Biography: cosmonaut Nikolai Andrian Grigorievich

In the history of astronautics there are many names of people,who risked their health for the sake of the prosperity of science, made great discoveries. They were people who conquered space. Among them, cosmonaut Nikolai Andrian Grigoryevich. What was his life on Earth and in space, read this article.

Biography: cosmonaut Nikolayev A. in childhood

biography cosmonaut nikolaev

In the family of simple peasants - Anna's milkmaids and the groomGregory September 5 in 1929 a son was born, who was named Andrian. They lived then in a small village called Shorshely (Chuvash Republic).

Until Andrian said goodbye to the school bench, he bore the name Grigoriev (on behalf of his father - Gregory, so it was instituted at that time).

In addition to Andrian, the family had three more children, livedthey are very poor. The future cosmonaut dreamed of becoming a paramedic, but parents could not give medical education to their son. Therefore, on the recommendation of his older brother, Andrian entered the forestry technical school and moved to Mariinsky Posad. In 1947, he successfully graduated from the technical school and was sent by distribution to the trust "Yuzhkarelles" master, where he worked on logging until 1950. Then he joined the army and forever linked his life with aviation. In 1951 he entered the aviation school, and then from 1954 served in military units near Moscow.

Biography: cosmonaut Nikolayev A.G. - the first flight

astronaut Nikolayev biography

In 1960, the first group was formedcosmonauts of the USSR, where Nikolaev got himself. While preparing for the flight, he always worked at full strength, never finished training, until he realized that he had mastered this part of the program 100%. He understood that there is no important and not very important here - any omission could lead to sad consequences.

The flight of 1962, in which Andrian Grigoryevich took part, was very fruitful.

The first in the history of astronautics group flight withthe participation of the Vostok-3 and Vostok-4 ships allowed to draw conclusions about the quality of radio communication outside the Earth. During the flight, the results of many scientific, technical and medical experiments were obtained. Cosmonaut Nikolayev became the first person who was in the ship without a spacesuit.

His biography suggests that books"Space - the road without end" and "Meet in orbit," which many cosmic men read at one time, are a description of his own impressions and experiences.

Biography: cosmonaut Nikolayev A.G. - the second journey into space

cosmonaut Nikolayev

In 1970, the most prolongedthat time) a space flight, the commander of the ship was Andrian Grigorievich. The journey lasted more than 17 days. After landing, a phenomenon such as the Nikolaev effect was discovered. The astronauts could not move for a while and felt a strong ailment as a result of the fact that during the whole flight they did not perform practically any physical exercises. Nikolaev has supplemented the program of preparation for flights with data that sports simulators must necessarily be installed on the ship.

Biography: cosmonaut Nikolayev A.G. - personal life

In 1963, Andrian Grigorievich's wife became the first woman in the world to choose the profession of cosmonaut - Valentina Tereshkova. After 18 years of marriage they broke up. Daughter (the only child in the world whose parents are cosmonauts) Elena chose the profession of a doctor.

In 2004 (July 3), a great astronaut, twice Hero of the USSR, had a heart attack, as a result, at the age of 74 he died.

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