Wedding hairstyles for an average length in the style of Boho

wedding hairstyles for an average length
In order not to drown in the ocean of all possible options,first decide on the style in which your wedding will take place, and only then choose wedding hairstyles. The average length of hair is ideal for styling in the style of Boho. This bohemian image, which combines the simplicity of lines and the pretentiousness of details, links elegance and natural naturalness - one of the most fashionable trends at the present time. Pay attention to our recommendations and photos to introduce yourself and your wedding in this style.

Bohemian wedding hairstyles

The average hair length has great advantages. We list some of them.

  • Wedding hairstyles for medium length are light and airy.
  • The curls do not cover the details of the wedding dress, and in fact they play the "main violin" in the wedding celebration in the style of Boho.
  • Take a closer look at the brides. Wedding hairstyles of medium length (the photos are very expressive) are very diverse, but at the core of each lies a special technology of curl curl. Hair freely and easily curled, laid a little carelessly. Do not forget that for these ringlets it is necessary to wind only two thirds of the length of the hair. The very ends, as a rule, are not exposed to a curling iron. Curls are obtained as if the girl simply spilled the braid.
  • All elements of hairstyles - weaving, knots, braids, etc., do not strike the eye, but create the effect of "stacking in a hurry."
    wedding hairstyles average length of hair
  • Very stylish looks paint some models. The effect of burnt ends or clarified highlights, color gradation and tone transition are all important elements of the bohemian trend for wedding hairstyles.
  • For an average length, stylists offer styling, inwhich the ringlets are given volume due to an almost invisible fleece and a special increase in the size of the curl. How it's done? After the curls are ready, the master holds the end of the strand and with gentle movements from below upwards, as it were, raises the hair, imitating the process of combing the curls. As a result, the hair becomes slightly confused and airy. Sunshine beams penetrate through such a hairdo, making the image of the bride especially delicate and fragile.
    wedding hairstyles medium length photo
  • Ornaments are a highlight of the bohemian style. Live flowers, woven in wreaths or attached in the form of small buttonholes, make wedding hairstyles unique. On average, stylists recommend the use of hoops and soft bandages of lace fabric or braid. Having developed a fantasy, the bride herself will make wedding accessories for herself and her fiancé.
  • But the most important advantage is that such ahairstyle, each bride is able to do on her own. Perhaps, not every hairdresser will be able to understand what exactly you want, and his skill will just interfere with the creation of a careless hairstyle - he's used to gloss and strict lines. Let your girlfriend help you better.
    wedding hairstyles in the style of boho
  • Make-up is also very simple and natural. It is dominated by warm clean colors: peach, brown and others.
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