How to charm a man? Look into his soul

A woman should always be attractive. After all, one can never foresee where she will meet her love. But how to be, if the stranger already has a note? How to charm the man of your dreams? A few secrets must be known to every lady.

It should always be remembered that not onlyan excellent figure and external beauty play a primary role in the image of a woman. Young girls who rely only on the effect of slender legs and a pretty face are very mistaken.

how to charm a man
How to charm a man so that he does not want tojust make a compliment, but also live with you life? Learn to listen to it. Try to understand how and what he lives, what he dreams about, what he plans. Unobtrusively try to call him to a confidential conversation. Smart women, who know how to charm a man with humility and warmth, try to win his sympathy just this. Listening, do not criticize in any way. Let him know that he can fully trust you. And when he feels safe in your society, try to quietly encourage him and nenazolevo praise.

The second thing that is useful in the art of howTo fascinate a man is to increase his self-esteem. If with you he feels clever, strong, courageous, be sure that inside he is extremely grateful to you, even if he does not understand it.

how to charm a man of ibex
Knowing what he loves and appreciates most, youyou can unravel the secret of how to charm a man. Capricorn, for example, will attract grooming, elegance and fidelity to tradition. This sign does not like extravagance, but values ​​values ​​and reputation. A Gemini or Aquarius, first of all, pay attention to the intelligence of a potential companion. For them it is important that the half was educated and with it you could talk on any topic. How to charm a Scorpio man? First of all, sex appeal and mystery. Beautiful linen, refined perfume, a share of understatement and an atmosphere of mystery - that's what will help you in this case.

How to charm a man, knowing him a little andnot for long? Psychology of communication recommends such a technique as "mirroring". If you quietly repeat the words and gestures of the interlocutor, he may get the impression that you understand him, that you feel sympathy for him and his disposition.

how to charm a scorpion man
Of course, it's not about parodying and not about openirony. But experienced ladies advise to allow a man to do in your presence what he is forbidden in another place - at home, with his parents. Even if it comes to such trifles as scattered around the room socks or smoking in the window. And, of course, in a more intimate environment should be allowed to open. Let him talk to you about his grievances and enemies, about how little he is appreciated at work, about how unfair his life is to him. Your sympathy is already half the battle. Also, take care of the atmosphere of your meetings. Unobtrusive music (try to find out what he likes most), candles, aromas of fruit and chocolate ... Although, of course, everything here is individual. If your chosen one is an avid football player or a fan, he likes the free environment: pizza, beer and casual conversations. There is one more important point in seduction - you this person should be interesting as a person. Otherwise, insincerity will stand between you, and the real relationship will not develop.

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