Literary quiz on Pushkin's fairy tales

Your attention is a quiz on Pushkin's creativity with answers. Its purpose: to consolidate the material studied in the lessons, to control knowledge. Also she is can be held at home, as a game with children.

Literary quiz on Pushkin's fairy tales

Structure of the quiz

Quiz on Pushkin's tales in duration is 2 hours. It is divided into two equal time blocks.

The first block: a game-quiz on Pushkin's fairy tales. The peculiarity of this part is in the preliminary preparation. Two weeks before the event, two teams are formed and give them two tasks for preparation.

1 task. To think up the name of the team, using the material of Pushkin's fairy tales, to explain why this is the name of the team, to draw the emblem, to read the excerpt from the fairy tale.

2 task. Make up three desires for the Golden Fish, explain why these desires have been made. Prepare a sketch from the tale you like most and play it in a children's quiz on Pushkin's fairy tales.

In addition, to conduct this lesson, high school students are involved as actors.

Second block: a literary quiz on Pushkin's fairy tales. Depending on the type of occupation, it is conducted orally or as a written test.

Before conducting it is recommended to announce a competition for the best drawing and hand-craft for the theme "Quiz on Pushkin's Tales".

If an open event is supposed, then parents of children are invited to it.

quiz on the tales of Pushkin

Equipment for the event "Quiz on Pushkin with answers "

Laptop, multimedia projector (preferably) fordemonstration of questions, illustrations to them. For lack of a projector - illustrations and issues printed on separate sheets, a music player, recordings of excerpts from the operas of Rimsky-Korsakov and Glinka, a chronometer and a script of a quiz on Pushkin's fairy tales.

Items that are mentioned in the Pushkin tales:

  • mirror;
  • an Apple;
  • nuts;
  • trough;
  • toy Goldfish (if possible - live goldfish in the aquarium);
  • rope;
  • toy cockerel.

The room for the quiz

The design of the event "Quiz on Pushkin's Tales" includes:

exposition of children's works on the theme "Fairy talesPushkin ", illustrations and quotes from Pushkin's fairy tales on the walls, a selection of literature on a topic that can be designed in the form of a poet's desk with an inkwell, a goose feather.

There are melodies from music on the Pushkin theme in the room. Before the start of the quiz on Pushkin's fairy tales, you can include excerpts of verses in the audio recordings.

children's quiz on tales of Pushkin

Quiz Scenario

Characters: Lead, Saltan, Goldfish, Cat scientist. The role of the facilitator can be performed by both educators and children. Including students of the senior classes.

1 round. Introduction

Host: I greet you, connoisseurs of literature! Today we will have a quiz on Pushkin's tales, we will go on an entertaining journey through the pages of the works of our famous poet. We are waiting for adventures, riddles and dangers. Brave, clever and resourceful, I ask on the stage. Imagine your commands to the audience. "

The teams show the performance - a greeting prepared according to the task received in advance.

2 round. There are miracles ...

Teams are presented with the items listed above, you need to guess what fairy tales they are from.

Leading: Guys, today miraculously in our class there were things with the address "Children's quiz on Pushkin's fairy tales", they must be attributed to the owners. They are all mixed up, and in order for us to return them, the teams need to decide what fairy tales they come to us from.

quiz game on the tales of Pushkin

3 round. Guessing (competition of captains)

Leading: You are invited to visit a fairy tale heroes, but they forgot to introduce themselves - try to guess who they are, after listening to their description. In addition, behind these names is hidden the name of the place where the teams are to go. The task is very responsible, so let's fulfill it to the captains of the teams.

Fairy quotes to portraits:

  • The stepdaughter princesses (lu).
  • Dadon (co).
  • Baldy (mo).
  • The Swan Princess (rye).

4 round. Correction

Saltan runs in with telegrams in his hands:

- Sentry! Fantastic telegrams were received, but the cunning Chernomor mixed up the letters in some words, and I can not read what my beloved son and daughter-in-law wrote to me. Oh, hello, children! Help, please. "(Gives telegrams to the teams).

1 telegram: "Kelba sepenku toep, nuts gnawing with nectar, taking out an azimurd and taking it to the moshek."

2 telegram: "Tever at mero gulag and rokaklib dopgonyaet.He betges himself in the lions on radzutnyh raspasuh."

Saltan: Well, thank you, I could not have done it without you. I would have to run to our scientist, to the Cat. By the way, he's waiting for you. Binoculars I begged, climbed to the highest bitches and looks out for you. The tree grows just outside the gates of my kingdom.

quiz on Pushkin's creativity

5 round. Riddles from the cat

Cot comes in with binoculars: Aaaa, my dear, I've been waiting for you for a long time, meow ... I've heard a lot, heard that you are brave, clever and resourceful. And can you guess my riddles? If you do, I'll tell you how to get to Lukomoryu.

  1. What tree do I live on? (on oak)
  2. Who should live in a tree, but live in a crystal palace? (squirrel)
  3. When I go to the left, what do I do? (telling tales)
  4. If I want to sing, then where will I go by the chain? (right)
  5. Lives in the sea, probably, tasty ... meow, performed the grandfather of desire is ... (Goldfish)
  6. Though the cats do not like them, but still ... Who did not give the princess the chance to eat a poisoned apple? (dog)
  7. Who does Balda call his smaller brother? (hare)
  8. What famous poet sat under an oak tree and listened to my tales? Oh, how I'm proud of it! (Pushkin)

Cat: Moore-meow ... that's right, I knew that you are perfectly guided in the tales of my beloved Alexander Sergeevich. I'll tell you how to get to Lukomorye. Do you know what it is?

(Children respond in unison that they do not know).

I'll tell you:

1 hint: there are waves;

2 hint: there is sandy beach, but the other shore is not visible;

3 hint: the Goldfish is sailing there.

That's right, this is the sea shore. And more precisely, the bay: the seashore. And it starts right behind my oak tree.

6 th round. Three wishes

The cat leaves, and the Goldfish comes to the scene.

Fish: Hello, my friends! What are you good fellows that have reached this place. Only the most intelligent and resourceful connoisseurs of Pushkin's fairy tales can get to Lukomorye. For the fact that you have shown your abilities, I will fulfill your wishes.

Teams voice their three desires and explain why they chose them. After, to thank the fish, they play prepared sketches at home.


The teacher comes on the scene, sums up the game "Quiz on Pushkin's Tales".

Teacher: Dear my experts, you easily coped with all the tests. This is not surprising, because you worked well in the lessons, and the knowledge you received helped you in a difficult moment. Keep it up!

The teacher and the Goldfish reward children with letters - "The connoisseur of fairy tales of Pushkin", the winner of the game "Quiz on Pushkin's creativity" - and present prizes.

The second round

Here there is a quiz on Pushkin with answers. The second part contains five tasks. Students must fulfill them individually. It is necessary to choose the correct answer from the proposed

Task number 1

Who told stories to Pushkin as a child?

  • servant;
  • granddad;
  • nanny.

Saltan's son was called:

  • Gvidon.
  • Dadon.
  • Solomon.

Where the oak with the golden chain grew:

  • at the seashore;
  • on the hillock;
  • on the Buyan.

Fruit, which poisoned the princess:

  • banana;
  • a pineapple;
  • an Apple.

What was the name of the servant girl, who regretted and released the princess in the forest:

  • Chernushka;
  • Chernavka;
  • Blueberry.

Name the island on which the principality of Guidon was:

  • Yaman;
  • Buyan;
  • Burian.

What was the name of the sea on which the old woman and the old man lived.

  • Blue;
  • White;
  • Black.

Who tuzhit in prison?

  • the princess;
  • queen;
  • king.

Who caught the old man in the sea:

  • whale;
  • a cat;
  • fish.

What did the old man ask the fish for the first time:

  • a new net;
  • a new trough;
  • new house.

Who received as a gift Dadon:

  • firebird;
  • cockerel;
  • peacock.

On whom King Dadon wanted to marry:

  • on the Chamakhan queen;
  • on the English princess;
  • on the French princess.

How many sisters did Mother Gwydon have:

  • three;
  • two;
  • one.

What animal lived in the palace of crystal:

  • squirrel;
  • cat;
  • hare.

Why Dadon needed a cockerel:

  • for the protection of the kingdom;
  • for. that would show it to everyone;
  • for decorating the palace.

Who destroyed the sons of Dadon:

  • Shamahanskaya queen;
  • disease;
  • the Dragon.

What threw the queen on the floor when she heard that she was not the most beautiful in the world:

  • mirror;
  • beads;
  • maid.

Who walked in the principality of Guidon:

  • Saltan;
  • Baba Yaga;
  • thirty-three heroes.

Where did the priest meet with Balda?

  • in the museum;
  • at the farmer's market;
  • in the church.

Whom did the queen call the "vile glass":

  • cup;
  • mirror;
  • window.

Who walks the chain around the oak tree:

  • dog;
  • cat;
  • squirrel.

Task number 2

quiz on the tales of Pushkin's answers

Children are given tasks.

Name (write down in a notebook) tales, for which the picture is drawn.

Oral drawing: describe the Pushkin hero you like according to the following plan:

  1. Which character is a character?
  2. What does the appearance look like?
  3. What is his character?
  4. What good deeds does a fairy tale do?

Who are the negative characters? (Those who commit bad deeds).

Name (write down) the heroes in Pushkin's fairy tales, which you think are bad.

quiz on Pushkin with answers

Task number 3

Children should correct the sentence and write down the correct version.

1. Baba Babarikha sent the old man to the sea, so he asked the Golden Fish to make her a queen.

2. Chernavka was the servant of a princess.

3. Goldfish lived at the Guidon's in the crystal palace.

4. The princess's bridegroom was called Dadon.

5. The sage gave Dadon a squirrel.

6. The son of King Saltan was Elisha.

7. The bride of Guidon was the Shamakhan queen.

8. The old man caught the Tsarevna the Cygnus with a seine.

Task number 4

You need to know the heroes of the fairy tales by descriptions.

1. She was more beautiful than her stepmother and therefore nearly died.

2. He grew up in a barrel and became a prince.

3. He caught a magic fish.

4. She was a pillar noblewoman, queen, but she stayed at the broken trough.

5. He pecked into the crown of his head.

6. He outwitted the devils.

7. She married a king and gave birth to a son.

8. She cooked well.

9. She was able to weave the canvas.

10. She had strong teeth and gnawed at the golden shell.

Quiz on Pushkin's fairy tales. Answers

Exercise 1

1 (3), 2 (1), 3 (3), 4 (2), 5 (2), 6 (1), 7 (1), 8 (3), n (2), 10 (2), 11 (1), 12 (2), 13 (1), 14 (1), 15 (1), 16 (1), 17 (3), 18 (3), 19 (2), 20 (2).

Activity 2

"Ruslan and Ludmila"; "The Tale of Tsar Saltan"; "The Tale of the Dead Princess and the Seven Knights"; "The Tale of the Fisherman and the Fish"; "The Tale of the Golden Cockerel."

Activity 3

1. (The old woman). 2. (The Queen-Stepmother). 3. (Protein). 4. (Elisha). 5. (The Golden Cockerel). 6. (Gvidon). 7. (Princess Swan). 8. (The Golden Fish).

Activity 4

1. (The Princess). 2. (Gvidon). 3. (The Old Man). 4. (The old woman). 5. (Dadon). 6. (Balda). 7. (Saltan's wife, mother of Gwydon). 8. (Cook). 9. (Weaver). 10. (The squirrel).

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