What is the meaning of phraseology "to put water in your mouth"?

Everyone knows people who are silent. They can be called differently. You can even say that they have water in their mouths. It is the meaning of the phraseology "to put water into the mouth" and we will explore it today on available examples, in addition, we will consider the hypothesis of origin and find out why people are picking up water.


the importance of phraseology in the mouth of water

When a man brushes his teeth and rinses his mouth, thentalking with him is useless, because it is uncomfortable to answer him. The expression under consideration can not unequivocally point to any one source of its origin. It is obvious that it was born out of a person's observation of a person and everyday life. We think that none of the readers will argue that it's impossible to talk with water in your mouth.

Hence the interpretation, that is, the meaning of the phraseology "to draw water into the mouth" -this is the name of unnecessarily silent people. And then we need examples that are already rushing with all possible agility.

Offended child

to put a mouthful of water on phraseology

A textbook example. The little boy was refused to buy a new toy, and he wanted it so well, just to the point of horror, and so it became offensive. But to the honor of our boy, I must say that he was a well-bred child and did not start hysterics in the store, skate on the floor with screams: "Well, buy it!" No, he is not. The boy quietly quieted down peacefully. When my mother and son left the store, she asked him: "What is Sasha, what did you get, how did you get water into your mouth, what happened?" Alexander did not say anything all the way to the house. This is what willpower. And all the blame for unjustified hopes. There is one case when the meaning of phraseology "to put water in your mouth" opens before us. Go ahead.

Love couple

water in the mouth dial the value

Take, for example, a holiday for lovers. You know how it happens: the most important day of the year is approaching, when a guy and a girl celebrate the next anniversary of their life together. It does not matter whether they are married or not, if they are married, then it is still more terrible for a man.

Most women want a man in thisday (and preferably - and in general) was extremely sensitive. In other words, he caught the most intimate of their dreams. Anniversary is the best time for the most secret to come true.

And the rules of the game require that a man catchthought waves of a woman and embodied her desires as if by divine inspiration. For those who do not understand, we will explain: if a woman tells a man everything, will write for him the script of the evening, then there will be no surprise, which means that the buzz is not the same.

View Conflict

dial in the mouth of the water offer

In short, a man imagines a holidayanniversary in one way, woman - another. And now he meets her from work and says: "Honey, today we go to a restaurant!" - and he is happy-happy.

But the thing is, she wanted to spend thisday at home, so that he cooked for her lunch, then they would take a bath, filling it with rose petals. Such banal dreams and yet. The girl did not want restaurants, she wanted something homely, cozy and wonderful. The young woman was silent as they walked to the restaurant, ate without appetite, and was not too involved in the conversation with her chosen one, and only on a deep, dark evening, when the moon shone through the window, she confessed to him that she did not want it at all.

Oh, and if the couple together directed one of thethe most important days of their life together, the final would be completely different, and we would never have learned that the meaning of the phraseology "to put water in your mouth" is suddenly resoundingly hushed up.

Key phraseology

Despite the fact that almost any one can be immediatelyto produce evil, and angrily, and good-naturedly, all the same, the expression under consideration is not very respectful. For example, the guy could not ask the girl why she had taken water in her mouth. At the same time, the mother of the child had inquired about this quite freely.

Thus, dial water in the mouth (phraseology)anyone can, but not everyone is entitled to directly ask about this. From the examples it is clear that there must be a certain distance and hierarchy between people.

For example, a teacher from a student can in sharp formask: "And what is it you got into the mouth of the water, was it offended?" Of course, a good teacher will not do so, but, in principle, it is possible. On the contrary, no matter how bad a mentor is, for us the situation is unthinkable, when the youngest in the hierarchy will allow himself such. And it would seem, the expression "water in the mouth dial", its meaning is simple, but even in it you can find some social meaning, if, it takes off, look good.

Moral of phraseology

In general, it is difficult to isolate the moral message froma combination of words, but if you rely on the meaning and tonality, then we can say that the Russian people do not really like resentful people. They have something suspicious, dark and bad for others.

Although, if we belonged mentally, spirituallyto eastern civilization, and not to the west, perhaps, the attitude would be different, would not carry a negative print in itself. We illustrated the phraseology "to put water in your mouth", the proposal was chosen with negative connotations. After all, no one in Russian culture will not come up with an analysable speech turnover to praise.

And maybe it's another thing - that people generally do not like when there is insult between them, and they immediately try to overcome it somehow and, figuratively speaking, break this stone.

Anyway, and it's not worth taking offense - it's unproductive. Resentment erodes the relationship between people and devours the person from within.

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