Specialty "sociology": general humanitarian training plus knowledge about the society

Higher education has long been not a privilege, butnorm, standard - especially in Russian society. It is valued, if only because the person has devoted his time and energy to passing the entrance and final tests, that his horizons are much wider, that he had the opportunity to learn how to create and develop various projects independently. How he can use his potential is a separate topic. In the modern labor market, young people who have received the specialty of "sociology", "psychology" or "management", can find work in almost any field related to trade, advertising, promotion of goods and brands. The main advantage of higher education is to expand the outlook, in that the university gives the most important skill - the ability to learn, receive and assimilate new information.

specialty sociology

The specialty "sociology" appeared not only inclassical universities, but also in private educational institutions. The foundations of this subject are also taught in other faculties - psychological, philosophical, philological. What specific knowledge, abilities and skills does the specialty "sociology" give? Where can a young graduate of the university find a use for its forces?

specialty sociology of management

The very science of society in its present formrather young. Although both philosophy and psychology affect the aspects of human existence among themselves, the specialty "sociology" has its own characteristics. It is within this science that students learn the laws of the functioning of society. In addition, one of the most important subjects are applied methods: analysis, questionnaires, focus groups.

Graduates who received a specialty"sociology", can find employment in research agencies, in public institutions. Nevertheless, by profession, not everyone can work. However, the knowledge gained at the faculty and the specialty "sociology" in the diploma make it possible in the future to engage in scientific work, as well as to find application for their abilities in the business sector. Like any humanitarian profession, it also provides comprehensive training in the field of psychology, philosophy, history.

specialty sociology universities

Add to this still necessary knowledgeforeign languages ​​- and everything else depends on the graduate. In addition to classical universities (MSU, SPbSU, USU), which invite to the specialty "sociology", the country's universities create faculties of additional and postgraduate education, new departments. Competition for a place here is not as high as in jurisprudence or foreign languages, so it will not be very difficult to enter. Attention deserves a new specialty - "sociology of management" - which trains complex humanists who understand the essence and mechanisms of management, the functions and values ​​of society, the laws of its development and the principles of conflict resolution. The tasks that are put before the graduates seem too "comprehensive." For example, they include such issues as social forecasting, motivation, innovation, information security. Nevertheless, they are the responsibility of managers of different levels - from local authorities to international organizations. And the training of literate professionals is simply necessary for the successful functioning of social mechanisms.

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