On the connection of modern geography with other sciences

Despite the fact that the era of great geographicaldiscoveries were far behind, and long sailing and climbing to the top turned into a sport, geographical science is still actively developing. However, today its development is closely connected with other sciences, such as geophysics, computer science, astronomy and political science.

connection of modern geography with other sciences

The connection of modern geography with other sciences

In the 21st century, geography loses conceptualunity, giving way to new and increasingly diverse areas that pay great attention to the interaction of man and the environment, regionalism and work with large data sets.

Thus, we can safely talk about the obviousthe connection of geography with sociology, informatics, cultural studies and political science. The process of increasing differentiation is natural and observed throughout the entire formation and development of Earth science. However, the current trend includes not only the differentiation of geography, but also its integration with other sciences.

Modern technical means, such assatellites, seismological and meteorological stations, supply scientists with huge amounts of data that need to be processed. And here to help geographers comes a modern section of computer science, specializing in so-called big data - large data.

connection of modern geography with other sciences for grade 5

Recreational Geography and Urbanistics

At the intersection of sociology, economics and economicgeography there is a new direction, which has received the name of urbanism. This system of knowledge has as its goal the construction of the most comfortable for living urban space.

For this purpose, many years of experienceaccumulated by researchers in Europe and America. And such urban construction is impossible without an adequate understanding of local geographic conditions, which once again points to the great importance of the connection of modern geography with other sciences. For example, some researchers think it is inexpedient to make bike paths in cities beyond the Arctic Circle.

Urbanistics would also be impossible without accuratedata on the level of economic and social development of the city, region and the country as a whole. The connection of modern geography with other sciences is becoming increasingly important due to the increased competition in the international market.

But in addition to local residents, high-quality urbanthe environment is also important for tourists, as tourism is gaining importance in the world economy, which, among other things, recreates geography, which studies the geographical, climatic and cultural features of the region that needs to attract tourists.

Geography and ecology

The most obvious link of modern geography withother sciences for grade 5 can be illustrated by an example of ecology and geography. These two sciences are constantly adjoining at modern scientific conferences.

Given the intensive climate change and allGreater attention given by the world community to the problem of global warming, it is not surprising that geography is increasingly in contact with ecology, climatology and social sciences. After all, the connection of modern geography in a dynamically changing world has a humanitarian dimension.

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