Faculty of Psychology in Russian Universities: admission, studies

Many young people want to study for a psychologist.Now this profession is gaining popularity due to increasing stresses. But not everyone can easily determine the choice of educational institution. After all, to make the right choice, you need to have options. Where to apply for a psychologist?

Lomonosov Moscow State University

faculties of psychology

For the majority of applicants, especially thisconcerns nonresident applicants, Moscow State University is the Russian standard of education and the top that requires conquest. At admission young people expect some special atmosphere, solidity. They are sure that only in this institution they will be able to get a fundamental education in the field of high quality psychology. Despite the fact that this science is taught here from the very foundation of the university, no one thought about the faculties of psychology. This unit was opened already in 1966, and since then it occupies a leading position in the country. The Dean's office is proud that all faculties of psychology in the country work according to the standards that were created here.

With the advent of the new dean in 2006, new directions began to develop, world-famous scientists often come to the university.

In this higher educational institution for admission to the faculty of clinical psychology, the passing score should be from 338. The cost of training is high - from 185 thousand rubles a year.

Higher School of Economics

learn from a psychologist

This university according to the unofficially compiled ratingamong parents and university entrants, together with the Moscow State University is the leading one. Dreams arriving to get here reinforce the desire to become a "non-standard" student. After all, they learn by modular system and have the opportunity to independently choose more than half of the disciplines for study, as well as an additional profile. The university has a faculty of social psychology, and the program was developed taking into account the experience of the best European psychological faculties. Training occurs with a mixture of disciplines. The profile subject is connected with sociology, mathematics, neurobiology. It is prestigious to study psychologist here. Students learn languages ​​in order to have the opportunity to participate in an exchange with European universities.

Sechenov University

Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology

Faculties of psychology are especially appreciatedapplicants in medical schools. They are sure that only study here opens up broad prospects for them. The oldest medical higher educational institution in the country is a kind of academic "city of contrasts". Here is the richest educational and research base. But at the same time in the capital the teachers of this university have the lowest wages. Clinical psychology is being studied here, located at the junction between the psychology of classical and psychiatry. Profile subjects begin to be studied from the third year. The last two years are focused on practice. The main advantage of the department of psychology is that it develops programs for medical colleges and universities.

Russian State University for the Humanities

Applicants who come here are focused onbrand. And still very creative approach to the organization of the learning process: creativity must be present in everything. Immediately after the admission students start practicing in university creative workshops. During the first two years, drawing is studied and a special psychological theater works. In the third year there is a psychology of direction. The work is conducted on a system with a dual specialization. The faculty of pedagogy and psychology is very strong here.

Pirogov Medical University

Faculty of Clinical Psychology

There are many more budget places here than inSechenov University. Previously, the university had the name of Stalin, but then it was renamed. Known scandal, when more than half of enrolled students were non-existent people. But today the university is already moving away from this. Here clinical psychologists of a wide profile are trained. Already from the first year, practice begins. At senior courses, students choose a specialization, which often becomes psychotherapy or neuropsychology.


Most students argue that it isa state university that is on hearing. But it is worth considering if there is a desire to become a specialist in recruitment. Here they teach the intricacies of this new and growing profession. Otherwise, it is worth looking at other faculties of psychology. Together with the traditional course, a lot of time in the RSSU is paid to applied fields of science, for example, personnel management. Priority is the psychology of the individual's social health. Practice students take place in children's summer camps. There is a possibility of an internship in Europe.


Applicants who arrive here after completingstudy, can be child psychologists or psychologists-consultants. Often lectures are conducted by eminent professors. Foreign teachers also come. Special international trainings are conducted at the university and the work of scientific and educational centers is organized. Even schoolchildren can participate in research activities, as the faculty has special visiting programs for high school students.


Faculty of Social Psychology

The Pedagogical University, in whichthe faculty prepares specialists in child psychology. One of the factors that motivate the choice is the local faculty of psychology, is a fairly low passing score for admission. The name is on hearing, and many think that the university has existed for many years. Some confuse him with MPGU. In fact, it was opened in the 1990s. Psychological students practice on trust phones, in hospitals, schools and kindergartens.


This is a psychological-pedagogical university, wherethose entrants who are interested in children's psychology and plan to develop in this direction are coming. The university opens the way for those who want to become a professional in rather rare areas. For example, you can study the psychology of geeks, investigate the events that affected the psyche of the child when he was still in the mother's womb. The most notable is the faculty of legal psychology. Students necessarily go through practice, helping not only children, but also adults.

GAUGN at the RAS

enroll in a psychologist

Most of those who enter the Faculty of Psychologythis university can be divided into two categories. One is attracted by the prospect of finding a job at the academic institute after graduation. Others want to come here because there is an opinion that studying at the faculty is easy. The University was founded in the early nineties. A huge number of academicians work here. Analytical psychology, psychology of labor, personality, psychodiagnostics are studied. In addition to domestic scientists, lectures are also read by foreign researchers. On each course the number of students does not exceed 25 people. This makes it possible for teachers in a more intensive mode to give students material.

It can be seen that there is a choice for admission to a psychologist, and considerable. You just need to choose the right direction and assess your abilities and opportunities. Successful admission!

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