TSU, Faculty of Psychology: description, features and reviews

Tomsk Imperial University was founded in1878 and became for a long time the only university in Siberia and the Far Eastern region. Now it is the leading university of the classical research type, it is recognized as the center of education, science and innovation. And in 1997 the faculty of psychology opened in TSU.

faculty of psychology

About the university

Here seventeen thousandstudents, eight of them - on the day-time department, in addition, five hundred and fifty graduate students, one hundred doctoral students. There are 135 specialties and directions in the university in the basic programs of study, 88 in postgraduate study and 36 in doctoral studies. In 2013, TSU, as a national research university, ranked high in the TOP-15 of the best universities in Russia, receiving state support and belonging to one hundred of the world's leading universities.

Tomsk University is famous for its qualityteaching: one hundred members of the Russian Academy of Sciences and academies of sciences of other countries studied here, and more than two hundred and fifty laureates of the State Prize and two Nobel laureates prepared here. One hundred and fifty thousand graduates of TSU joined the work throughout the country and the whole world.


More than 500 doctors andone thousand candidates of science, more than fifty laureates of the State Prize of Russia for science and technology. Twenty-two doctoral dissertational councils work, where about 20 people become doctors of science each year and at least 100 candidates.

Also on the basis of the university there is an expertcouncil, where the regional competition of grants RGNF and Tomsk regional administration, an association that brings together more than thirty universities in Siberia, Kazakhstan and the Far East. International cooperation with the best research and training centers of the world is widely developing, whereby it becomes possible to implement major joint projects.

Faculty of Psychology, Tomsk Tomsk

The science

Scientific researches in TSU are carried out trulyfundamental, because the university has a well-developed base: the Siberian Physicotechnical Institute, the Research Institute of Applied Mechanics and Mathematics, the Research Institute of Biophysics and Biology, and the Siberian Botanical Garden and more than one hundred scientific laboratories.

Only in recent years, six teams of scientistsreceived the State Prize of the Russian Federation, government prizes, and forty-three scientific schools entered the list of the president as the leading scientific schools in Russia. TSU is the leader in the number of awards among all Russian higher education institutions, especially the young people who participate here participate in various scientific competitions of the highest level. Young scientists and students have received almost thirty medals of the Russian Academy of Sciences over the past five years, more than five hundred students have become diploma winners and laureates of the Russian Ministry of Education and Science. Keep it up, TSU!

Faculty of Psychology

Psychology faculty

The history of the opening in Tomsk University of thisThe faculty was very long, it began in 1947, and was safely resolved by the birth of a new fragment of the structure only in 1997. Today in the TSU, the Faculty of Psychology consists of seven departments, six laboratories, a TSPS (Center for Socio-Psychological Education) and a psychological service.

There are two doctoral dissertationscouncil, a magazine for Siberian psychologists is published, a regional bureau is functioning, reporting to the Council on Psychology of the UMO, which is engaged in classical university education.

Directions and specialties

Professional training at the TSU facultypsychology can be rightfully proud: it is carried out here in three main areas, directly related to psychology, social communications and the management of social processes.

The first direction is for those whowill be trained in the specialties "clinical psychology" and "psychology". The second prepares specialists in the field of advertising and public relations, and the third teaches the management of personnel and the organization of work with young people. The foundation of any training in all directions in the TSU faculty of psychology sees the general faculty approach, where in this case the formation and development of a person in social life and communicative space is studied.

tg faculty of psychology reviews

New directions

Today, anotherthe scientific direction is anthropological psychology, which the Faculty of Psychology of Tomsk State University (Tomsk) bases on the methodology of studying the holistic phenomenon - man. More than ten doctoral and eighty candidate dissertations became a cycle of research of this phenomenon, the claimed methodology has already revealed the phases and regularities, levels and stages of the emergence of man as a phenomenon of psychology.

Successfully implemented on the basis of this methodology andapplied projects that involve diagnostics, where the formation of the multidimensional human world accompanies its self-development. The order of the Ministry of Education on the creation of a model of the psychological service for the systems of NGOs and STRs, as well as the model of psychological and educational support for the youth entering into innovative activity, its actualization in social and personal competencies is being carried out. And many other directions develops the faculty of psychology of TSU to receive and develop quality education.

tg faculty of psychology tuition fees


Directions "Psychology", "Advertising and communication withPublic Administration, Personnel Management and Management have full-time, full-time and part-time forms of study, and there are two levels of educational programs: bachelor's and master's programs. Admission to the Tomsk State University (Faculty of Psychology) requires a high score for the Unified State Exam.

Psychologists should pay special attention tothe following subjects: Russian language, mathematics and biology, future PR engines - into Russian, history and social science, managers and managers - also social science, Russian language and mathematics. But this all needs to have a desire to know the subtle spiritual processes, all human, which is absolutely necessary for training in TSU. The faculty of psychology, whose reviews are only the most kind, is the inseparability of the fundamental science that is characteristic of the classical university, with the process of studying the depths of the human soul. This is the subject of research and the result of education.

Faculty of Psychology


Administrative issues are addressed throughDean of the faculty and his deputies. Contact information: Faculty of Psychology, Tomsk State University, Tomsk, Moscow highway, Building 8, building 4, in the classroom No. 410, the reception dean. There you can get information about the work of the departments, staff, practices, schedules of consultations, subjects of diploma and coursework.


In the subsequent activities of graduates facultypsychology of the TSU, the range of professions is much wider than the list indicated above. The diploma makes it possible to successfully realize oneself both in scientific research work, and in pedagogical, cultural, educational and management. Psychologists are in demand everywhere and in the labor market with a diploma of TSU are always competitive.

Graduates of the faculty take a job inprivate and public institutions of higher education, colleges, kindergartens and schools, to centers and consultations, where psychological assistance to the population and organizations is provided, to the staff departments of banks and companies, to employment agencies and employment services.

Paid services

For applicants in TSU (Faculty of Psychology)the cost of training is a very burning issue. Respond to it in the department of paid educational services - the structural subdivision of TSU, located on Lenin Avenue in house number 36, room 7. In the main tasks of the Faculty of Psychology is the preparation of relevant specialists to world standards and all the needs of modern society. That is why there are quite a lot of budget places in the university in comparison with many other state universities. However, passing scores are high, not every entrant will draw. Then welcome to paid training.

Learn here is not only prestigious, but also interesting: The scientific and educational environment contributes to a very high quality training. In addition, international cooperation is developed, and this greatly increases the interest of school students in all specialties of the faculty. Particular attention is here to prepare students for teamwork. Students are constantly on the practice, participate in a variety of professional competitions, are engaged in scientific research. Basic knowledge helps graduates to effectively cope with any professional tasks.

faculty of psychology


Faculty of Psychology TSU offers the bestgraduates have the opportunity to continue their studies in the graduate school in the chosen field: history of psychology, personality psychology, general psychology (psychological sciences), history of pedagogy, general pedagogy, methodology and theory of education and training (pedagogical sciences and education).

The main components of the teaching process at the TSU at the Faculty of Psychology are the following:

  • fundamental training in the core discipline, which is part of the professional cycle;
  • natural and mathematical cycles,allowing in the future to master information technologies and mathematical processing of information, as well as to study the world picture using natural sciences and much more;
  • economic, social and humanitarian cycles, where history, philosophy, language culture, foreign languages, economics are studied;
  • production, research and training practices.
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