Novosibirsk universities - forge graduates

By population, the capital of the Siberianthe federal district, the city of Novosibirsk - the third city in Russia, which is a major business, industrial, cultural, scientific and commercial center of Siberia. Numerous Novosibirsk universities - universities, institutes and academies, as well as branches of other Russian universities are known as providers of personnel with a quality education.

Novosibirsk universities
The difference between non-state institutions and state

The universities in Novosibirsk are represented by stateand non-state institutions that differ from each other primarily in their organizational and legal form. In state universities the founder and the main source of funding is the governmental body of Russia or the executive authority on the ground - the administration or the government of the subject of the Russian Federation.

State universities of Novosibirsk have proved theirconsistency of a long-term activity in the system of training highly qualified specialists in many branches of the national economy of Russia. Non-state universities, the creation of which in Russia began recently, since 1992, has yet to establish its authority on the labor market, to prove that their graduates in terms of the quality of the education received are prepared for professional work as well as graduates of state institutions.

State universities of Novosibirsk
I would go to NSU, let them teach me there

Novosibirsk State Universityheads the Novosibirsk universities, and according to the latest data of rating polls, is on the fourth place among the universities of Russia. NSU was founded in 1958, currently there are more than 7,000 students enrolled in full-time and correspondence courses. Entering the NSU, the applicant has to make a choice of the future specialty of 36 options. There are not only highly qualified teachers working there, but also academics of state academies. Audiences of the university are computerized, equipped with interactive whiteboards.

Entering the university is quite difficult - hisdoors open before those who know the knowledge confidently. It is difficult to study there, but it is interesting. The university strives to use the latest scientific achievements in the field of science and new technologies. Audiences are equipped with interactive whiteboards, a local computer network, and laptops. University rules set increased requirements to verify the knowledge at all levels of the educational process, reigns strict Ditssiplina. But ahead is the state diploma of a prestigious university, which, like a golden key, can open the way to a brighter future.

Higher education institutions in Novosibirsk
Days when universities are open to all

Novosibirsk universities annually hold a springan event called "Open House Days", inviting school students to meet with teachers and students who most fully inform young men and women about the university, about the specialties acquired in the process of studying.

Ability to prepare for exams

Novosibirsk universities provide an opportunitysenior students to adapt in advance to the entrance exams. To this end, preparatory courses are conducted in various forms: Sunday, evening, just before admission.

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