How to develop logic? Tasks for children on the development of logical thinking

Let's talk about how to develop the logic of childrenprimary school age. When solving riddles, charades, tasks and riddles, the imagination is formed in the younger generation. Tasks for children on the development of logical thinking are excellent exercises for the formation of cognitive interest in exact sciences.

Thanks to a variety of unusual exercises offered by primary school teachers, the individual abilities of schoolchildren develop.

Mysteries of logic

Additional education

Let's try to find out how chess develops logic. Why recently in ordinary general schools there are circles in which children get acquainted with the basics of this fascinating game? The main reason for this interest is that each figure has its own specific nuances that you need to know and remember in order to successfully conduct the game. Such developing games on logic for children began to be introduced in the junior classes of ordinary Russian schools as part of the introduction of new educational standards. Such modernization of the national education and training is aimed at self-development of self-improvement of the younger generation.

The meaning of logical puzzles

Riddles on logic have a certain catch, which you need to find in order to give the correct answer.

Such exercises are useful not only for schoolchildren, but also for their parents. For example, you can organize a joint leisure, sorting together funny logic tasks.

Books on the development of logic are compiled so that they have examples of vegetables and fruits, sports, nature, plants, school.

Funny examples

Consider the unusual in content tasks that can be offered to younger students. Such puzzles on logic are an excellent option for forming the foundations of logical thinking.

How do chess develop logic?

Question about the train

The train travels from east to west, the windblowing from north to south. Where will the wind from the pipe be directed? To answer the question posed, the child must remember that the train is not connected to the pipe, hence there will be no pipe with wind.

Arguing over how to develop logic, we note that first the guys do not perceive the "dirty trick" in the condition of the task, but gradually they like unusual questions, they respond to them correctly and confidently.

Tasty task

The loaf is cut into three identical parts. How many incisions have been made? The first thought that comes to mind is three. But the correct answer is two notches.

How to develop logic using this task? The child should understand that the number of pieces is one more, these values ​​can not be equal.

Travel to the capital

Grandmother went to Moscow along the road, and three old men came to meet her, each of them had a bag with one cat behind her back. How many people went to the capital?

Some guys carefully fold, gettingfour people. They do not penetrate into the essence of the problem, they do not read into its condition. The correct answer is 1 person (the old lady), because the old men went in the opposite direction.

Unusual house

Arguing over how to develop logic, we consideranother unusual task. There is a lift in the 12-story building. On the first floor there are two people, on each successive floor the number of people is doubled. What elevator button do tenants use most often? The answer to the question is logical enough - button "1". Regardless of which floor, how many people live, they all go down to the first floor to leave the house.

Books on the development of logic

The task of the park

There are eight benches in the city park. Three of them were painted with green paint. How many after the painting there were benches in the city park?

Some schoolchildren summarize eight benches with three painted, receive the answer - 11.

In fact, there are as many benches as they were originally given in the condition of the task.

Unusual question

Let's continue the conversation about how to develop the logic ofchild 8 years. For example, can you suggest a child to determine that it has no height, width, depth, length, but it can be measured? As a response, we can consider two physical quantities: time, temperature.

Developing games for logic for children

Escape from the dungeon

In one medieval castle, where there wasprison, there were four round towers, there were prisoners in them. One of the prisoners decided to escape from the dungeon. He hid in the corner of the cell, and after the guard entered it, he deafened him, fled, having changed into another robe. Is it possible?

If the child listened attentively to the condition of the task proposed to him, he caught that there were round towers in the castle. Consequently, there can be no corners in the dungeon, so the prisoner could not hide.

The problem about the brand

What, traveling all around the world, continues to stay in one corner? Speech in question is about the postage stamp. This question can be asked not only by schoolchildren, but also by their parents.

Yourself the driver

Bus with 42 passengers under your controlgoes to Washington from Boston. On each of the 6 planned on the way of stops, he left for three people. Four people came out at every second station. What was the driver's name, driving the vehicle, if he reached his final destination in ten hours? As a response, a proper name must be given, because by the condition of the problem the child himself was the driver of this bus.

Tasks for children on the development of logical thinking

How to know the weight?

Try to find out what has less weight: kilograms of iron or a kilogram of cotton wool? In order to give the correct answer to this logical problem, it is absolutely not necessary to master the course of physics. Regardless of what the subject is about, its mass is of equal importance.

Logical puzzle

Let us give one more original logical problem. What always only increases and never decreases? The correct answer to this question will be the age of a person.


Imagine that you are about threeswitches. Behind the opaque wall are three light bulbs, which are off. You have to make certain manipulations with the switches, in order to understand which of them each light bulb belongs to. Perhaps, difficulties for finding the right answer to this problem can be experienced not only by younger schoolchildren, but also by their parents.

What is the answer to this question?First you need to turn on two switches. After a while, one of them can be turned off. Then you can go into the room. One lamp will stay hot, the second will be warm, and the third one will be completely cold.

The Bird's Question

What will happen to the crow after she turns seven? The answer to this problem is simple enough, the bird will simply go the eighth year.

Tasty task

The hostess should bake six pies. How can she cope with the task in 15 minutes, if only four pies fit on a baking sheet, and on each side they should be baked for 5 minutes?

First you need to pack 4 patties, fry them 5minutes. Then 2 can be turned, 2 removed, replacing them with two other patties, another 5 minutes to fry them. Finished the two clean, then cook the remaining.

Unusual competitions

Two jigits have arranged competitions toDetermine whose horse is the fastest. But both horses stood still, none of them moved. The young men turned to the sage for help, and after that the horses began to gallop all the way. What did the elder advise? The answer to this logical task is quite unexpected - to change horses. Sensing a stranger's rider, the horse immediately tried to throw it off, after starting off.

Family task

Seven brothers have one sister. Each of them received a whole peach. How many sisters will there be? It would seem that such an intricate question, but they have one single sister.

What spies did not take into account?

Two German spies at the end of 1944 triedreturn home under the guise of the Americans. One passed without obstacles a border post, and the other was arrested. How can this happen? Americans are taken in a different way to record calendar dates. First they indicate a month, then a day and only after that they write a year.

Upon entering the US, both German spies wrotetheir birth dates as it is customary in Germany. One of them was born on February 3, so the record looked like - 3.02.1920, and the date of birth of the second one looked like this: 30.06.1920.

How to develop the logic of the child?


Numerous puzzles, tasks, puzzles, which are offered to students in primary classes, help to form the basis of logical thinking.

In addition to the individual development of each child,forming in him the skills of independent work, unusual tasks are an excellent opportunity for educators to identify children with an unusual mindset.

Interesting puzzles

Early diagnostics of giftedness allows teachers to create individual programs for every talented schoolboy.

Among those innovations that positively affect the formation of logical thinking among schoolchildren, we note the appearance in the primary school of chess circles.

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