The essay on "I want and I need": recommendations for writing and examples

The composition on the topic "I want and I must" should writeevery schoolboy. And, it is desirable, in junior or middle classes. After all, this is not just a job that develops written language. Such an essay makes you think and think, and also understand that in our life - "I want" and what - "must".

essay on the topic I want and need


Each essay has a 3-part structure.This is the introduction, the main part and the conclusion. Many students have a question, with what words should I start an essay on the topic "I want and need"? Well, it will be more understandable if we show by example. It is possible to begin approximately as follows: "I want" and "it is necessary" are those words which accompany the person during all life, since the birth. And it's very simple to prove. The child wants ice cream, but his mother will not allow them to enjoy, since he did not eat soup. He needs to eat the first to get his dessert. That's only if in childhood our desires with obligations are trivial, petty, then in adult life, more and more seriously. "

So it is possible to start an essay on "I want andit is necessary. " After all, the main thing is to set the mood and let the reader understand what is going on in order to interest him. And then you just need to continue to develop the topic.

essay on the topic I want and need

Main part

In such work as an essay on the topic "I want andit is necessary ", logic should be traced. The principle is simple. The author makes a statement and justifies it. It may look like this: "The older a person becomes, the more serious his choice becomes between" I want "and" I must. " He worked all year, was looking forward to vacation. A person wants to go abroad to have a good time and have fun. But he also needs to change the old batteries in the apartment, so that it's not cold in the winter, and install a new bath, as the former has lost its eye-catching appearance. And he will have to make a choice. Desire or necessity - it is necessary to stop at one thing. A few people get to make their "should" and also translate into reality "I want to," because not always for this there are opportunities. "

In this spirit, you can continuecomposition-reasoning on the topic "I want and need." The main thing is that the point of view was justified by the author. This is the main task of the work - to teach the child to reason and prove his opinion.

essay thinking on the topic I want and need


For many students the most difficult thing is to write the last lines. Sometimes it is very difficult to put an end to all of the above. And the composition-reflection on the topic "I want and need" is no exception.

So, that the conclusion sounded coherent andharmoniously fit into the text, it is enough to express in it your final opinion on the topic of the assignment. And it can look like this: "Each of us will always be accompanied by a choice - either" I want "or" I must. " And we all have to decide what's more important. But the main thing is to remember: you can never give up your desires. Sometimes it is really better to sacrifice what is "necessary". After all, at stake is a desire that will give a person joy and a sense of happiness. And it's worth a lot. "

In general, the work on this topic is not so complicated.And, if it is really difficult to cope with the task, you can make a short plan for writing the essay. Following him, the student will not exactly forget what he would like to say in his work.

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