The meaning of phraseology "measure on your own yardstick," its origin, psychological and philosophical content

Now it's fashionable to say that all people are different. And in ancient times, too, knew about it. What is the meaning of phraseology "measure on your yardstick." About him and talk today.

What is arshin? Origin

the value of phraseology should be measured by one's own yardstick

According to the dictionary, arshin is a Russian measure of length,equal to 71 centimeters. Some sources add another 12 millimeters. It's hard to say whether it's important or not. It is not difficult to guess, every merchant used his yardstick when buying and selling. Naturally, the personal arshin in the form of a ruler never corresponded to the canon. At purchase it was longer, at sale - is shorter.

The meaning of phraseology "to measure on your yardstick"assumes not too noble meaning. It says that a person in a particular matter or judgment has a personal vested interest, but this understanding is not the only one. And psychologically expression is deeper than historical significance.

Schopenhauer and Russian phraseology

to measure the importance of phraseology

Arthur Schopenhauer created the whole doctrine thatthe world is only a representation of a person about it. And subjectively, when a person dies, the whole world dies with him. I remember the story of the death of Oscar Wilde, told by S. King. When the English writer was already dying, he opened his eyes for the last time and said: "Whether the wallpaper is disappearing, or I" - then died.

And all this directly relates to our conversation, incenter of which the meaning of phraseology is "to measure by your own yardstick." Why is there a problem of personal measurement in every person? The answer is simple: because each of us does not have the experience of another person. Of course, we can love someone and thus come closer to understanding the "arshina", different from ours (by "arshin" here we mean the subjective values, aspirations, desires), but to fully wear someone else's moccasins and walk in them, or though we would not be able to meter.

Thus, if we disclose the psychological significance of phraseology "to measure on our yardstick," then the following truth will come out, well-known for a long time: "All people are different."

Moral withdrawal

to measure one's own origin in phraseology

He begs. It is necessary not to judge people, on the contrary, one must try to understand their fellow men in terms of their values ​​and taste preferences. It would seem a very simple truth, but to recognize the existence of another arshin to a person is still very difficult. It is unbearably difficult for a person to see his neighbor and not judge him according to his ideas. To judge is very simple, but to understand ...

Virtually bottomless in meaning, the expression "measure on your own yardstick" (the meaning of phraseology is dealt with in detail). The result is quite unexpected: it refers a person to the demand of Christ: "Do not judge!"

Bernard Shaw and a fair comment

to measure the importance of phraseology and origin

The English playwright teaches: every time when meeting a person, "take off his new yardstick" just as a tailor does when a person comes to him to order a suit.

What does B. speak about? Show? About the same thing as the expression "measure to your yardstick" (the meaning of phraseology is already known). It is necessary to try to see the person, and not his ideas about him. If at you it does not quit, it is necessary to watch that the "database" of consciousness in time was updated.

Formally, people are perfectly aware of what can not be done.nothing to impose on another person. Neither his opinion, nor his ideas about him, nor his own tastes. But how many people actually follow this simple rule? Very little, and then already in old age, having mastered some of the wisdom of the life, and the rest are trying to remake husbands / wives, children / parents, friends and acquaintances. But they can not do anything, but all because you do not need to measure on your yardstick (the meaning of phraseology and origin are analyzed at the beginning of the article), for everyone has it personal.

Of course, about such a wonderful phraseology could still write 40 barrels of prisoners, but we will stop here.

The reader, after all, realized that imaginary arshin is betteralways carry with them and at every meeting, attach it to a new or old friend, without fear. Stereotypes help us to live, they filter and lay out information on the shelves of memory and consciousness, but when communicating with a person it is better to discard them and listen to the flow of conversation, discovering the deeper layers of the interlocutor, if, of course, they are.

This turned out to be a story about the expression "measure on your yardstick" (phraseology). The origin, significance and deep moral meaning of it were submitted to the reader.

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