The history of the car: the question remains open

Although it is commonly believed that the history of creationcar is associated with the names of Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler, they are not pioneers. Even if we do not take into account those designers and inventors who, long before the first horseless crew, made a lot of efforts to create such a mechanism, there is still a number of persons who have been undeservedly forgotten, but who have a direct bearing on the fact that cars have now become an integral part human life. Let's try to pay tribute to the justice of their memory and reveal the secret veil, which is shrouded in the history of the creation of the car.

And belongs to the first history of the carthe famous Isaac Newton. It was he who in 1680 described in his works on mechanics the first steam crew. Today's designers are surprised that in his model there are practically no inaccuracies and errors. The only problem, apparently, was the demand for high steam pressure in order for the machine to move.

In the XVII century was a contemporary of geniusNewton and was in the service of one of the Chinese emperors physicist and astronomer of Belgian origin Ferdinand Ferbist. That's it, and he belongs to the idea of ​​creating a cart on four wheels, which moved the steam boiler. The first prototype of the car was only 60 centimeters long and was made as a toy for the little son of a Chinese ruler. And most importantly - he successfully moved.

The history of the car is full ofpioneers. And among them are such well-known personalities who lived in the eighteenth century, as James Watt is the author of the first stationary steam engine, an heir successor and student William Murdoch who engineered a piston steam engine, Simington, who designed a passenger steamer that has the right to be called a real car, Trevithick, whose The steam engine developed a speed of up to 8 km / h, the creators of the all-wheel drive steam engine Berstall and Hill. It was on these discoveries that Karl Benz and Henry Daimler could create their first petrol-powered car. Making a lyrical digression it can be said that it was at this time that the history of the creation of the Chrysler Firepower car - one of the most modern types of cars was laid.

The history of mechanical engineering in Russia also beginsin the XIX century. We also had foreigners as the founders of machine-building plants. The first one was built in St. Petersburg, then in Moscow. By the middle of the century more than 25 machine-building plants had already started operating in Russia. Their growth was stimulated by the development of rail and water services. The main centers of machine building were added to the Baltic states and central regions of Russia.

The history of mechanical engineering in Russia has manyglorious pages, which we can rightly be proud of. Such giants of engineering as Nevsky and Putilov, Bryansk and Kolomna, Sormovsky and Lugansk, Kharkov and Botkinsky factories provided machines not only for domestic, but also for foreign needs in technology. Agricultural, military, machine-tool construction and automotive engineering were developing. So the industrial revolution was carried out and within our country.

Modern mechanical engineering, of course, withthe above described period is not comparable. This is evidenced by the amazing history of the creation of the car Chrysler Firepower, which is the representative of the best line of American models that exist today. This is already a machine of the future, which I want to say at once, at first glance at him. It is an irreproachable option, starting with staining with the inclusion of polished aluminum elements and ending with surface modeling using an innovative computer program.

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