Batyushkov, "My genius": an analysis of the poem. A love story that inspired the poet

K.N. Batyushkov made Russian poetry more melodic, smooth, elegant, which before it nobody could do it. The famous critic VG Belinsky noted that Pushkin's poetry was prepared by the writings of Zhukovsky and Batiushkov. The purity and irreproachability of the syllable are the main distinctive features of his poetry. The poet has always striven for sincerity, trying to avoid all that is contrived and artificial. His lyrical works were beautiful and sublime. The pearls of creativity are works dedicated to his beloved. The analysis of the poem "My genius" Batiushkov is presented below.

my father's genius analysis of the poem

History of creation

This is the point of analyzing the poem "My genius"(Batyushkov KN) about what events inspired the poet. In 1813 in Petersburg he met Anna Furman, who captivated him with his unique charm. The guardians of the girl were glad that she was being looked after by a wealthy and prominent young nobleman. However, Anna did not have reciprocal feelings for the poet, but under the influence of guardians she agreed to the engagement.

But Batiushkov broke it when he found out thatThe girl does not like him and agrees to live with him because of money. This break caused the poet serious nervous breakdown. The image of Anna Furman Batiushkov preserved for life, and his feelings did not weaken over the years. It was she who inspired the poet to create a whole cycle of poems, including this work.

Konstantin Batiushkov, even after the terminationacquaintance with Anna, continued to believe that meeting with her is a gift of fate. Despite the indifference of the beloved, the poet was happy already because he loved himself. It seemed to him that this feeling would protect him from everything, and he tries to keep it not only in the heart, but in his work. Anna Furman is the creative genius of KN Batyushkov, who greatly influenced his creative path, which inspired him to beautiful and light works.

my fathers genius analysis poem size

Size and rhyme

In the analysis of the poem "My genius" (Batiushkov)the size of the creation and the definition of the method of rhyme is another important point. This elegy is written with a four-legged iambic. At the same time, it is sustained in the manner of writing characteristic of the poet - smooth and melodic. The method of rhyming is used by the author mixed: a combination of male and female rhymes. Thanks to this, cross rhyme harmonies are obtained.

In the analysis of the poem "My genius" (Batyushkov K.N.) it should be noted that there is no visual division into stanzas in it. But, nevertheless, there are several parts in it that make up a harmonious and understandable composition. The first part deals with the struggle between the heart and the mind, the second reader is presented with the image of the beloved, and the third refers to his keeper.

my father's genius analysis poem lyric hero

The image of a genius

The story of the lyrical hero in the analysispoem "My genius" (Batyushkov KN) has one of the central lines. Of course, the protagonist is the beloved poet, whose image is described in lines. The repeated repetition of the phrase that the hero remembers the features of his muse enhances the emotional coloration of the poem.

For him, the lover is not justbeloved. She is the genius who helps to create. After all, it was her image that inspired him to create beautiful lyrical works. The genius in this poem is not only the beloved, but also the personification of all the possibilities and inner potential of man.

my father's genius analysis of verse

Love theme

In the analysis of the poem "My genius" (Batyushkov K.N.) it is worth emphasizing that the main theme is love, let and undivided. In the very first lines, the author speaks of the struggle of the heart and mind, in which victory is gained by the senses. She brings the poet and happiness, and sadness from the fact that the sympathy remained unanswered. It describes a feeling of high and sincere, which is read in each line. And it is this love that serves as an inspiration for the poet.

Artistic means of expressiveness

In the analysis of the verse "My genius" (Batyushkov K.N.) it is also necessary to tell about the literary devices used by the poet. This is the syntactic parallelism that was seen in describing the memory of the heart and the mind. To create the image of the beloved, the author used vivid epithets, which strengthened the expressive coloring of the poem.

And the minimum use of words with alternatingsonorous sounds allows you to give a special iridescent melody, convey a special tenderness and ease of lines. All this only emphasizes the sublime and light sense of the hero.

This poem is one of the bestcreations of KN Batyushkov. It shows how plastic a word can be under the pen of a talented writer. The lyrics of the poet, inspired by a strong feeling, acquire a special grace. The series of poems dedicated to Anna Furman not only shows Batiushkov as a talented poet, but also reflects what deep and constant feelings a person can experience. Lyric Batiushkov occupies a special place in Russian poetry.

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