Student agreement: the concept and main provisions

A student's contract is a document,whose provisions are regulated by the rules of civil and labor law. The basic concepts associated with the student contract are detailed in the Labor Code of the Russian Federation. We will get acquainted with them in more detail.

student's contract

A student's contract is a two-waythe agreement of the person who is in search of work, with the employer about vocational training. In this case, the document is referred to as the contract with the person in the job search.

If the agreement is concluded between the employee of the organization and the employer, then we are dealing with a student contract with the employee. In the latter case, training takes place on the job.

Student contract with a person looking for work,is in the competence of civil law. A student contract with an employee falls under the regulation of labor laws and is an attachment to an employment contract.

The provisions of the student agreement relating to the employer

  • The employer has the right to decide independently on the need for professional training;
  • in the process of preparing or retraining the student, the employer must follow the order that was stated in the agreement;
  • The form of teaching is determined and organized by the employer himself.

Required items

student contract with the employee

The student's contract, like any other document, has a certain form and mandatory requisites. The agreement should specify:

  1. Full names of the parties (name of the organization, as well as the student's data).
  2. The name of the specialty on which the training will take place.
  3. Rights and obligations of the parties.
  4. The size of the scholarship.
  5. Training period.

The contract must have a copy. One copy - for the employer, the second - for the student.

The term of study is determined in an individualdepending on the chosen profession. The main requirement: the learning time should be enough to fully master all the theoretical and practical knowledge within the chosen specialty. In most cases, the training period does not exceed six months. However, it may take a year to master a complex specialty.

In the student's contract is also recommendedInclude paragraphs on the working conditions and training of the student, as well as incentive measures. The contract is signed only if the two parties agree on all the points.

The contract is valid as long as it is stipulated in thethe agreement itself. However, there are situations when its action is prolonged - for example, in the case of a pupil's illness. During the term of the agreement, some of its items may be disputed and changed by agreement of the parties.

Features of vocational training

student contract with a job seeker

In most cases, the learning process is conditionalis divided into theoretical and practical part. At first the student gets acquainted with the theoretical base of the chosen specialty. The student's contract provides for the right of the student at this stage to consult other employees of the enterprise.

During the practice of the student accompanies the employeean enterprise that is engaged in the learning process without interruption from the main job. Training can be done directly at the enterprise itself or in a separate educational building.

Tuition fees

Vocational training is paid to the student. Payment is called a scholarship, as in the case of study at a university or other institution. The size of the scholarship depends on the specialty received and is necessarily specified in the contract.

The scholarship is not equated to salary, but is a social payment. Therefore, a single tax on it is not charged.

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