Interpretation, definition and meaning of the word "developed"

Truly wonderful is the Russian language! And with all of its wealth there are words in it that are very similar, but the meaning, emphasis, origin of their different. Therefore, there are difficulties in the interpretation of certain expressions, and, therefore, there is a high probability of making mistakes in the application of one or another lexeme. This article is devoted to the word developed and the rest of the words with the same root. Where did this communion come from? What is the meaning of the word developed? What was the meaning given to him by scientists of different directions and times of activity? How to separate it from other words similar to it? All the answers you will find below.

meaning of the word developed

Let's return to the origins

Understand the meaning and interpretation of the word developedIt is impossible without a short excursion back to the past. There is even a whole science - the etymology, which deals with this issue. This teaching helps to determine the true, original meaning of the word. Thus, the verb "develop" is indicated in the dictionaries of the Academy of the Russian. Its meaning is determined specifically, based on the morphological composition of the word. The root -you- refers to a simple twist, which means making, spinning or twisting. And initially, until the end of the XVIII century, the word of interest to us was understood only in the meaning of deploy, unfold, reason, and separate. As expressions that help to grasp the meaning of this verb, the following are indicated: develop rope, spit, thread. That is, at the dawn of the spread of this word it meant a certain process, a change. However, we can not say that it was certainly about some improvement, progress.

development is

French revolution"

At the end of the XVIII century, the definition of the word developedbegan to acquire those features that it possesses at the present time. This was due to the spread of French in Russia. The foreign développer had a more sublime meaning, not as ordinary and trivial as ours to develop. This verb has been applied to abstract words, such as beauty, idea. Characters, personalities, thoughts, minds began to develop ... The reaction of society to such changes was ambiguous. On the one hand, in conservative people such expressions caused a storm of emotions and resentment, they are very accustomed to the simple meaning of the word developed. The meaning of the word "new" has caused a flurry of criticism from great scientists, writers, such as Alexander Semenovich Shishkin. But some still took on the "hurray" novelty. The meaning of the word developed in the sense of the perfect, brought to the highest level, can be found in the works of Apollon Grigoriev. Gradually, the new explanatory dictionaries changed the habitual vision of this dictum. In them to develop means to reveal mental abilities. Add to our verb the prefix -sya, and we get a word that is understood not only how to unwind, unwrap. So, in the explanatory dictionary of 1847, to develop means to multiply, expand, expand. In this sense, Turgenev also uses the word in his works.

developed meaning of the word


In the XIX century, the meaning of the word "developed" becamea problem not only of writers and linguists, but also of philosophers. This category interested VS. Solovyov and other Russian scientists. Now development is a synonym for evolution. Soloviev wrote that this concept implies a number of qualitative changes that go from a certain beginning and are directed to a specific known goal. And to this day the word "develop" is understood just such a meaning. Many scientists gave their definition in works and explanatory dictionaries. Thus, it is the association of the word "develop" with the French "développer" that allowed the former to become not only an ordinary, but also a philosophical, biological and cultural category. But all these theories give an almost identical interpretation of this phenomenon. So, development is a process of change, the movement of holistic systems. At the same time, this transformation is irreversible, regular, directed. Development is the basic principle of explaining history, knowledge, society, nature.

developed word

Philosophical understanding

In the science of wisdom there are many teachings, theories,views. Various philosophers throughout their social life offered their own versions of the treatment of important categories. Even in Ancient Greece, Heraclitus was puzzled by the development problem. He believed that everything in the world and the world itself exists, and at the same time there is none. Heraclitus explained this duality by the fact that the development process is constantly on. Everything is constantly changing, is in the process of emergence and termination. In Plato, the meaning of the word developed is also dynamic. This term is interpreted by the scientist of antiquity as unfolding, showing all the qualities and possibilities, from the very beginning, available to any phenomenon that passes from a state of rest to an active phase. Mechanistic theories, in turn, are understood by development as nothing more than an improvement, primarily a quantitative increase of something, and only then a qualitative improvement. The bright representative of the organic theory of the Englishman Herbert Spencer has the work "Development Hypothesis." It sets forth the doctrine of evolution. Spencer's development is the movement of matter. It transforms matter from an incoherent homogeneous into a single, but unequal one. In this case, the saved motion also changes. The term development has special significance in the philosophy of Charles Darwin. On it the whole of his scientific theory is built.

meaning and interpretation of the word developed

Linguistic analysis

The word developed came from a simple verb. The prefix indicates the dynamic nature of this saying (compare with scattering, planting, emancipating).

The secret is in stress

And yet it is not such a simple saying -developed. The meaning of the word depends on the stress. So, if it falls on the first syllable, then we are dealing with the sacrament. It has a direct connection with the verb from which it was formed. To develop means to describe in detail, to bring to a significant degree, to promote progress. So the word that interests us has the same meaning, only instead of the action it describes mostly the quality. Thought, activity, ability can be developed. It is also possible to use the stress on the second syllable in the same meaning. However, if it is a question of something untwisted, unraveled, then the developed word should be used only with the shock-and-. There is another version of the pronunciation. The word developed. This is not the communion, but an adjective. It is used in meaning enlightened, spiritually mature, reached a high level of progress.

word definition

Is there a difference?

What conclusion can be drawn? Are the Communion Significant in Significance? developed and adjective developed? The interpretations of the word, considered above, are similar and express one idea. That is, in meaning, these sayings are almost identical. What is the difference? Developed - participle. Hence, this word has the properties of both the adjective and the verb. That is, this participle serves as a descriptive function, and indicates a certain type of action. Developed, in turn - an adjective. There is no indication of an action, there is only a description of the feature. Another significant difference is the fact that the sacrament is always formed from the verb, and the adjective is only from the noun.

developed interpretation of the word

Let's sum up the results

Word developed has a Russian origin, but its meaningstill had the influence of a foreign language. Although, strangely enough, thanks to this factor, we can boast that in our speech we can use the native words invented by our ancestors to mean something perfect, constantly improving. At the present time, less and less "our", Russian by origin words are preserved. And let there be borrowed synonyms for the word development is evolution, progress. The main thing is that the Russian language be alive, so that it is constantly spoken of, that it sounds at all latitudes of the vast country and beyond, in all houses, circles, social strata. Take care of your native language!

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