How to fall in love with a man-Cancer?

how to fall in love with a male cancer
Romantic, cautious, attentive, amorous,sensitive and sensual, possessing a sober mind and practicality - this is the sign of the Zodiac Cancer. A man born under this sign wins at the stage of courtship with his delicacy, and in marriage surprises with his devotion and loyalty. Behind these men they hunt and quite deservedly. These are real knights, strong, but tender, fighting women's hearts with a slightly melancholic expression of eyes and a little old-fashioned courtesy. They are responsible, and they can be relied upon. These are creative interesting natures, which are not boring. Cancers appreciate the family very much and are ready to pay much attention to it, they are excellent fathers whom children adore. Cancers do not like to achieve fabulous success, but due to their perseverance, efficiency and certain conservatism, they often become superiors.

How to fall in love with a man-Cancer

Before you begin the "attack", think carefully:you will not be easy to conquer Cancer, but when you achieve this, you can count on his unquestioning fidelity. Will not this bore you? Cancer will be an extremely reliable companion, but his fear of losing you will often lead him. Hence, jealousy and a heightened sense of ownership are possible. At the same time, you should not expect from Raca stormy scenes, broad gestures and volcanic passion. This sign is inclined to experience everything in itself.

zodiac sign Cancer man
If you decide to "storm", then the advice below will exhaustively answer the question of how to fall in love with a male Cancer.

Show maximum on your femininity, as inappearance, and behavior. Light, defenseless, lively, gentle, spontaneous, captivating with freshness and well-groomed, refined and refined - such a woman will attract his first attention. Cancers are aesthetes, they have a great taste - if you decide on an outrageous costume, make sure that it is impeccable in terms of canons of beauty. Male Cancers are very amorous. You must offend a romantic string in his soul. In addition, Cancers, being a thing in themselves, pay attention to their opposite - frank and open girls. It is with them that you can actively flirt, but it must be done beautifully and gracefully.

Your next task is to keep Cancer's attention.Let him prove himself a knight. Despite the sensitivity and caution, they are able to protect themselves and are ready to demonstrate the full power of their armor to their chosen one. They are attracted by wise, intelligent, but touching girls in their defenselessness.

Thinking about how to fall in love with a man-Cancer,forget about banter, rallies, ridicule, any manifestations of rudeness and bad manners, be careful in words - Cancer is easy to offend, even if it does not show it externally. Cancer needs constant support, be gentle with it, gently let's understand how high you think about it. But do not ever lie. Cancers have excellent intuition, they are well versed in people. The manifestation of insincerity he will notice immediately and will be very disappointed.

how to make up with a man cancer
Never show cancer of levity.For him, a woman is the ideal of fidelity. He will strongly doubt his choice if he sees that the woman is too easy to treat family values. Cancer, despite its sensitivity and romance, will be very attentive to your girlfriend and think for a long time whether it is worth offering her hand and heart. Cancers are very appreciative in women of household, housekeeping, love of children - be sure to arrange situations where you can demonstrate this.

If there is an opportunity, watch himmother. Men-Cancers often look for their features in their chosen one. Be sure to try to find a common language with it, which will be easy if you successfully apply the tips given above. An open, economic, gentle, sensible, modestly and cute dressed girl will be hosted by any mother.

Do not expect expensive gifts from Cancer and neverdemand them - he appreciates the most noble aspects of the girl, and the materiality of her interests can scare him away. He is not stingy, but thrifty, as is typical of all practical people.

If the male Cancer has already paid attention to you, andyou see that you like him, consider that he does not have haste. He will win the liking girl slowly, carefully, verifying each step, so do not rush it and do not rush to disappoint, thinking that you will never get anything like that. Sometimes a woman needs to take the first step or at least demonstrate a male Raku that he has nothing to fear.

Be prepared to answer the question "howfall in love with a man-Cancer "will have, even if you have long been married. Cancer is very picky about the love union and is waiting for the ideal. Do not let him doubt that you are the ideal he has been waiting for all his life. Constantly work on yourself and your shortcomings - and then you will be provided with adoration, which you will not expect from any other man.

How to Make Up with a Man-Cancer

This question arises in many girls, because Rakireally very touchy, the slightest careless word - and he will hide in his shell. And sometimes it's very difficult to guess that it offended him, because Cancer is not inclined to frankness. But do not turn this into such a big problem. Crawfish often themselves understand that they are worried about trifles, just give them time to "rework" their offense. Do not start to find out the relationship, at the same time do not ignore Cancer. Be open and unobtrusive. If you know what the "guilty", please apologize and leave this topic, better prepare his favorite dish. At any time, be ready to listen to it, but it's unlikely you will have to do it. Cancers prefer to cope with their grievances on their own. If the deal has nevertheless reached the point of clarifying the relationship, in no case roll down to rudeness. Struggling cymbals and hot scenes can only disappoint a sensitive Cancer. Be what you tried to be, answering the question "how to fall in love with a man-Cancer": tolerant, tender, sensitive and strong, in general - a real woman.

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