Which script to choose for a 2 day wedding?

They have enough strength to reassemble themselves. Believe me. Your relatives will want to continue the fun and brine. Therefore, take time to organize the second day of the wedding or trust the thinking of the scenario for a toast - for hire or family. You can use the following tips.

script 2 days of the wedding

When you can relax

Usually the second day passes without fuss, and hiseasier to plan. The first day of the wedding is filled with romance, sentimentality, beautiful scenery, emotions and flashes of cameras. The host of the wedding and the co-organizers try to follow the rules, it's not always possible, but the desire to keep the celebration according to the scenario is mandatory. It is necessary to have time to do everything planned, so as not to miss any custom, no original or touching greeting. The scenario of holding a 2 day wedding can also be regulated and include many items, but it is easy to follow. The first day is solemn, but somewhat official. The bride with the groom and after the REGISTRY OFFICE until the evening will be the bride and groom. As a husband and wife they are perceived only the next day. And with this feature will be linked scenario 2 days of the wedding, tradition and fun contests.

Features of the second day of the wedding

As a rule, on the second day there are the closest, you can invite only friends to celebrate, for example, if they were not on the first day at a big celebration.

2 days wedding script in nature

Reception of visitors can be organized in an apartment, ina country house or a cafe, take relatives out to a picnic or rent a gazebo at a recreation center. The choice of location will depend on the budget and the time of the year. This will have to be taken into account when drafting the program, for example, the scenario of 2 days of weddings in nature will differ from the scenario for meeting guests in the restaurant.

When inviting guests, consider that most likely they will want to sleep. However, it is better to get together before dinner.

Who will organize the second wedding day

These can be active relatives of a couple or theirfriends, a toastmaster or the newlyweds themselves. To think over the scenario 2 days of wedding should be together with the first. Of course, this is an additional burden, but if you decide to gather guests after the main celebration, then be ready for it. In addition to the script, you need a certain props, a master, hardware and so on.

If you hire a facilitator, then agree with him the competitions and traditions that you and your guests will be ready to fulfill. This is the easiest way.

But if the budget is limited or want to have funin a family way, then the organization will only be in your hands. You are lucky if among the guests you will find a natural toastmaster, a friend or a relative who will agree to lead the holiday and be able to rest in parallel. Ask him to come up with a 2 day wedding script or use the following tips.

As real hosts, you can entertain guests yourself. How - we will also offer a couple of tips.

Lenevest and the false Jew

This pair must necessarily be consideredmost, and "actors" usually do not look for a long time. Active kin simply "appoints" the performers of the roles of the bride and groom. "False" and very funny. To achieve a humorous effect, dress a man in a woman's outfit reminiscent of a wedding dress, and add the absurdity to the image of the "groom": interesting glasses, a bright shawl, etc. His role is usually played by a woman. If the false parry does not object, you can impose an elementary make-up, put on wigs, etc.

scenario of holding 2 days of wedding

"Newlyweds" accompanied by guests are sentto the place of celebration. You can come by car, or you can rent a cart with horses. This service is available in almost every city. Especially effective, if the coach with an open top, so that the veil of the "bride" developed, and the cheerful crew was in sight.

Coming to the place, mummers meet withthe bride's parents, who usually do not recognize their daughter, but the escort of pseudo-emo- ployees convinces them that "the bride has grown up overnight," "ate so tightly that she weighed ten kilograms", "grew bristles," and so on.

In general, guests start a banquet, and suddenly there are real newlyweds who will have to return their seats at the wedding table. This they achieve by performing various competitions.

What props are needed:

  • wedding dress - you can rent it;
  • suit for the "groom" - a jacket, a biker jacket, etc.
  • a bouquet for a "bride", a veil, etc.

Gypsies and doctors

The most popular and recognizable participants in the secondwedding day. Dress up the guests simply. We need wide long skirts, shirts, kerchiefs, beads, etc. The doctor needs a white robe and tools: a large thermometer - it can be cut out of cardboard, a neurologist's hammer - plastic from a children's store, a set of "medicines" - alcohol, brine, for non-drinkers - bottles of milk, etc.

script 2 days of wedding guests meeting

Scenario 2 days of wedding with mummers has a common basis, but this does not mean that you can not slightly diversify it. Usually improvisation turns out by itself, the guests are different. It will be fun.

Why do you need gypsies? They start having fun and selling alcohol. Symbolically and only the first glass. You can pay for small things, dances and chastushki gypsies are also accepted as payment. To support the image, they need to ask "to gild the handle", rustle the skirts, invite everyone to the camp, and so on. For artistic and simply cheerful guests, ready to continue to celebrate, it will not be difficult at all.

Must be music. The playlist for the second day can contain not so many romantic songs, you can give preference to the table and simply cheerful.

The exit of the gypsies is usually before the banquet begins. Guests can meet and "doctor" or "brigade of fast hangover help." These can be mummified doctors and nurses, who conduct a tour of the guests and prescribe to everyone "life-giving moisture" or other "medicines". You can write "recipes", not far will work "pharmacy" - "40 degrees" - and so on.

"Doctors" can ask the "sick" not to crowd, follow the queue and have patience, because everyone will go to the reception.

These "heroes" of the script of the meeting of the guests are 2 days of the wedding are often invited. After yesterday's celebration, guests happily meet with such "doctors."

At a picnic, at the cottage or at the recreation center

Scenario 2 days of wedding in nature can come upnewlyweds. And hold it yourself. A country holiday is very easy to organize in the summer, in the spring, when it is already warm enough, or in the early autumn, during the velvet season. The basis of the menu can be a shish kebab, the territory of the banquet can be decorated with balloons or ribbons. This option is suitable for friends of the couple, because older relatives prefer a classic scenario of 2 days of wedding. However, not always.

weddings 2 day script with mummers

Why friends are better to entertain the newlyweds? Because no one more effectively will not work. You can suggest a script that you will only have to refine and add personality.

Newlyweds - leading

Do not rush to invite guests to the table at once. The tradition of meeting gypsies and a doctor can replace a photo session in nature. If you are in a country house, ask your friends to review old photos, the first pictures and video from the wedding on the laptop. And even better to find the projector and make a photo and video on the big screen. This stage will help create a comfortable environment, for example, if not all guests are well acquainted with each other. Competitions can be held during the banquet, distracting not only them, but also toasts.

Hosts and hosts of the holiday can become the newlyweds themselves.

Competition №1

Make a list of questions to your friends about your couple. It's better if it's tests with humorous answers. Invite the girls and guys to take the opposite seats at the table, so it will be more convenient for them to converse, pondering the answer. Before asking the first question, ask friends and friends to write on separate sheets of paper "punishment" for the losers who lost. For example, to dance the whole team in swimsuits. Sheets ask you to transfer to you and start the tests. The winner will be determined after the vote count, points are awarded for correct answers.

script for the 2nd day of the wedding with competitions

Competition №2

Before visitors arrive, hang out in the territoryBalloons, in which there will be assignments. In this competition, the main participant can be one friend, and the others will help. Or a few people. First you say where the first balloon is with the task, and then the tip will also be in the ball. Record the time. Assignments let your fantasy tell: shake all hands, kiss a friend or girlfriend in your ear, perform a seductive dance, etc.

Competition №3

Friends usually know each other's passions. And this can be part of the competition. For example, your friend is a big football fan. Offer him a test with questions about players, coaches, etc. And then let him congratulate your couple, praise, etc., minting the ball.

Competition №4

It can be done if among your guests there aremarried couples. If there are several, participants will be those who have been married longer. Tie a man's eyes, and his wife, as a guiding star, should help the spouse to overcome the obstacle course. At the finish line there will be a task - to give advice to a strong marriage to the newlyweds.

Competition №5

Musical. It will take a player and headphones. Newlyweds-leaders include in the player songs, they are heard only by the participant in the headphones. He should sing the melody only with sounds, for example, "moo", the others must guess and sing a couple of lines in chorus.

script for the 2nd day of the wedding without a toastmaster

Competition №6

On artistic ability.Invite your friends to form small teams of 2-3 people. Give out the tasks - to play a scene from a popular film. Prepare the props. Then the guests will choose the best team.

Provide gifts for your guests.Break the competitions with toasts and dances. Scenario 2 days of wedding in nature the groom with the bride is better to think up together, especially competitions for friends. Guests will appreciate your efforts, and they will definitely like the individuality of the assignment. The host, of course, also cope, but the newlyweds will get better.

When all at home

Scenario 2 days of wedding without a toastmasterDevelop yourself if relatives get together at home. One of the active guests can "conduct". First, the bride thanked the groom's parents for bringing up such a good man. Then the young people treat everyone with alcohol, they come up with a tray, to which the guests must put a symbolic fee for a cup. Parents bring the newlyweds a loaf and offer to bite off or break off a piece. So it is decided who will take responsible decisions in the family.

Scenario 2 days of wedding home can include selling spoons to guests. Usually they are sold by a bride. Only after the "transaction" guests can eat.

There can be contests that test how newlyweds are ready for au pair and family life. The groom and bride are asked to clean vegetables, put on or swaddle a doll, etc.

A bride or mother-in-law can sell pancakes. Also at a symbolic price.

Another tradition is to feed the son-in-law from a spoon.The mother-in-law does this. In general, there used to be another tradition - the son-in-law was washing his mother's legs and giving her shoes. Now it is rare at weddings. However, there are examples when this tradition has changed. For example, the bride and groom wash their feet to all parents.

They continue to roll their parents.If the script 2 days of the wedding passes, for example, in a country house or village. The groom must take his parents to the river on the truck, and choosing a bumpy path. On the way back, from the shore, he carries already the godfathers of the cross.

Tips and Lifehocks

It's a shame if the cool scenario is 2 days of wedding onnature or mummified relatives will not enter the family photo archive. Or better video. Usually couples hire a photo-video studio only on the first day. However, if you collect guests again, and you have a script for the 2nd day of the wedding with competitions, then find someone who will record all this fun. It must be a responsible guest who will not succumb to the persuasions of "doctors" and "Gypsies".

Thinking over the second day of the wedding, you need to provide a few nuances. Use tips:

  1. Take into account the status and age of your guests - if your relatives are intelligent and with aristocratic manners, the stupidity of mummers can be perceived as disgrace and provocation.
  2. When offering pancakes, spoons and other wedding products for sale, be correct and ask only a nominal fee - guests can get angry and leave. A wedding is not a market.
  3. If you want to include national customs in the script, consult with older relatives - some guests may very painfully perceive the mistakes in this subtle issue.

Respect your guests and do not enter into the script for 2 days of the wedding jokes and contests that can offend some of them. Will be the closest, and that someone does not like, you can understand.

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