The composition on the theme "Summer" is a couple of important nuances concerning the writing of the "sunny" essay

The composition on the theme "Summer" is often asked to writeschoolchildren. This is a fairly simple and pleasant topic for each student. Sunny long-awaited summer, vacation, vacation, maybe even the sea and bright impressions ... What could be better? Well, the topic is not bad. Therefore, it is worth to say a few words about what style and artistic techniques should be used in creating such a text.

essay on the theme of summer

About the Introduction

It is very important, thinking about writing one or anotherwork, carefully work out the beginning. What should be the introduction of such a work as an essay on "Summer"? In this case, the descriptive style and form of the story is more appropriate. Like this? Actually it's very simple. You can write something like this: "Summer is a time of bright impressions and unforgettable emotions! Finally come the long-awaited holidays and vacations, you can say goodbye to work or study and devote time to relaxation and pleasure. Warm sea, affectionate sun rays, beautiful weather, endless sandy beaches - and this is only a little, what can bring us summer! "

Such an introduction can be a good start, as it immediately identifies the theme of the essay, the mood of the author, and also prepares the reader for acquaintance with the further text.

mini essay on the theme of summer

Style of presentation

To make the essay interesting, you needchoose the appropriate style of presentation. It is very important. The form has already been mentioned above - it should be something like a friendly story. It is important that the essay on "Summer" was easy to read. To do this, you need to find the right words. The text should not abound with any figurative expressions or be amazed with metaphors. Similarly, it is necessary to avoid terms (although in this case they can not be inserted into the text in any way - the subject is not the one). It is enough of an ordinary story with descriptive and narrative elements. It is important to use something from the landscape form. After all, summer is a season. And each season is different for its features. Autumn - fallen leaves, for example. Winter is a fluffy high snow cover. Spring - fresh air, filled with the aroma of barely blossoming flowers. All this can not be conveyed to the reader without a description. After reading the essay, the picture described by the author should appear before his eyes. And for this it is important to choose the appropriate style and words. Then the composition on the theme "Summer" will be as it should be.

About the content

The main part is the most important.The essay on "Soon Summer" can actually have any content. Everything depends on the thoughts of the author and his desire. Some write about how wonderful it is to leave in the summer away from the city, somewhere in the house on the lake, and enjoy the silence. Others talk about how wonderful this feeling is - to wake up to the sound of the surf in a small tent near the sea. Still others - about active rest in the village by the river. In general, there are lots of options. The main thing is that it should be bright, interesting and alive.

essay on the subject soon summer

How to finish a thought correctly

Mini-composition on "Summer" is still necessaryend with the appropriate paragraph. For many schoolchildren this causes a certain difficulty. But in fact, everything is not so difficult. After all, in fact, the conclusion - this is the result, summed up all the above. A small paragraph, in which a certain conclusion would be drawn. You can write something like the following: "Summer is a beautiful time. And it's worth it to conduct accordingly. Nature at this time of year is magnificent, and the weather does not cease to please the soul. Therefore, you do not need to lose this wonderful time, which is also free. It is worth trying to get from this as much as possible of impressions and joy, then later, on cold winter evenings, basking in warm memories of a superb time spent. "

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