In what year did they invent an aqualung? Who invented the scuba gear?

Many modern and very useful instruments wereinvented a long time ago. We, the people who apply these objects in life, sometimes do not know that Leonardo da Vinci worked on their developments. It is still difficult to say in which year invented aqualung. Many inventors tried to make it look the way we see it today.

In what year invented a scuba

Historical background

The problem of breathing underwater interested manfor a long time. A world-famous artist, anatomist, engineer and simply well-rounded man, Leonardo da Vinci, also strove to create a structure that would allow him to stay under water for a long time. Da Vinci was born in 1452. One can imagine the long history of scuba gearing. After all, the pipe of an aqualunger was invented by the great artist of the Renaissance.

Jacque iv Cousteau

When visiting da Vinci of Venice, the Senate of the cityasked him to come up with a device to attack the enemy ships from under the water. It is impossible to say exactly what year the aqualung was invented, but it was then that the artist developed a special set for diving, which consisted of a mask, two reed pipes and a diving bell made of cork. The air was fed into the tubes through this bell, which floated on the surface of the water. Leonardo da Vinci came up with the well-known J-shaped tube today. Its length was 61 cm, it was necessary to swim close to the surface, but it was not possible to fully enjoy the beauty of the underwater world. Da Vinci came up with a shoulder bag filled with air. He also created a kind of flippers - only they were not intended for the feet, but for the hands.

French oceanographer invented the scuba

Charles Spaulding and Maurice Fernez

Another historical person who contributedhis contribution to improving the design of the aqualung, is Charles Spaulding. He was a confectioner and lived in Edinburgh. But besides that he was an amateur engineer: Spaulding made many useful changes to the bell of divers. He died at diving in the Dublin Bay in 1783.

Maurice Fernez is already a Frenchman who inventedrespirators, gas masks and improved underwater breathing apparatus. He equipped the helmets with a one-way valve, took part in creating self-contained equipment for diving under the water.

And yet, why in the whole world is it considered that the inventor of aqualung is Jacques-Yves Cousteau? It is for him the divers are grateful for the scuba gear that is used today in the whole world.

Developments of Ruckeroyl and Deneiruz

As early as the middle of the nineteenth century, Rokeruiland Deneyruz tried to create an apparatus that would lower the pressure when immersed in depth. They acted independently and were not familiar. The created membrane allowed to inhale air from the reservoir, exhale - into the water. The device turned out to be decent, but still had many drawbacks: it did not become autonomous and depended on hoses, through which air was supplied for a longer stay under water.

who invented an aqualung diving saucer

A lot of inventors worked on equipmentfor scuba divers. After all, the whole suit, in which the scuba diver sank, and the mask, and the spacesuit, and even the fins, also underwent a change. Everyone contributed to the improvement of the aqualung. But the main thing is the moment associated with the respiratory system, which provides the air for the diver. The well-known French oceanographer made his contribution - he invented the scuba gear, which is still used today.

Yves Cousteau and Gagnan

The young officer Cousteau married the owner's daughterAir Liquide Corporation. His wife's father provided financial assistance to Kusto for research and introduced him to the company's full-time engineer. Together with Emil Gagnan, a corporation engineer, he worked on creating an aqualung, in which the breathing system automatically supplied the air with the right pressure. The air supply was at any depth. It was this development that gave the diver the comfort and the possibility of a long voyage.

who invented the modern scuba gear

In 1943, the equipment was testedon the river Marne. In the summer, Jacques-Yves Cousteau continued to test it already in seawater. After several more modifications, Cousteau brought to the state of the art apparatus, which is today called an aqualung. And the name was patented - Aqua Lung. In many countries, this equipment is referred to as "scuba" - Scuba.

Now there is no doubt who inventedmodern scuba. After the publication of the book Cousteau, "The World of Silence", in 1953, the device was named Aqua Lung. Now, the Air Liquide corporation owned the rights to manufacture all types of submersible equipment.

Jacques bush

"Diving saucer"

It became clear, approximately in what year inventedscuba gear, which is used by modern divers, divers. This was in 1943, and it was Yves Cousteau who perfected it until today. But this is not the only contribution of the French oceanologist to the creation of apparatus for immersion. In addition, he owns the invention of an underwater house, a "diving saucer", he made an interesting series about the underwater world.

Many were interested in who invented the scuba"Diving saucer"? And some people still do not know that this is a very small submarine, which they called a saucer. Cousteau is an addicting nature: he loved the sea, built dwellings under water, studied the language of fish. He graduated from the Naval Academy and had to build an officer's career. But he had another passion - it's sports cars. Passion for them became fatal for him - he had an accident on one of them, and he had to be treated for a long time and restore health. Spending a lot of time near the sea, swimming and diving to improve the body, Cousteau no longer thought of himself outside this abyss.

what year did they invent the scuba

The Palma of the Championship

Despite the fact that several hundred yearsmankind is working on improving the submersible vehicle, it is worth noting that the key inventions are owned by Leonardo da Vinci and Jacques-Yves Cousteau. Without the DaVinci breathing tubes, the further development of the aqualung would not continue. And without the system developed by Cousteau, it would be impossible to make dives in an autonomous mode and be under water for such a long time.

what year did they invent the scuba

In what year did they invent an aqualung? There is no unambiguous answer to this question. In its improvement in many centuries and years involved a lot of inventors and engineers. To give someone one of the palm trees of the championship did not want: the main thing is that now there is such a technique that allows you to study the underwater world. And this will help scientists and archaeologists to learn the secrets hidden from the person at the depths of the seas and oceans.

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