. At all it is not necessary to do so that for someone one rule were something from the childhood habitual, and another partner performed them with difficulty. The adoption of such norms must be fair and equivalent.

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